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Kickstart Your Career as an Eyelash Extension Technician All From Home

The lash industry is growing exponentially. In fact, many attest that the eyelash extension technician salary is higher than average, even for a beginner. Although you don't need to be a college graduate to be a beautician, there is a licensure exam that aspiring beauticians must pass and earn certification. Additionally, if you want to specialize in lashes, you must first attend a series of accredited courses for that niche.

There's a big difference between knowing how to put on individual lash extensions and making a set custom to your client's needs. However, having a strong background in the basics will set you up for success in your beauty career. In addition, enrolling in an eyelash extension technician school can help you grow exponentially with a community! 

Learn the Foundations

We bet you didn't know anatomically, Caucasians and Asians differ in eyelash curve—the difference in lash pigmentation and growth length are also factors to know. In addition, eyelashes have life cycles they must undergo before they fall out. All this information and more may be essential to your journey as an eyelash extension technician.

No one becomes an expert without knowing the basics first. But unfortunately, many lash technicians fall short because they lack the knowledge or application of the basics. Melody Xue, a senior licensed eyelash technician from Beauty Boss Academy, witnessed firsthand how many technicians make mistakes even after years of experience. 

It's important to lay down the foundation first to avoid frequent errors and keep your customers satisfied. That said, Beauty Boss Academy has the perfect course for the beginner lash stylist. Lash experts can give you the play-by-play on eyelash extension basics.

Learn From Home Benefits

Not only would online courses save you the time and money of commuting, but they also promote learning at a sustainable pace. You get the opportunity to schedule your courses and make them work with your daily or weekly routine. This advantage allows you to study efficiently without sacrificing other commitments.

But, just because you're at home doesn't mean you will work without tools. Beauty Boss Academy offers a kit that has all you need. The Beauty Boss Starter Kit has what you need to be prepped and ready for your classes. 


To have cosmetology experts be a message away from answering your questions is now a dream-turned-reality. Once you enroll in an eyelash extension technician school that Beauty Boss Academy offers, you are included in a circle where you can interact with tutors, students, and other professionals to help you reach your goals. As a bonus, you get to access this community even after you finish your courses. VIP members can share information and experience in a steady community that inspires and uplifts each other.

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Open New Doors

Even if your interest lies mainly in lashes, you can learn many beauty courses at home! Expand your knowledge and skillset with accredited online beauty courses. The list of available courses include:

  • Makeup Course
  • Face and Body Waxing Course
  • Hair Stylist Training Course
  • Expert Nail Technician Course

And of course, you'll find The Classic Course as well, where your career as a lash artist will kickstart.

Each specialization you choose has a hands-on instructor that guides you to be a better beautician. Who knows? Maybe after completing the courses for the eyelash technician, you will keep the learning momentum and hop on to another study.

The Takeaway

Working hard and having a supportive community is important to make it in a mega-industry like the beauty industry. Learning alone can be difficult and overwhelming. Knowing where to start while having a sense of belonging can make your journey less intimidating to face. Additionally, being part of a community will help you relate to what other people are pushing through to reach a common goal.

Achieving your goals doesn't need to be daunting. Instead, it should be challenging and fulfilling. To even read this confirms that you are curious and determined to make it as an eyelash technician. So go and enroll in Beauty Boss Academy's The Classic Course to be a certified lash artist. Then, hold on to that dream and start your career!

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