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Lash Artist and Writer: 7 Tips To Overcome The Writer’s Block You’ll Learn From Online Beauty Courses

If you're a lash artist or technician, you know that writing is an important part of your job. Aside from being a lash artist, you also wear the hat of being your venture’s social media content writer, blog writer, and writer of any of your video scripts. But what do you do when you hit a roadblock and can't seem to write anything? In this blog post, we'll discuss some tips on overcoming writer's block that you’ll learn from online beauty courses.

Whether you're a beginner or have been writing content for years, you’ll find these tips helpful to get over the hurdle, start writing again, and begin posting great content!

  • Acknowledge the Writer’s Block

A debate can be set to discuss whether writer’s block is real or just a myth. However, you cannot deny that sometimes the writer in you is not there. Call it writer’s block or not; you need to acknowledge it to solve the problem. 

So how does writer’s block feel? This is the moment when you sit in front of the computer to write content, but your mind is empty. You try to type in a sentence or two, but the spark and inspiration are not there. That's writer's block: it’s when you do not feel inspired and do not have the drive to write. 

  • Go for Classic Lash Content First

When you know you are experiencing writer’s block, be kind to yourself and know that it is okay to slow down. The pressure must be there to create content, especially with strict deadlines, but the more you feel the tension, the less productive you will be. 

To balance slowing down and still being productive, stick to classic content, like keeping your followers updated with your latest offers and services. You can also post your client feedback in text, image, or video form. Do not hesitate to give professional tips about the ins and outs of a lash extensions service. Sharing tips for lash aftercare is highly educational, appealing, and never gets old. 

  • Pick the Perfect Spot

Sometimes, it only takes a change of view to get the creative juices flowing again, so try to leave your workspace and find a new writing spot. Visit the closest cafe or take a walk at the nearest park. You can also go the extra mile of picking a specific, scenic spot to get inspiration, like a mountain peak or the view of the sunrise or the sunset by the beach. Relax and find the writing inspiration from the environment around you. 

  • Find Inspiration From Lash Artists

Aside from the inspiration outdoors or far away from your computer, you can also find inspiration right on your desktop. Take a peek at your competitors’ content. They are surely striving for creativity as much as you do. Take a look at what they are up to. Create something On par and even better than what they have published. 

Aside from competitor analysis, you can browse through different beauty and creative topics and images online. You can check out the fashion blogs, beauty and wellness websites, and of course, accounts about lash extension services. 

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  • Try Freewriting

Before writing, give yourself a little warm-up by trying freewriting or a writing sprint. To do this, you need to write about a certain topic non-stop for a given time. Just write without any rules and limits; do not edit anything, and write anything that comes into your mind. This free writing and writing sprint will serve as the fuel to light up inspiration in writing. After freewriting, you can challenge yourself to sprint for your social media content or blog posts. The Pomodoro technique is a great start!

  • Utilize available writing software

Many of the things surrounding us today are hi-tech and run under the rules of algorithms. You’ll surely find applications and software that can assist you in writing and warding off writer’s block. Here are some tools you can try:

  1. Grammarly: Checks the grammar and brevity of your work
  2. MindMeister: An online mind mapping application
  3. Conversion.ai: Gives topic suggestions for blogs and stories
  4. Scrivener: Helps in idea organization, especially for long content
  5. WorkFlowy: Assists you in creating content outlines
  6. Jasper: A multifunction writing software that generates ready-made content 

These applications are worth trying as it is as if you are working with another person in using them. Two heads is better than one, as they say.

  • Have a Vacation

Are your writer’s blocks happening more often? The reason behind this must be work burnout. Remember that you are also a real-life lash technician, aside from managing your website, social media accounts, and video channels. Your day involves providing lash extension services to clients, and by the end of the day, you’re probably exhausted. The brain is more likely not to give off creative output when tired.

Take a vacation from giving lash services, and set aside the lash technician and the writer hats for a couple of days and relax. You can lash and write better after resting properly. 

Online Beauty Courses at Beauty Boss Academy

If you’re feeling stuck and can’t seem to find the words to put your ideas onto paper, don’t worry. You’re not alone! The good news is that there are plenty of techniques you can use to overcome writer’s block and start cranking out content again. We shared seven tips that should help get you started. 

We also recommend checking out the online courses Beauty Boss Academy offers for more in-depth instruction on how to improve your writing skills. Included in our online beauty courses with certificates (AKA our Classic Course, Complimentary Course, and Volume Course) are the tips on how to get you started as a beauty boss and make your services known online. We also have an elite group online to share more tips about creating exciting content. With a little bit of effort and practice, you should be able to break through the wall of writer’s block and create content that your readers and followers will love.

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