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Lash Extensions Courses: 6 Core Skills You Need as A Lash Artist

Are you considering taking lash extension classes? Perhaps you've developed a new passion for lash extensions, and you want to learn more about this beauty treatment. Or maybe you want to enter the field of cosmetic medicine. Eyelash extension classes can help you gain the necessary skills to be a prolific lash technician.

Beauty schools are now offering these courses online. This is due to the limitations imposed by various jurisdictions all over Canada and the United States.

Whether you're engaged in your full-time job or academics, you may easily enroll in an online eyelash extension course and go over the lessons at your own speed. Even though lash technician training courses are typically conducted in a physical learning environment, several institutions have modified their methods to meet the new status quo. Here are six core skills you need as a lash tech, taught in eyelash extension training.

The Procedure for Eyelash Extensions

The most important skill you'll learn when you enrol in a lash extension certification course is how to apply and remove lashes. Proficiency is important when taking the certification to become a lash technician! So, while most of these online courses take little time, you must pay close attention.

Another benefit of enrolling in online lash extension classes is that you may go over the lessons at any time. Since courses are recorded beforehand, you can watch them whenever you choose. Although there's no direct and immediate feedback on your lessons, you can always reach out to your instructors, record your work, and receive feedback that way.

You'll be taught the many lash application processes and how to do them correctly. Furthermore, you'll learn which instruments are required for such procedures. It's critical to understand that there are several ways to apply eyelashes. Your techniques will vary depending on your client's preference for lash extension and their eye shape. 

Lash Aftercare and Safety Protocols

As a lash technician, you must be aware of the different aftercare methods for your client's lashes. Customers will often ask how to take care of their new lashes, and you must know what to tell them. Depending on the type of eyelash extensions used, there are various aftercare methods.

For example, if mink lashes were used as extensions, your client must avoid exposing the adhesives to water for at least the first 24 hours. You must also tell your client not to use oil-based products around their eye area or sleep on their face.

There are several safety protocols that you must adhere to as well. Such as, you must take care not to get any glue in your client's eye. You must also ensure that the lash extensions are not glued too close to the eyelids since this could irritate the eyes.

Sanitation is another critical safety protocol that you must follow. You must clean and disinfect all of your tools before each use. Furthermore, you should wash your hands thoroughly and use gloves when handling your client's lashes.

Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Adhesives are critical in ensuring eyelash extensions last. Different types of adhesives work better for different skin and lash types. The same is true if your client has sensitive skin—there are adhesives made with sensitive skin in mind. 

Different adhesives also have different holding times. Some adhesives will hold your extensions in place for two weeks, while others may only last a week. It's important to choose an adhesive that will give you the holding power you need based on how often your client wants to reapply their extensions. Different adhesives also have different drying times—some dry almost instantly, while others can take up to 60 seconds.

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Eyelash Extensions Styling

There are many different styles of eyelash extensions, and the right style will depend on your clients' preferences and the shape of their eyes. One popular style is the doll eye, which features long, thick lashes extending past the eye's outer corner. This style is perfect for those who want to achieve a dramatic look. 

Another popular style is the cat eye, which gives the illusion of wider, more open eyes. This style is ideal for those with small or almond-shaped eyes. For a more natural look, classic lash extensions are a good choice. These lashes are similar in length and thickness to your natural lashes.

Coloured eyelash extensions are also available, and they can add a fun pop of colour to your look. Butterfly lash extensions are another option, and they feature shorter lashes in the centre of the eye with longer lashes on the outer corners. This style helps to achieve a lifted, wide-eyed look. No matter your clients' preference, there is sure to be an eyelash extension style perfect for them.

Eye Anatomy & Lash Growth Cycle

Lashing is not just an art; it's a science. There is a lot to learn to apply them properly when it comes to eyelash extensions. One of the most important things to understand is the lash growth cycle, as this will dictate how long the extensions will last and how they will need to be cared for. 

Each lash follicle undergoes three distinct phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen phase is when the lash actively grows, and extensions are applied. The catagen phase is a transitional period when the lash stops growing and starts to shed. 

And finally, the telogen phase is the resting period when the follicle prepares for a new anagen phase. Depending on the maturity of natural lashes, it may take 4 to 8 weeks for a full lash growth cycle. So, when choosing lash extensions, you need to keep the growth cycle in mind to make sure that they last long.

Customer Service

As an eyelash technician, one of the most important aspects of your job is providing excellent customer service. Your clients are entrusting you with a delicate and important part of their appearance, so it's vital that they feel comfortable and confident in your skills. You can do several things to ensure that your clients have a positive experience. 

First, make sure that you are thoroughly knowledgeable about the products and services. Second, take the time to associate with your clients. Doing this will help you understand their unique needs and preferences and ultimately provide them with the best possible service.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found our list helpful and gave you the confidence to start your journey to becoming a girl boss! Our Classic Course covers everything in this list with supplementary business lessons to help you kick start your own lash business. 
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