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7 Ways to Combat Eyelash Extension Certification Training Fatigue

Lash technicians like you have one of the most unique and demanding jobs in the beauty industry. You need to maintain high-quality outputs while also providing a relaxing experience for your clients. However, fatigue will eventually creep in if you combine these responsibilities with your desire to serve as many customers as possible and the drive to hit your business goals. Like many professionals, there will come a day when you’ll feel exhausted.

Tiredness is often generalized, but it shouldn’t have to be. It can happen gradually or all of a sudden, but knowing the source of your fatigue can help you address it better. We’ve compiled seven types of rest that you can take when that lash extension certification training fatigue finally catches up to you. 

1. Body Rejuvenation

As a lash technician, you are more susceptible to back pain because of prolonged sitting. The risk of having painful hands, fingers, and shoulders is also high because you need to maintain control in every part of the process. When your body gives you signs that it needs rest, make sure to respond so you can do your tasks better.

Practices supporting body rejuvenation

  • A whole-body spa will take away the muscle pains you feel.
  • Get active through regular exercise.
  • Getting enough sleep contributes to muscle rest and rejuvenation. 
  • Increase flexibility and muscle strength through stretching and yoga.

2. Mind Relaxation

Sleepless nights often come in a job or career pursuit in the service-based beauty industry. Sometimes, your body refuses to cooperate even when you’re physically tired and just want to get your well-deserved sleep. Work-related thoughts like the fully-booked schedule for the next day, the anxiety of receiving client complaints, and the pressure of hitting your business targets occupy your mind. If you’re still in training, there’s also that scary thought of not making it through.

Before you get sleep-deprived, which could negatively affect your work or training, give your mind some rest. 

Practices supporting mind relaxation

  • Let your thoughts run wild with a journal.
  • Let your family and friends know what is bothering you, and get some advice.
  • Quiet the negative thoughts by filling your mind with good ones before going to sleep.

3. A Well-Deserved Social Rest

Great conversations make client experiences more memorable and set you apart from other lash bars. As a lash tech, you exert effort making delightful small talks and exchanges for superb customer care

But although socially enriching, there will be days where you’ll feel the need to be listened to instead of the other way around. If you’re the type who values interactions, social rest doesn’t mean completely shutting yourself from the world but keeping engagements meaningful. Here are some examples:

Practices supporting social rest

Engage in conversations that fill you with positive energy and with people dear to you.

Take a break from socializations that are sapping your energy instead of giving you life.

lash extension certification

Spend time with your workmates during lunch breaks or even on weekends. Talk about non-work-related stuff and make memories outside the workplace.

4. Nurturing Spirituality

Spirituality is not only the affiliation with religious groups or the belief in certain gods but also the desire to give deeper meanings to mundane life experiences. It is when you ask yourself about the deeper effect of your role as a lash technician. 

Figuring out how you affect others through your work makes your daily grind more purposeful.

Practices that nurture spirituality

  • Look beyond your clients’ improved appearance, but be interested if they feel more confident and empowered after the lash extension service.
  • Have a work mentor. They are the people who commend your good work and help you set higher goals for yourself and your business.
  • Offer more than lash services by volunteering some time over the weekend to charity groups.

5. Rest of the Senses

To create a lash bar excellent for rest, you install relaxing lighting, play zen background music, and infuse lavender or eucalyptus scents. You also prepare snacks like tea and a healthy cookie to appeal to clients' sense of taste. And, of course, during the lash extension service, you try to be as gentle as possible. Everybody needs this kind of sensory rest—even you.

Practices supporting the rest of the senses

  • Make sure your workplace induces relaxation, not just for your clients but also for you and your fellow lash techs.
  • Create the same relaxing environment in your home so that you can experience the same rejuvenation after work.
  • Turn off gadget notifications and all controllable external noise on your rest days, and enjoy the ambient sounds surrounding you.

6. Calming the Emotions

Regardless of your emotions pre-work, you need to wear a smile and emanate welcoming energy to your clients. As a lash artist, these are commendable professional behaviours

Nevertheless, it would be best to lighten your emotional load from time to time because eventually, no matter how hard you hide, the negative feelings will surface.

Practices supporting calming the emotions

  • Find something to be genuinely happy about every day, so you don’t have to pretend.
  • Vent out how you truly feel to your trusted confidants.
  • Take a vacation. Fill your heart with beautiful views and new experiences.
  • Mindfulness meditation will help you sort out what you feel, relax your mind, and calm your body.
online lash extension certification

7. Creative Invigoration

During an assessment, you put your best foot forward and show how well-versed you are in your craft by recommending the lashes most suitable for your client. You find it refreshing when customers want challenging lashes like a volume lash or lash art. 

However, there are days when you feel like you’ve hit a wall and need a creative rest. 

Practices supporting creative invigoration

  • Burnout is one of the main causes of a creative block, so book that trip and take a break!
  • Engage in other creativity-boosting activities like painting, pottery, and making crafts.
  • Take a refresher course. The additional knowledge and skill will excite you to bring lash extension innovations to life. 

Eyelash Extension Certification by Beauty Boss Academy

A lash extension certification online training provides lash technicians with the opportunity to learn and practise different types of rest. These practices can be combined or done individually to support a lash technician's body, mind, emotions, and spirit. After a long, hard day at work, it’s important to take some time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate. You’ll learn more about self-care in an online lash extension certification at Beauty Boss Academy. Check out the Classic, Volume, and Complimentary Courses we offer and feel free to contact us now if you are interested. We’d love to discuss the details with you!

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