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6 Healthy Stretches Before Your Online Lash Extension or Lash Lift Training

Obtaining your official lash certification can give you a sense of fulfillment because it means you have acquired the necessary skills for the service. Numerous things can go wrong without the proper knowledge and training, not to mention the risk of working on lashes.

Fortunately, a lash extension or lash lift training course will guide you to learn the method and provide you with all of the best techniques a professional must have. It is available in different formats like in-person training, online classes, or hybrid—a combination of the two formats. You can choose the best medium that suits your needs and availability.

Having a good sleep, a healthy diet, and effective study practices can help you succeed in completing any course you enroll in. But have you considered doing stretches to stimulate the mind and body before training? Continue reading because we have compiled some healthy stretches you can do before going to class.

So What Can You Expect From an Online Lash Course?

The eyelash lift course gives you the relevant knowledge and skills to conduct lash lift treatments using professional products and tools. A course on this will also walk you through the cost and income possibility of lash lifting to increase your earning potential.

Aside from lash lift training, you can also opt for lash extension courses. Learning the ins and outs of lash extensions, from its most basic fundamentals to advanced techniques, will give you an edge in the beauty industry. Similarly, your knowledge about lash extensions can boost your income.

Professional trainers will then illustrate the process of lash extensions in greater depth. They will also assist you along the process, demonstrating the prevalent mistakes and how to resolve these problems. Learning the worst cases that may happen during and after your session and knowing what to do in such scenarios will be your safety net in the profession.

If you are looking for the best beauty academy for lash extensions, Beauty Boss Academy is here to provide you with quality programs, such as:

  • The Classic Course
  • The Volume Course
  • The Classic Refresher Course

The last extension is a multimillion-dollar industry, and you have to take advantage of it by learning innovative ways to give your clients beauty and satisfaction.

For you to absorb all your lessons, healthy stretching can be a good way to start!

Morning stretch.

6 Healthy Stretches Before You Study

Before starting your eyelash extension or eyelash lift course online, it's important to do some healthy stretchings. These will help prepare your body for the rigours of the training. To add, stretching before studying can help you with your focus and concentration. How?

When you feel relaxed, your body can easily absorb new information. Furthermore, stretching increases blood flow to the brain, boosting brain function. So if you're looking to get the most out of your study sessions, here are highly-recommended stretches you can do for 15 to 30 seconds each:

Chest Stretch

This stretch helps open up the chest muscles. Stand up to start this stretch and clasp your hands behind your back. Lean forward and hold for 30 to 60 seconds when you feel the stretch in your chest muscles. This stretch can be done in many different ways but ultimately improves breathing and posture, among other benefits.

Calf Stretch

Calf stretch relaxes the calf muscles, which can become tight from standing for long hours. To do this, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Next, place your hands on a wall for balance and press down into your heels to stretch your calves. Then switch legs and repeat.

Hamstring Stretch

The hamstrings can become tight from sitting all day, so this stretch is designed to loosen them up. To do the exercise, lie on your back with one leg bent at 90° and straightforwardly reach for your toes using your hands as leverage—keep holding! Repeat for the opposite side.

Side Bend

Side bend calms down the muscles on the sides of the body. Again, stand up straight and place one hand on a wall for balance, lean to the side, and start stretching on that side. Switch sides and repeat.

Upper Back Stretch

This stretch stretches the muscles in the upper back. To do it, stand up and clasp your hands behind your back. Lean forward until you feel the stretch in your upper back.

Quadriceps Stretch

This stretch is great for relaxing your quadriceps muscles, which can become tight from sitting all day. To do the exercise, stand up and place one hand on a wall for balance while bending down with both knees touching each other at their respective feet in front of you so that they are an arm’s length apart. Then pull towards yourself until feeling this intense pressure along either side.

By doing these stretches before your online lash course, you'll be setting yourself up for success. Your muscles will be loose and ready to work, your brain ready to absorb all the modules, and you'll be less likely to experience pain or injury during the course.

Final Thoughts

Lash courses are fun and exciting because you will learn how to meet people’s ideas of beauty and make them happy with a new look each session. Learning new disciplines relevant to your craft is essential for your growth as an individual and beauty professional. Remember also that you can maintain a competitive edge if you upskill. Be versatile by studying lash extension courses with Beauty Boss Academy!

And when you decide to enroll in a lash course, don’t forget to stretch! You’ll find that the simple act of stretching can do many wonders and make all the difference in your online training. 

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