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Signs You Need Social Rest and How It Can Help With Your Lash Tech Classes

Your lash tech classes paired with a busy work week can actually take a heavy toll on your body, especially if you have little to no time for relaxation. As a lash technician or artist, it's important that you take the time to relax after hours and hours of working hard. You've earned it! 

In this blog post, we'll discuss what social rest is, why you need to allot time for it, and some activity ideas to help you relax. There are ways to take a break and recharge your batteries! So read on to learn more!

What Is Social Rest?

Many think social rest is a break from socializing and spending some time alone. In actuality, social rest is the craving for connection with other human beings. But it isn't the usual small talks and shallow conversations you engage in just to let time pass or satisfy boredom.

Discussions during social rest are deeper: they touch your inner being and give your soul, mind, and heart the rest they yearn for. It is the conversation type where sharing and speaking seem effortless because pouring out what's in your mind and heart comes naturally. 

There is also no need to reiterate the need for a two-way talk where you listen to your companion or the group because you gladly lend an ear. 

It's normal to feel exhausted after a grueling week of work or several focused sessions to become a lash technician. After a social rest, you'll feel your depleted energy refilled and be ready to take on life again.

3 Signs You Need Social Rest

Exhaustion is most often generalized, but did you know that there are seven types of rest people need? These types of breaks also apply to hustlin' lash technicians like you. 

If you particularly experience these signs below, you may not need just physical relaxation. Your body is sending you signals that it needs social rest. 

1. You isolate yourself from people.

Do you choose to spend your lunch breaks at work alone? Or do you feel your workplace interactions are forced and do not bring you inner joy? When these situations occur, it can easily spiral into self-isolation that you stay at home even on weekends, discouraged from loading up on socialization.

2. You feel disengaged in small talks.

Small talks are tried and tested ways to get to know your client, make them comfortable with you, and make the service unforgettable and stand out from others. However, having days when you feel like finishing the task in silence is a sign of needing social rest. This can result in all the opposites of the positive outcomes below.

3. You find it difficult to maintain and create relationships.

If you let yourself spiral into isolation and choose not to connect with people, the mind and body will get used to it and may treat the behavior as normal. You'll find it difficult to handle when social situations come, which you will always do as a lash technician dealing with clients daily.

Your fellow lash technicians may also notice the wall you built around you that they find it hard to penetrate those walls.

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4 Reasons You Need Social Rest

Knowing the signs of needing social rest may not be enough to finally take that break, so here are more reasons to give you a little more push. These reasons will make you realize that social rest affects more than just yourself but also everything around you, including your family, clients, and work. 

1. Absorb lash eyelash tech classes lessons better

Certified lash tech classes can now be accessed and learned online, which allows you to focus and practice because you can work at your place and pace. However, note that the accountability for learning shifts more on you and your dedication to study.

When you have enough social rest, you'll have a fresh mind and heart to absorb the lessons from the modules and the excitement to look forward to when becoming a full-blown lash technician. 

2. Work with excellence

When you enroll in a lash certification course, you'll be welcomed by several modules. These materials tackle eye anatomy, eye health, content of a complete lash technician kit, keeping the workplace sanitized, and the actual lessons on applying extension lashes to natural lash to create various styles. 

A fresh and well-rested mind and heart will help you learn your lessons quickly. You can also apply what you have learned with excellence later when you begin working. 

3. Wellness of the people you work with

Your clients, workmates, family, friends, and acquaintances deserve the best version of you, the you who radiates positive energy and genuine smiles. When you get social rest regularly, your goodness cup is filled, and you are ready to pour out to everyone around you. You fill the workplace with good vibrations, making you someone people want to be around with. 

4. For your wellness

Of course, last but not least, you recognize and give in to the need for a social rest because it keeps you well. Aside from being a lash artist, you surely wear different hats to fulfill your responsibilities at home and in society. 

Every time you fulfill your responsibilities, your energy goes a little lower each time. Despite your busy schedule, always find time to reconnect with people to fill your happy cup again.

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Exciting Social Rest Activities to Look Forward to

When you notice all these red flags waving, there is no need to stall or deny that your wellness, livelihood, and the craft you love are at risk. Although social rest may sound big and difficult to do, activities that induce social peace and rejuvenation are in multitude, so here are some of them!

Coffee Breaks Can Go a Long Way

Coffee and many concoctions seem to have a magical power to let you talk about life, especially when shared with the right people. So make the most of your work breaks by spending them with trusted colleagues with whom you can share deeper thoughts about your craft and work. 

Even when you think your tight schedule won't allow you, squeeze in time and spend your weekends and coffee breaks with friends and loved ones.

Daily Spouse or Partner Moments

It is easy to treat days of no spouse and partner time as normal because of hectic schedules, but we encourage you not to do so. Your partner is the closest person for you to have social support daily.

With that, exert effort to have simple spouse activities every day, even just before you go to bed or have breakfast. Be each other's social rest.

Explore a New Place

When coffee breaks and partner time at home aren't enough, you can break the work-home routine by simply going out. You can go for simple activities like a walk in the park or a quick campfire with family and friends. 

You can also book a trip to a new place, breathe some fresh air, and witness new scenery. All while you share a good talk with people dear to you.

Join or Create Wellness Circles

Many lash tech training provide social connections to their students and graduates in virtual groups. You can easily set a meetup with the friends you make there to talk about revitalizing topics about work.

Outside of work, you can join a book, hiking, biking, and yoga clubs, or you can create groups like the dinner club, mom's club, or high school/college besties and set socializations from time to time. 

Lash Tech Classes by Beauty Boss Academy

As a lash technician or artist, taking classes is important to keep up with the latest techniques and trends. But after a long week of work and classes, you may need some downtime for self-care. We hope that introducing social rest and the different ways to attain it will help you enjoy and recharge soon.

If you are still looking for lash tech courses, the Classic and Volume Courses that Beauty Boss Academy offers could be what you are looking for. Feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the details with you. Talk to you soon!

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