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How to Take Care of Lash Extensions: The Right Products You Should Use

If you’re one of the many people who have recently gotten lash extensions, you might be wondering how to take care of them. After all, you want your lashes to look their best for as long as possible. Thankfully, taking care of lash extensions is relatively easy.

It doesn’t matter if you have classic lashes, volume lashes, or other kinds of eyelash extensions as long as you use the right products to take care of them. 

So what are the right products to use? Here are a few of our favorites:

Eyelash Sealant or Protective Coating

If you’re wondering about more ways how to take care of eyelash extensions, add an eyelash sealant to your lash extensions aftercare kit. It is important for eyelash extension aftercare because it helps to keep the lashes healthy and hydrated.

When applied properly, the lash sealant creates a barrier that shields the lashes from dirt, makeup, and other debris. It also helps to lock in moisture, preventing the lashes from drying out and becoming brittle.

In addition, the eyelash sealant can help extend the life of your lash extensions by sealing in the adhesive and preventing it from breaking down. That’s why using an eyelash sealant is an essential step in keeping your lashes looking their best.

how to take care of lash extensions-1 – a beautiful woman removing her makeup with a cotton pad and an oil-free makeup remover

Oil-Free Makeup Remover

Many women love the look of eyelash extensions and go to great lengths and expenses to maintain them. However, a common mistake can undo all that work in a matter of minutes; that is using an oil-based makeup remover. It’s not like water-based removers, which gently break down makeup without harming the lashes.

Oil-based products dissolve the bonds that hold each lash extension in place. As a result, even just a few swipes with an oil-based remover can cause serious damage to your lash extensions. So if you’re devoted to your new lashes, be sure to avoid any product that contains petroleum or other oils. Instead, stick to gentle, water-based formulas that remove makeup without harming your extensions.

Eyelash Extension Cleaning Brush

Any good beauty routine starts with a clean canvas, and that definitely includes your eyelashes! If you want your extensions to last as long and look just as good, then be sure that they're clean. Cleaning them regularly with a soft-bristle brush will not only keep the bacteria at bay but also maintain their shape.

An eyelash extension cleaning brush is designed specifically for this task. It will help remove debris that can build up on your lashes and cause them to fall out prematurely. In addition, a good cleaning brush will also help prevent irritation and infection. This will help your lash extensions last longer and keep your natural lashes healthy.

So if you want to keep your lash extensions looking their best, make sure you invest in a quality eyelash extension cleaning brush.

Eyelash Cleanser or Shampoo

Many people don’t realize how important it is to keep their lashes clean. Lashes are like the hair on our heads, and they need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. That way, they won’t get clogged with debris. This build-up can lead to lash breakage, inflammation, and even eyelid infection if not cleaned properly. So if you’re wondering about how to take care of lash extensions, know that lash cleanser and lash shampoos are so important.

Lash cleansers and lash shampoos gently remove all of the impurities from your lashes, leaving them healthy and strong. In addition, regular cleaning helps extend the life of your lash extensions. So if you want to keep your lashes looking their best, be sure to use a quality lash cleanser or lash shampoo every day.

Lash Extension Conditioner

Many people don’t realize that it is important to use a lash extension conditioner after you get eyelash extensions. A lot of people think that they can just use any old mascara or eye makeup remover without conditioning their lash extensions, but that is not the case.

Mascara and makeup removers can actually contain harsh chemicals that can break down the bonds of the lash extension adhesive, causing your lashes to fall out prematurely. On the other hand, lash extension conditioners are specifically designed to be gentle on lash extensions while still providing the nourishment and hydration that your natural lashes need.

In addition, these products help keep your lashes looking healthy and shiny, which is a bonus! 

how to take care of lash extensions-2 – an eyelash growth serum

Eyelash Growth Serum

Eyelash growth serums are an essential part of aftercare for eyelash extensions. It’s because the likelihood of your natural lashes breaking during the removal process is higher without them. They help strengthen and condition the lashes, making them more resilient. Additionally, they provide nutrients that help promote lash growth so that you can maintain longer, healthier lashes.

Finally, you can keep your lashes hydrated and prevent them from becoming dry or brittle when you use the serum. In short, an eyelash growth serum is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their lashes looking beautiful and healthy, no matter how often they get eyelash extensions.

Final Thoughts

Proper eyelash extension care is important to keep your extensions looking good and lasting long. The right products can make all the difference. Make sure you are using an oil-free makeup remover, an eyelash extension cleaning brush, and a lash extension cleanser to keep your lashes looking great. 

Also, don’t forget to use a lash extension conditioner and growth serum to protect your lashes. If you’re looking for more information on how to take care of your lashes or want to enroll in some eyelash extension courses, we’ve got you covered!
Our lash extension courses will teach you how to care for eyelash extensions so that they last as long as possible. In addition to learning about the best products to use, you’ll also get tips on how to apply and remove lashes, deal with lash problems, and more. Join one of our courses today and get a full understanding of eyelash extensions!

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