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Make Your Clients Feel at Home With 6 Eyelash Extension Course Tips

Sometimes you'll find a client at your door, hands clasped tightly, eyes wandering all over the place, and hesitant to take another step.

Lash extensions can be a little nerve-wracking for some people, especially if it's just their first time. And when your clients are anxious, it will be difficult to communicate with them and ensure they get their desired lash look.

As a lash technician, you must always put your client's comfort as your number one priority. This means establishing a relaxing workspace and developing good practices to make your client feel at home during the appointment.

Here are some helpful tips from our eyelash extension course! We'll teach you how to make them feel at ease and ensure that they have an awesome experience at your service.

An Online Eyelash Extension Course Guide: 6 Ways to Make Your Lash Clients Feel Comfortable in Your Workplace

Workplace setup and good service practices are essential parts of a successful lash career. If your client receives a positive experience, they are more likely to return. This significantly builds your lash clientele.

Check out our six tips below!

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#1: Start Clean, Finish Clean

Clean your workspace before adding anything fancy. First impressions are so important in a business; they can make or break your client's decision to stay or never return for another appointment.

Therefore, keep your space clean and well-organized. Always start and end your lash appointment with a neat setup. Ensure it's free of clutter, dust, and debris; store all of your lash tools in the proper locations; prepare clean towels for each client. 

#2: Add Nice Scents, Lighting, and Music

Now that you have a clean space, you can add these three things to help your client relax: scents, lighting, and music! Consider something fresh and calming for scents, such as camomile and lavender.

Think about productivity and eye health to find out the best lighting system for your studio. Finally, turn some soothing tunes on to help your client relax for the entire session.

#3: Use an Adjustable Bed and Cozy Pillows and Blankets

An adjustable recliner or massage bed can keep your clients comfortable who have to lay down for an hour or more. This will help you work faster and better while keeping your client feeling pleasant in their position.

An adjustable bed also allows enough space for cozy pillows and blankets, and other lash supplies. These will make your client feel they're well taken care of and consider you a trustworthy lash artist. And where else does this lead to? Customer retention!

#4: Be Mindful of Your Arm Positions

You could get too immersed in your work and not realize that your arm position makes your client uncomfortable. Unfortunately, some lash stylists would often rest their arm or wrist on the client's head to stabilize their working hands.

This makes work easier for them but certainly not for their client! If done repeatedly and for long periods, it can cause strain on their neck and shoulder. So if you want to stabilize your arms, do it in a way that won't touch your client. You can start training on a mannequin and visualize it as a real human to develop good habits.

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#5: Offer Simple but Useful Extras

Extras are another excellent way to show how you care about your clients' comfort and relaxation. Handing convenient items or takeaways makes your clients feel that their investment is valuable. Offering complimentary drinks (tea, coffee, or water) is a good example.

You can also provide them with reading materials or sanitary slippers to wear inside your station. Furthermore, you can hand them small takeaway presents like a lash aftercare kit with disposable tools. It's a simple but very useful and long-lasting gift. Small tokens of appreciation significantly contribute to client retention!

#6: Deliver the Best Customer Service

Ultimately, everything comes down to customer service. No matter how good you are at lash treatments, it won't matter if your client feels unheard and uncomfortable. Any business will greatly benefit from good customer service.

Give your clients the best customer service, especially those who are having it for the first time. Be professional while also being approachable, friendly, and thoughtful. These will help your anxious client calm down and feel at ease entrusting their lashes to you.

Note: Do the same thing with phone and online communication. Respond diligently and provide your clients with an easy booking or communication system so they can easily reach you anytime, anywhere.

One Comfortable Lash Session Can Go a Long Way

Making your anxious clients comfortable during their lash appointment can go long. With one positive lash experience, they can become your regular client and help you grow your clientele further.

Some of the best ways to create a relaxing atmosphere in your station are sanitation, decluttering, scents, music, and good lighting. You should also avoid working positions that make them uncomfortable and offer simple takeaways to make their investment worth it.

That said, you don't have to spend so much just to buy everything on the list. We know it's not easy (especially for a starting business) to source finances. So feel free to start with any alternative that you find helpful and take things one at a time.

Learn More About Lash Station Setup and Ethics With Beauty Boss Academy

Is it too early to worry about lash equipment? Perhaps, you need a refresher or comprehensive lash extension course to learn more about station setup and lash tech ethics. In that case, we're inviting you to join the Beauty Boss Academy!

We offer an eyelash extension course online for every aspiring lash enthusiast. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced eyelash extension artist, you can further hone your knowledge and skills with our eyelash extension training programs! Here's a preview of our available courses.

  • The Classic Course - Choose this if you need to start from scratch. This will provide everything you should know about natural lash and lash extensions.
  • The Classic Refresher Course - Pick this one if you're an experienced eyelash technician who needs to brush up and upgrade your skills.
  • The Volume Course - Finally, choose this one if you want an upgrade to your lash skills or services. You'll learn advanced techniques to make this gorgeous and dramatic lash style.

We are excited to meet you soon, lash boss!

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