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Classic Eyelash Extensions and More: Create the Ultimate Wedding Day Glow-Up Package

Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is, and most brides completely forget to pamper themselves between the planning and the last-minute errands. But, of course, what bride doesn’t want to be the most stunning person in the room on this much-awaited day? 

If you’re a lash artist waiting for the wedding season to arrive, now is the time to plan and create the perfect lash extension promotion for brides and their entourage! In this blog, we'll share five fool-proof tips on how to market your lash services to these lucky ladies. Let's get started! 

Reasons Why Brides Should Get Eyelash Extensions  

The bride wants to look and feel her best on their wedding day. One way to help ensure that she looks her best is to get lash extensions. Below are clear reasons brides-to-be should amp up their natural eyelashes

  • Camera-Ready: Photographers and videographers will most probably capture every moment of her wedding. So it's only natural that she's camera-ready all the time. With thick lash extensions, she'll look refreshed and awake. It will look like she didn't lift a finger in the wedding planning. 
  • Hassle-Free: Lash extensions are also low-maintenance and long-lasting. Brides don't need their mascara anymore. They can enjoy their beautiful classic or volume lash look for the entire wedding weekend without worrying about touch-ups or maintenance. 
  • A Bespoke Look: Classic eyelash extensions vs volume eyelash extensions—which is better? Lash technicians can create a look that's tailored to her eye shape. Plus, it's up to the bride whether she wants to enhance her natural lash or give off a dramatic effect on her big day. 

4 Wedding Season Marketing Tips for Lash Artists 

One of the last things on her mind is probably eyelash extensions. However, if you're a salon owner or eyelash technician, bridal eyelash extensions should be at the top of your list! Timing is key when marketing bridal eyelash extensions—you need to start early and be strategic to make the most of this lucrative market

The wedding season starts around summer and ends in fall, so it should give you enough time to strategize your lash extension packages and promotions. Below is a detailed guide to making your bridal lash services a success. 

Be the Go-to Person for Bridal Classic Eyelash Extension Services

Traditional advertising methods can be expensive, and it can be hard to reach your target audience. So go for in-salon advertising. In-salon advertising is a great way to promote eyelash extension services to brides and all women. You can reach a large pool of clients with minimal effort by placing ads in high-traffic areas. You can advertise in the form of bridal posters, flyers, or window clings. 

Another way to reach out to brides is to create digital content that seeks out lash extensions for longer lashes on their special day. Simply create an Instagram or Facebook account for your lash salon. If you can splurge a little for digital ads and create fun content regularly, the more clients you can get. 

Cross-Promoting Your Lash Extension Services

Planning a wedding isn't always a one-stop-shop. But brides appreciate it when there are wedding packages that include all of their beauty needs. Therefore, it's great to work and collaborate with other beauty industries, such as makeup artists and hairstylists. You can even branch out to bridal shops, wedding planners, or local gyms. 

You can achieve this by requesting to leave a stack of business cards at their place of business. Of course, you’ll also want to hand out your cards to them for a potential partnership. Do you want to entice brides even more? Offer complimentary lash extensions to businesses with lots of traffic. This is a great way to build relationships with different business owners while utilizing them as walking advertisements. 

Offer Eyelash Extension Packages for the Bride’s Squad

A bride and her bridesmaids in the lash lounge

Brides-to-be aren't the only target audience for this wedding season. You can create all-in packages for their mothers, maids-of-honor, and, of course, bridesmaids. If you only have a few lash techs working for you, make a package for two. But if you have more lash stylists, you can throw a complete bridal shower package to accommodate all of the bride's closest friends. 

You can offer percent or dollar savings within a limited time. This will encourage clients to get these packages as soon as possible. Plus, you can showcase your other services, such as brown lamination. Here are sample bridal packages you can provide at your lash salon. 

For the Bride

  • 1x trial lash extensions of your choice (classic eyelash extension mapping, hybrid lash extensions, or volume lash extensions) 
  • 1x full set (recommended to be applied 48 hours before your wedding day) 
  • 1x free infill appointment up to three months after your big day

For the Bride and Her BFFs 

  • An exclusive offer of 20% per bridal party member on any lash extension selected

Give Complimentary Food and Drinks

Other lash services may have come up with the same advertising strategies as you just did. So you need to come up with wedding favours that will set you apart from other eyelash extension services—offer a memorable lash experience for the bride. 

Of course, nothing beats a good service than free food and wine to celebrate the bride's new chapter of her life. You can even go above and beyond by sending small gifts after, such as travel-size lash cleansers or spoolies, to help them prolong their eyelash extensions.  

Strut Your Lash Skills With Beauty Boss Academy

A bride in a photoshoot

It's officially wedding season, so it's time for brides to start thinking about their beauty look for the big day. 

The eyelash extensions package is a great way to achieve the perfect wedding day look. Extensions make their natural eyelashes appear fuller and lusher. They are also great for boosting their confidence by covering short or sparse areas on the lash line. Whether you're a bride-to-be or a lash stylist preparing for the busy wedding season, we hope you've found these marketing tips helpful. 

If you want to learn more about creating beautiful lashes or even step up for your A-game for this wedding season, check out our lash extension courses here at Beauty Boss Academy. With our seasoned lash artists and top-of-the-line content, you'll be ready to take your lash business to the next level! 

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