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How to Become a Lash Technician in 3 Easy Steps

Tired of your 9-to-5 job?

The daily grind at the office can burn us out. People pursue hobbies and interests to remedy the heavy emotional and physical toll that work-related burnout imposes. One extremely popular hobby is beauty care.

When people look good, they feel better about themselves. That’s the appeal of spending time and money on cosmetic products and procedures. We all want to be able to stare at the mirror and smile, right?

Imagine having the power to share that positivity with others. How awesome would that be? By being a lash technician, you can have the extraordinary ability to spread confidence and happiness to other people around you.

Read on and discover how to become a lash technician yourself!

Why Become a Lash Technician?

Sure, you can settle on applying eyelashes for yourself alone. You can watch tutorials on YouTube to learn how to do it. But what if you can turn this useful skill into a full-fledged career?

Let us persuade you to become a lash technician with these compelling reasons:

  • The eyelash extensions industry has a bright future ahead; don’t miss out on exciting opportunities like starting a potential multimillion-dollar company!
  • Become your own boss! Take clients whenever and wherever you want. Your work arrangement is entirely up to you as well—work at home or at a salon.
  • Due to more frequent Zoom sessions, people are paying more attention to their looks, especially their eyelashes!
  • A lash technician is a lucrative job. According to one estimate, the national average for a lash technician’s annual salary in the United States is $65,102 which translates to $31 per hour.

Sounds great? Then let’s get started!

Step 1: Enroll in an Online Course

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you don’t even have to step outside of your own home to become a lash technician.

A nearly infinite number of course providers offer classes on how to become an eyelash technician. It’s quite overwhelming, to say the least. Picking the right course for you is a tedious and lengthy process.

A good course that can teach you how to become a lash tech should cover a broad selection of topics. Topics may include eye anatomy, eyelash styling, types of curls, necessary equipment, developing rapport with clients, and after-care. For absolute beginners, take a look at the syllabus and make sure the course covers the basics first.

You should also take note of the pacing that you are comfortable with. Some courses can be taken at your own pace; you can choose to go through all the modules in two days. Others have scheduled online sessions where you, your classmates, and your instructors study together at the same time.

For a more relaxed pace, we suggest the first option. At Beauty Boss Academy, we provide extensive eyelash certification classes that can be taken whenever, wherever, and however you’d like. Don’t wait to be certified to become your own boss—take control of your time even during your studies!

Step 2: Practice, Practice, Practice

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master any skill, and lash extensions are no exception.

Rushing to the end of the online course will get you nowhere near to being a successful lash technician. Watching instructional videos may give you a general idea of how to go about it, however, nothing beats grabbing your kit and doing the techniques yourself.

Finding the time to practice may seem difficult at first. With the help of a planner, you can better manage your time and squeeze in your practice sessions. You can also seek help from your friends and family members to remind and motivate you to practice.

To master this craft, you certainly need hours and hours of consistent hands-on practice. 

Step 3: Get Licensed

The third and last step can be a bit tricky.

Regulation on the practice of lash extensions can vary from one state to the next. Some states require lash technicians to become licensed cosmetologists before they can legally practice their trade. Other states do not require any license at all but require certification from course providers.

A certification from a course provider is good. It means that you’ve completed their course and passed their standards. However, to legally cater to clients, you have to abide by your state’s rules and regulations on lash technicians.

Not sure what your state says about lash technicians? You can use our handy guide to rules and regulations surrounding lash extensions here.

Final Thoughts

Eyelash extension tools

As a Chinese proverb goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

With this handy guide, we’ve given you three. Remember, to become a lash technician, you have to do three things: learn, practice, and get licensed. We hope to have made this journey less intimidating and much easier for you.

Eager to get started, you’re now probably wondering, “Is there a beauty academy near me?” 

Don’t worry. At Beauty Boss Academy, we’ve got you covered.

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