Complimentary Courses

Our Classic Refresher Course is perfect for any already experienced lash artist who is looking to freshen up their classic lash application technique! The best part? This course is totally free!
take The Classic Refresher Course
Once you register, you will gain access to our video modules that will cover the following topics:
  1. Cleansing the lashes
  2. Applying under eye patches & paper tape
  3. Priming the lashes
  4. How to create a frame
  5. Isolation
  6. How to grab a lash off the tray
  7. How to dip a lash
  8. How to position your wrist
  9. Manipulating direction of the lashes
  10. Curing the lashes
  11. Checking your work
  12. How to maintain lash extensions
  13. Removal techniques
*It is important to mention that this course is specifically designed for lash artists who have some prior knowledge or schooling in lash extension application. This course does not cover important theory, safety, sterilization, and styling information that is 100% necessary for ALL lash artists to learn before working on real clients. If you are just starting out as a lash artist, this course will not be enough. Please visit our Classic Course tab to access the best option for you.
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