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Online Eyelash Extension Course With Kit: Expectation vs. Reality

Are you tired of the daily grind? Commuting to your nine-to-five job, working eight hours, commuting back home, and repeating the entire process every day can lead to a soul-crushing existence. Fortunately, there are other opportunities waiting for you. You can take your life back by being a lash artist! By being a lash technician, you can be your own boss and earn a living right at home.

Before you drive to the store to buy your tools, you must first equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to do the job correctly. We know the temptation to watch YouTube videos and imitate what they are doing is strong. However, being a lash technician or a lash artist is a serious and regulated profession in most areas.

So how do you become a proper lash artist? You can take online classes, of course! You might already have some expectations about taking such online classes. Read more and discover how accurate those expectations are!

Expectation #1: It's Not as Good as a “Real” Course

Today, online training courses have become more widespread. Even reputable institutions offer online training courses alongside their regular classes. Unfortunately, they still get a bad rep. Many people think online education is not as good as “real” physical classes. Some believe that an online lash course can't compete with an in-person training course offered by beauty schools.

REALITY: An online lash extension course with kit, like the Classic Course offered by Beauty Boss Academy, is designed to tackle various topics essential to the craft. For instance, this online course discusses sanitation, client consultation, eyelash preparation, application, and even aftercare in separate in-depth modules. All modules and learning materials are assured to be top-notch.

Expectation #2: It's Nothing but a Piece of Paper

Some people who are prejudiced against new forms of learning, like online-based and self-paced courses, say that you won't learn anything from online classes. They say that these online courses are nothing but a piece of paper you have to pay for. Even worse, they claim that these are a scam crafted to take your hard-earned money away from you.

REALITY: Each module that comprises an eyelash extension course was written specifically to teach you the ways of the craft. These modules come with multimedia resources like images and videos to show you how you should do it. The kit contains all the tools you’ll need to learn the craft as you press play on the video modules. 

Expectation #3: It's Hard to Fit in a Tight Schedule

You might think that enrolling in an online eyelash extension training is too much commitment. Besides, you still have your day job and don't see yourself leaving it in the foreseeable future. How can you possibly squeeze it into your already jam-packed schedule? Even if the online course is good, you won't have enough time to complete it.

REALITY: You can take online eyelash courses at your own pace! Whether you like to take it slowly but surely or finish one module each day, it's entirely possible thanks to how these courses were designed. For instance, you can complete the Classic Course from Beauty Boss Academy within two days. Also, instead of spending extra time looking for the tools, you’ll need, you get them bundled up in one kit.

Expectation #4: It's Going to Be a Walk in the Park

Since there won't be an instructor with you, there would be no one to double-check your work. You can even Google the answers to quizzes, and no one would even know. You can just wing it and fast-track your way to getting your eyelash extension training certificate. Without exerting your 100% effort, you will finish the training course with flying colours.

REALITY: If you don't take an online eyelash extension course seriously, it speaks more about you and your character than the online course itself. As you paid for the online course, you should make time for it and exert all your effort to complete it. The Classic Course from Beauty Boss Academy offers a challenge to both complete beginners and seasoned eyelash technicians looking for a refresher. A career in beauty is often service-based—you’ll be applying what you’ve learned on real people, and any damage can lead to very real consequences.

Expectation #5: It's Not a Legitimate Job

You would be better off watching and imitating beauty vloggers on YouTube than spending your money even on the best online eyelash extension course. It wouldn't amount to being a legitimate career anyway. Regardless of how passionate you are about eyelash extensions, it would never become other than a mere hobby or a side hustle at best.

REALITY: Don't belittle eyelash technicians because they're raking in a lot of cash! An experienced lash tech can bill their clients for up to $50 per hour. This rate can amount to earning them an annual income reaching $104,000. Even the average hourly wage for a lash tech is higher than most minimum wage jobs in the United States. Therefore, being a lash tech is a financially viable career.

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Take The First Step

Have you decided to take your very first step into the world of eyelash extensions? The journey won't be easy, but striving to be the best online eyelash extension course with kit around, the Classic Course from Beauty Boss Academy can equip you with the technical skills and know-how to become a successful lash tech. 

Start your lash journey and take the online lash course for complete beginners! Are you a seasoned lash tech looking for a refresher? Take the Classic Refresher course instead.

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