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Serving Your Clients Better: Customer-Focused Tips for Beginner Eyelash Technicians

Once you finish your eyelash extension training, surely you're excited to serve your first client. It's normal to get first-day jitters because you want to serve your clients well. However, when you're not relaxed, it can affect your performance and cause a poor experience for your customers. 

We're here to help you get over your worries and confidently get those lashes perfectly for your clients. So take note of these useful tips for beginner lash stylists so you can achieve the highest customer satisfaction. 

Don’t waste your time finding the perfect lash. 

You will learn from your eyelash classes that when clients want to have an extension, each of their natural lashes corresponds to one synthetic lash. Some beginner stylists want everything to be perfect, so they spend so much time looking for the perfect lash to attach the synthetic ones. This habit is a rookie mistake. 

You must remember that you still need to put a fake lash on all of your client’s natural lash. Even if you isolate their good lashes, you will still need to go through the damaged ones. So don’t waste your time putting the extension on the perfect lashes. Eyelash extension sessions are long but being picky with the way you put the extensions will make the process longer. 

Eyepatch placement.

Eye patches are placed on your clients under the eye to keep them relaxed and comfortable for the long extension session. It may sound simple, but eyepatch placement is important to the overall experience of your clients. Many beginners find it hard to place the eyepatches properly. Putting them close to the eyes will start irritations.

If your client's eye is irritated, it will become shaky, making the extension difficult to perform. Furthermore, the moisture from the eyepatch can affect the extension you are putting in. A pro tip for beginners is to practice placing eye patches on mannequins. Even professional artists say that putting on eye patches will take time to perfect. So, find the time to practice them to do it properly for your customers. 

Don’t skip the eyelash map.

In your eyelash extension classes, you'll probably encounter how to use your lash maps. This is a useful tool, especially when you practice your lashing techniques. However, don't skip the eyelash map when you serve your first client. You may think you have mastered the technique during your certification, but lash maps are always handy. 

Mapping the lashes will allow you to put extensions in perfect symmetry. It can tell the exact length of the synthetic lash to place with your client’s natural lash. Moreover, mapping the lashes is especially useful when doing volume lashes. Once you get used to mapping, you can develop your skill until you no longer need them to apply for extensions. 

In the meantime, as a beginner lash artist, mapping is your best friend. 

Don’t overdo the lash adhesive.

Getting the correct amount of lash adhesive to put on is tricky. The lash extensions will not stay in place when you put too little. When you put too much, the process is messier and can cause potential irritations. Too much adhesive will also add significant weight to your natural lashes, which can cause shedding and damage. 

There are finger rings that allow you to dispense the right amount of lash adhesive. Furthermore, lash professionals advise you not to dip or swipe the false lashes into the lash glue. Instead, try a scooping motion for applying glue to the synthetic lash. If you see a small bead of adhesive, that's practically the right amount of adhesive you need. 

Don’t rush the preparation period.

Never skip the preparation period because it can dictate your client's experience. The preparation period for lash extensions starts from filling out the appointment form to applying pre-session treatments. First, you need to remind your clients that the eyelash extension session lasts for at least two hours. It won't happen perfectly if they want you to rush the process. 

Remind them to take off their old lashes, don't come into the appointment with make-up on, and avoid caffeine intake to avoid shaky eyelids. Pre-session treatments include cleaning the eye area to make sure that your canvas is free from all dirt and grime. Skipping these essential processes can ruin the whole experience for you and your clients. 

Lash styles are different for every customer.

Eyelash extension classes will teach you different eye shapes and have different lash styles that will compliment them. You will encounter these eye shapes on actual customers, so you can't use the same style on all your customers. You can have consultations before the process to orient your customers to what lash style will suit them the best. 

Furthermore, you can let your clients decide what they want for the lash extensions. Always give them the options to decide for themselves on the experience catered for them. Asking your clients their wants will lead to better customer satisfaction. 

lash extension application

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Final Thoughts 

The road to being an eyelash technician requires patience, a lot of practice, and determination. Don't let the first-day jitters get a hold of you. Calmness and precision are essential to eyelash extensions. We hope these simple practices help you get over your doubts and help you serve your clients better. If you are looking to improve your lashing skills and develop new techniques, don't forget to check the eyelash courses we offer. Your first step to success in the beauty industry is with us.

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