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Lash Adhesive Guide: Clear Eyelash Glue vs. Black Eyelash Glue

Many key factors go into how long lash extensions last, one of which is the lash adhesive. Lash adhesives come in different types that suit different lashing skill levels or client sensitivities. 

Two of the most popular ones are clear adhesives and black adhesives. Obviously, they differ in colour, but how else are they different? When is the best time to use each? 

Read on to find out.

What Are the Main Ingredients in Lash Extension Adhesives?

Before we compare clear and black lash glues, we should know what ingredients are in lash adhesives. 

The primary ingredient of lash glues is cyanoacrylate, a group of strong and fast-acting glues that can bond to various surfaces. 

Beauty Boss Academy’s eyelash adhesives contain alkoxy-2-cyanoacrylate, giving the adhesive more flexibility in bonding to natural lashes. This flexibility enhances lash retention, making the eyelash extensions stay on natural lashes longer.

Carbon black is a crystalline ingredient that gives black adhesives their colour. Although black adhesive is the standard, it does not look as good with coloured extensions. So if you’re applying coloured extensions, it’s better to use clear adhesive, which does not contain carbon black. There is also a small percentage of the population that is allergic to carbon black, in which case, clear adhesive is always the best choice.

Question: Is eyelash adhesive waterproof? Lash extension adhesives are ‘waterproof’ in that you can get your extensions wet—let’s say to wash your face or shower—and they won’t come off as false strip lashes would. However, lash extensions still require care, so we recommend avoiding swimming with them on if possible.

Black vs. Clear Eyelash Extension Adhesive: When to Pick One Over the Other

The difference between black and clear eyelash extension adhesives lies in their ingredients and intended use. So, when both options are available, how does a trained lash artist know when to use black over clear? Let’s find out. 

When to Use Black Lash Adhesive

Black is the most common colour of lash extensions, so black glue blends perfectly with them. It keeps black extensions looking lush and defined and, if applied skillfully, looks nearly invisible.

When to Use Clear Lash Adhesive

Clear adhesive is best for coloured extensions, a fun alternative to conventional black extensions. Coloured extensions look better with clear adhesive than black because the latter leaves a visible bond at the bottom of the lashes.

Also, some people may be allergic to carbon black. In this case, it’s handy to have clear adhesive in your kit so that you have an alternative.

Watch Out for Allergic Reactions to Lash Adhesive

Some people may be allergic to cyanoacrylates. In this case, it’s best to use low-sensitivity adhesive, another lash adhesive type. It has reduced cyanoacrylates, but this leads to a slower curing time compared to other adhesives. As a result, the extensions don’t stay on as long and as well.

How fast allergic reactions to adhesives show varies from person to person. Some take several appointments later; some react immediately. Symptoms include swelling in the upper eyelid and redness of the eye. 

If your client does experience allergic reactions to your lash adhesive, don’t panic. Also, don’t remove the lash extensions while their eyes are swollen; it will only add to their discomfort. 

The best thing you can do is to calmly advise them to visit a doctor who may prescribe medication for their allergy. The symptoms usually calm within a week. If the doctor advises having the extensions removed, that’s the only time you should do so.

We recommend performing a patch test on clients who have never had lash extensions before to help avoid potential allergic reactions. You can do this by applying 10-15 lash extensions evenly across each eye. Have your client monitor their reaction to the extensions. If they don’t experience any discomfort, it is likely safe to proceed with a lash extension service.

A professional lash artist applying eyelash extensions on a female client

Get Lash Adhesives Right with an Eyelash Extension Course

Black eyelash glue and clear eyelash glue are two types of lash extension adhesives that you can use to apply extensions. Neither is superior to the other; you just need to know when to use them to get the best results.

The adhesive is one of the most important aspects of lash extension application, so you want to make sure you know everything you need to know to use it properly.

With our Classic Course, you will understand all about adhesives. Aside from the different types and their ingredients, you will learn

  • different adhesive curing times and how to keep them stable,
  • how to open and store adhesives,
  • how often to change adhesive drops,
  • and more expert tips!

Beauty Boss Academy’s courses are fully online, so learn at your own pace! You will also get the chance to connect with other aspiring lash artists and gain support and insights from them. By the end of the course, you will be a certified lash tech trained to give clients the beautiful, long lashes of their dreams.

Ready to kick-start your lash artist career? Sign up for a lash extension course today! 
Need a refresher instead? Try our complimentary Classic Refresher Course!

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