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“How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?” and More Lash FAQs to Share on Social Media

Before having their eyelash extensions done, clients would have a lot of questions in mind. How long do lash extensions usually last? How much does it cost? Where can I go to have it done? Based on our experience and research, we answer the FAQs about your new favorite beauty treatment—lash extensions. 

You can post these questions and answers on your business pages, Instagram, or other social media accounts, so your future clients know what to expect. We hope this information will help you educate your clients and reach them quickly through social media.

What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are synthetic lashes attached to natural lashes. The purpose is to make the lashes look thicker and bolder or widen and beautify the eyes. Lash technicians and clients can choose a wide variety of lash length, thickness, and curl depending on the output they want to achieve. 

Does the lash extension application hurt?

Lash extension application should not hurt as the process involves only the isolation of each lash and the lash extension application. In lash technician classes, lash artists are trained to provide the utmost comfort to clients through proper application and proper tools. 

How do I know the best lash extension style for me?

When you enter a lash bar, you can use the informative brochures lash artists will provide to decide. These contain images of different lash styles and shapes and how each affects the customer’s overall appearance. 

Will lash extensions damage natural lashes?

Lash extensions will never damage your natural lashes when applied correctly. They are meant to make your lashes more stunning. Just be wary of the dos and don'ts for lash extension care to ensure beautiful lash extensions and healthy natural lashes

How are lash extensions applied?

The process begins with client lash cleaning, followed by applying the lashes. The root of a synthetic lash is dipped into lash adhesives and stuck in every natural lash. These steps are done repeatedly until the natural lashes have their extensions on. 

How long do lash extensions last?

The answer here depends on the pace of your natural lash growth. Lash extensions naturally fall out when the natural lashes grow longer. Nevertheless, lash extensions usually last from six weeks to eight weeks. 

What should I do pre-lash extension service?

You’ll have an assessment before the service to check your medical background and eye health to see if you are fit to have the service. Cleaning the lashes also occurs before lash extensions application to free them from oil that may affect the efficiency of the adhesive

How much does a lash extension service cost?

The rates vary depending on the lash style you want to have, the state of the business, and whether you are getting the service from a salon or a freelance lash artist. Nevertheless, the price will be worth it with the glow-up you’ll have after the lash extension application. 

How should I care for lash extensions?

Ask the lash artist if they provide or sell lash cleansers, wands, and bottles of eyelash serum you can use to clean your lashes. Clean your lashes regularly, do not use eye pads, and always lie on your back when sleeping so as not to ruin your lashes. 

Can I apply mascara on my lash extensions?

The answer is no. Lash extensions will already provide the volume lash and perfect lash you want to achieve with mascara. Plus, many mascaras have oil content, which can cause the adhesives to melt, making the lash extensions fall out. 

lash extensions how long do they last

Tips for Posting Lash FAQs on Social Media

Now that you have the frequently asked questions and their answers, you can post them on your Instagram and other social media accounts for your curious clients to see. Here are some tips to ensure that you are making the most of your page:

  • Branding: Do not forget to include your branding in the posts, which consists of the color of your brand, the logo, tagline, and even your brand ambassador. 
  • Form: Decide your posts’ form: text, image, audio, or video. Note that in the fast-paced social media age, visuals are most impactful.
  • Target audience: Do you have a particular target audience that is most likely to ask the questions above? Customize your viewership settings to ensure your target audience sees the post.
  • Sponsored posts: If the question is asked so many times and you think sponsored ads will expose your post, brand, and service to your target audience, do not hesitate to invest in it.
  • Check your numbers: After posting content, make sure to check the impact of your posts to see your successes and reflect on your areas for improvement. 

Learn More From Beauty Boss Academy

The popularity of lash extensions has surged in recent years as clients seek to add length and volume to their natural lashes. But with this surge in popularity comes a lot of questions. Lash extensions—how long do they last? What are the benefits? And it goes on and on.

We hope the list of answered FAQs and tips on how to post them on Instagram can help you reach your customers and boost your business. You can learn more about managing your social media and business in the courses we offer here at Beauty Boss Academy. Check out the preview of our Classic Course, Volume Course, and Complimentary Eyelash Technician Course. You can also contact us if you have any questions. We’d love to hear from you.

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