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Managing Business and Social Media as a Volume Lash Extension Artist

As a lash stylist, do you sometimes feel like there is so little time, yet there's still so much you have to do? You’ll find that there are many things always at the top of your to-do lists, such as client appointments and social media promotion. 

Now that social media marketing is becoming more and more competitive, we understand that you also want to do well at creating engaging content. However, putting so much effort into it without actually improving your craft and the business side of things can also weaken your customers’ trust in you. 

Therefore, you must make sure your lash business stays afloat while amping your social media marketing efforts. In this article, let’s take a closer look at eyelash extensions and how volume lash extension artists like you can run your business more efficiently. 

The Good and the Bad of Running a Lash Business

Running a lash business can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting and doing everything by yourself. After all, we’re living in a fast-paced world, and juggling many things at once can easily give you burnout and constantly make you feel like you can never have that much-needed break. 

What’s comforting to know is that offering lash extension services like volume lash extensions is an incredibly fulfilling business. Lash artists boost their clients’ confidence through classic and volume lashes. If you’ve been in this industry for a while now, have you ever paused and reflected on the impact you’re making as a lash artist?

It’s truly fulfilling seeing clients achieve their idea of beauty as soon as you’re done with the session, but not only that, lash extension services are also a profitable business. It is in high demand, and you can set a premium price point for your time, skills, and experience. 

A lash business also lets you enjoy a flexible schedule. With time management and an effective marketing strategy, becoming a successful lash artist with a booming business is not impossible.

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How Social Media Marketing Boosts Your Lash Technician Service

Getting new clients is a never-ending process for a skillful lash technician like you. In fact, sometimes, reaching out to potential clients seems like a full-time job. But thanks to social media, it’s so much easier to grow your business and connect to potential lash clients on various platforms nowadays. 

Back in the day, you had to spend huge amounts of money on building and maintaining a website for your business. Today, if you can't afford to pay for a website, you can conveniently advertise your work and attract clients with a strong social media presence. 

Here's how social media can be a useful tool for a lash technician like you to level up your business:

Communication With Prospective Clients

Social media apps usually have messaging features. Take advantage of this feature to easily communicate with your clients. Sending personalized messages is also one way for you to continue building trust and connecting with them.

Make sure to address your clients’ concerns directly, whether they’re about lash aftercare or if classic or volume lash extensions suit them better. The key here is to be responsive to gain the trust of a current or prospective client. 

Attract New Clients With Image-Based Social Media

Photos are a powerful ingredient for strong social media marketing. To highlight your work through photos, you can use image-based social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Share photos or videos with an aesthetic charm so you can attract more clients. 

For instance, with a high-quality photo of your lash extension service, people can see beautiful eye transformations and how lash extensions can improve a look. You may also feature specifics such as the classic lash, volume lash extensions, or hybrid lash extensions. 

Posting Engaging and Valuable Content

Sharing a live video is a good way to attract potential clients and make them understand the entire lash extension process. The key here is to impress your followers and generate excitement about your lash extension services. 

A sample of valuable content can be about the difference between volume lash extensions and mega volume lash extensions. You can also add hashtags to your posts so potential clients can easily find your page. 

3 Tips to Manage Your Business While Handling Social Media Marketing

Having a lot of tasks to do doesn't mean that you'll do it all and sacrifice the quality of your work. Through smart planning and time management, you can accomplish all of these tasks and produce good results.  Here’s how you’ll be able to do it:

Have Designated Working Days

To lessen your anxiety and avoid fatigue from overworking, you have to be intentional with scheduling work and rest days. 

Set clear boundaries around when clients can have a lash extension appointment with you. This way, you can spend time with yourself and your loved ones. Remember that rest is also important to replenish your energy and creative juices, which are essential in social media marketing.

Use a Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar is a lifesaver for busy entrepreneurs like you. It can be in the form of a paper calendar, spreadsheet, or an app or software used to track, schedule, and organize upcoming social media posts. 

With your social media calendar, you can set monthly short-term and long-term goals. For instance, if you want to grow your audience on your social media page, you can set live videos of how you do classic and volume lashes for clients once a week. 

By planning your content for social media advertising, you can allot your spare time for other demands of your lash business. Some social media calendars can even schedule postings, so you don't have to manually log in to your business account and post content.

Automate What You Can

Do you struggle managing online bookings or responding to your clients on and off working hours? Does it tend to affect the quality of how you do lash extension services? Then this is the ideal time to invest in an automated system. 

Automating payments, appointments, and customer service could save you a lot of time, which you can utilize for other business and personal affairs. With the abundance of spare time you have, you can dedicate it to your lash business' growth. 

Become a Beauty Boss With BBA

The beauty of running your own lash business is that you're the boss! However, being the boss doesn't mean that you've finished learning. There will always be skills and new tricks to brush upon in lash extensions. 

You can be the best lash artist you can be with Beauty Boss Academy! BBA’s eyelash extension courses are where you can learn about different lash extensions and advanced techniques. We also offer our community advice on lash business strategy, client management, and social media promotion so that juggling these would not be as daunting as they sound. 

You've already got the skill, but you can still develop it with online lash courses. By getting all the education you need along with continued business support even after the course, it would not be impossible to finally create the work-life balance you've dreamed of. 

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