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An Overview of Lash Extension Styles for Aspiring Lash Technicians

Putting lash extensions nowadays involves more than just extending the natural lash length. The practice has evolved into different kinds of styles. And to become a competitive professional, it's important to become familiar with them.

This article is meant as a stepping stone for an aspiring lash tech like you. Beauty Boss Academy will introduce you to the fundamental styles involved in today's lash extension scene and will provide you with resources to learn more about them.

The Classic Lash Extension Styles

Classic lash extensions are the fundamentals of lash application. It's composed of several different styles that give the eyes beauty and vitality. For aspiring lash technicians, this is the first thing they must learn to be deemed a professional.

We can sum up the classic lash styles in the following points:

Characterized by long lash length

Most classic eyelash styles involve long lash strands. That's because the style aims to give the impression of vibrant and attractive lashes. But on the other hand, the classic style also involves using short lash strands for variation and symmetry.

Accentuates the eyes

One compelling effect of the classic lash styles is that it emphasizes the eyes more. It makes it look open and lively. This effect will become obvious if you choose the right style for your client's eyes. To do this well, you'll need adequate knowledge and skill.

Beautiful right out of the bed

When a lash extension is applied, it lasts. At least until the natural lashes are shed. This means your client will sleep and wake up with it for many days if maintained well. Getting lash extensions lets them have that "woke up like this" look worthy of a cute selfie.

lash extension styles - A woman with long and natural eyelashes

4 Basic Lash Extension Styles

Many eyelash extension styles are considered classic, but for starters, there are four basic lash styles you need to know:

Natural / Open Eye

Natural style is the simplest of the classic lash extensions. It aims to create a natural and open look by mimicking a person's lash growth lengths and making it more pronounced. As a result, the lashes appear genuine and seamless.

A lash technician's intention must be to enhance what's already there without going overboard. It's important to note that the natural style's charm hinges on the client's already beautiful natural lashes and emphasizes the eyes by lengthening the lash. 

Doll Eye

A spread-out eyelash extension characterizes this style type. Think of it as similar to a folding fan. The middle stretches longer than the inner and outer layers. In effect, it creates a "doll-like" look on your client.

The doll eye style gives the client's face a fresh and innocent look that can charm anyone who gives it attention.

Butterfly Eye

Creating this classic eyelash extension style is dependent on the eyebrow. First, you'll have to match the longest extension to your client's eyebrow arch. Then, taper the lash extension lengths as you move to the eyelid's corners.

In effect, you create an appearance of butterfly wings using a combination of lash extension lengths.

This style is popular because it accentuates the eye shape more without making it look fierce. Plus, the lash extensions used for this style are softer, making the client's natural lashes more relaxed.

Cat Eye

This is recommended if your client wants a charming yet fierce look and has the right eye type to match. This classic eyelash style involves a short lash extension from the eye's inner corner. As the lashes move towards the outer corner, the length gradually increases.

The cat eye gives a larger and wider appearance to the eyes. The lash contours give an intense look similar to the eyes of a cat, hence the name.

lash extension styles - A woman’s eyes with a hybrid lash extension

Advanced Lash Extension Styles

Once you've learned all the classic styles, you can consider expanding your knowledge and expertise to the following advanced styles:

Volume Lash Extension Styles

Volume lashes are all about ratio. For classic lashes, the ratio of the natural eyelash to the applied extension is 1 to 1, meaning each natural eyelash holds just one long lash extension strand. With volume, it's 1 to more. 

Lash application styles are determined based on a preferred volume setup. For example, if a client chooses a lash with a 2D configuration, they'll get two lash extension strands attached to a single natural strand. The thickness varies. It can get from 3D up to 16D volume lashes.

Volume lashes are popular with clients because they give a dramatic and intense effect. The lash strand used is thinner compared to classic lashes. It also gives an impression that it lasts longer because of the number of lash strands per eyelash. 

Comprehensive training is needed to become an expert at volume lash extensions. And training such as the one provided in The Volume Course will prepare you.

Hybrid Lash Extension Styles

Once you've learned both classic and volume styles, you'll be ready to do a hybrid lash extension. This style is a combination of both. You will do a 70 - 30 or a 50 - 50 mix, depending on what your client requires.

Doing a hybrid lash extension gives the client both texture and volume. You should also recommend it if your client isn't ready for a full volume yet or if their natural lashes can't hold a volume lash application. It’s also a style you can recommend if your client wants a no-makeup Kardashian look.

Learn More About the Intricacies of Lash Extension Style and Application

The Beauty Boss Academy's courses will give you the right knowledge and skill if you're ready to dig deep and grow your lash extension expertise.

Take the Classic Course. It will teach you all the fundamentals beyond lash styles and will give you the theories and processes on how to get started. On the other hand, the Volume Course will teach you how to apply different volume lash varieties effectively. These Beauty Boss Academy courses will prepare you for a good start at hybrid lashing.

If you're still exploring the world of lash extensions, you can familiarize yourself by taking the complimentary course. You can also join our Facebook community of passionate lash artists, both newbies, and professionals. Whatever you need to get started and grow, we'll support you. So come and join us today!

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