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Setting Healthy Boundaries With Clients: Learn The Whys and Hows in a Lash Extension Certification Online

As a lash technician, you work closely with clients to help them achieve the look they desire. You try to keep your clients comfortable and pleased with their lashes after the service. While it’s important to be friendly and helpful, setting boundaries to maintain healthy and professional relationships is also necessary. 

Setting your limits is beneficial for yourself, your business, and your clients. This blog post will discuss why it is important to set healthy boundaries with your customers and how to do it while ensuring your clients still feel cared for and receive quality customer service. 

Why You Should Set Healthy Boundaries

When you have just graduated from a beauty school, you may be excited to apply what you learned. Hence, you do as much service as possible and end up with blurry boundaries between work and life. But the best online eyelash extension course will teach you that there should be healthy limits. Check out the reasons below. 

Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of

In the lash industry, taking advantage comes in many forms. For example, clients come to you with dirty lashes and expect a free lash cleaning when you clearly communicated they should come with clean lashes before their service. It may also be in the form of clients sending late nights or early morning queries expecting to receive replies as soon as possible. 

When you set your boundaries from the beginning of giving services, you can avoid these types of clients who take advantage of you. 

Do More Lash Extensions

When you set limits on the time allotted for each service and strictly follow the inclusions in the service, you can do more lashes. With more lash services given comes the higher probability of growing your clientele and having more patrons, which will impact your earnings, too. 

You can reap all these benefits when you take control of your boundaries and ensure each client receives quality service based on the set house rules.

Achieve Work-Life Balance

Being a lash artist is cool, but having time to prepare a healthy dinner, working out during the weekends, having extra hours of sleep, and taking vacations are equally awesome. Despite your goal to achieve success and make a name for yourself, self-care should always be your priority. 

Remember that it is only when you are physically, emotionally, and mentally well that you can give the best lash service. Knowing that work-life balance is essential and learning to be strict about your boundaries ensures that you have time for yourself, family, and other hobbies. 

Efficient Use of Time and Resources

As you continue to grow your clientele, you’ll realize the value of time even more, and if you have set time limits for each client from the beginning, you can attend to each customer equally. 

Meanwhile, you utilize your resources when you have activated ways to ensure customers’ queries and needs are still addressed after you log out of work. When work hours are over, take a step back and let your automated client care processes do the work. 

Minimize Negative Client Feedback

The best way to ward off negative feedback is to give honest expectations to clients, be it on the advertisements you make or during the client assessment session. Clients should know that you can only reply during business hours and that extra services not included in packages incur additional charges. 

While some may think these details can turn off clients, the effect is the contrary. Clients feel empowered with the information, and they even feel your professionalism and competence. 

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How You Can Set Healthy Boundaries

We hope that the reasons above have changed or encouraged your views on setting healthy boundaries. If they did, here’s how you can do it while ensuring customers still feel cared for and will keep coming back for your lash services. You’ll learn more ways from the best online lash extension certification, but here’s a sneak peek!

Define Your Boundaries

The first thing to do is to define your boundaries. Know what behaviours cannot be tolerated and why. For instance, never give any paid service for free. You can also control your time by strictly using company communication channels for business transactions. 

In these two samples, you take care of your business by not giving away unwarranted free service and respecting your “me” time. 

Communicate Expectations With Clients

After defining your boundaries, make sure your clients are informed about them. You can include strict protocols on the consent form you give during the client assessment. Put everything in writing and consistently inform your clients about the expectations through social media, emails, text messages, and even your conversations. Consistent communication ensures you and your client are on the same page, so they will not be surprised about any rules and leave you dire feedback later. 

Provide an Easier Way to Assist Clients

Having clients who need your assistance after their lash service is inevitable, but you can minimize instances when they come directly to you by providing processes and resources for them. Put up automated replies on social media messages through the help of bots. The bots give automated replies on your social media accounts for frequently asked questions. 

You can also publish on your website or print on a brochure clients’ frequently asked questions about lash aftercare and your services that they can read independently.

Set Up a Support Group

Another way to assist clients with minimal intervention from you is by setting up a group on social media where your clients can come together and support each other. In this channel, you can also share the frequently asked questions clients ask, videos on lash aftercare, and many other informative resources customers can browse instead of going to you. 

This channel isn’t only helpful for questions but can also be a marketing tool where you share the latest updates about your lash service offers. 

Beauty Boss Academy’s Lash Extension Certification Online

The lash extension industry is booming, and as this beauty trend grows in popularity, the number of people looking to become certified lash technicians also rises. If you’re thinking about how to get eyelash extension certification online to become a lash tech, it’s important to learn how to set healthy boundaries with clients right from the start. 

Setting healthy boundaries with clients is essential for any lash artist. It will help you avoid being taken advantage of, allows you to do more lash extensions, and achieve a better work-life balance.

Our Classic, Volume, and Complimentary Courses here at Beauty Boss Academy can teach you how to set healthy boundaries to provide the best possible service to your clients while protecting your well-being. On top of these, you’ll also learn the technical side of providing lash services. So sign up today and get started on becoming a successful lash artist!

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