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Lash Technician Posture Care: A Preview Of What You'll Learn In Lash Extension Classes

If you ever feel like your posture is terrible, you are not alone. It's pretty common for workers, no matter the industry they are in, to have poor posture at work. Even if you do not think about it often, your posture can significantly impact your health. 

Lash technicians often work in a hunched-over position for hours on end, and that's not good! Learning how to care for your posture while performing lash extensions can help you be more comfortable, reduce the risk of injury, and serve your customers well. In this article, let us talk about the different activities for your posture and why you should maintain an excellent one. 

Simple Ways To Promote Proper Posture

When you think of proper posture, you might think of many significant things like a bone specialist, going to the gym a  couple of times a week, or a chiropractor. But you'll learn in an eyelash extension certification class that maintaining a proper posture at work isn't anything scary or difficult.

Proper Sitting Position

You'll sit adjacent to the head of your client, near the lashes, when doing services. It's a big no-no to lay your hands on your client's forehead and move the pressure to your hands, as it is inconvenient for them. So all the weight will be on your back. Sit at least in an upright position by putting the weight on your hips and keeping the back's natural curve, and relax your shoulders too. 

Correct Standing Position

When you get the chance to stand during non-peak hours or after a lash extension service, make the moment an exercise for your legs and spine. Do not slouch. Pull your shoulders back, but do not hyperextend forward. Stand with your feet not too close but a little apart from each other. Put your chin up and proudly stand.

Exercises and Stretching

There are plenty of simple exercises you can do that need little effort. Here are some:

  • Child's pose
  • Planking
  • Side plank
  • Lower back bridges
  • Torso twist
  • Pigeon pose
  • Thoracic spine rotation
  • Neck and jaw stretch
  • Arm stretch
  • Tree pose

You can utilize your work wellness area as well or do the more challenging exercises when you get home. 

Do Yoga

If you are looking for something to do in your free time, yoga would be a good choice as it gives you the wellness of the body and mind. The stretching is perfect for your bones and muscles. At the same time, the zen will rejuvenate your mind and keep it away from all the personal and professional worries. 

Playing Sports

There are a lot of sports to play, but if you want games that directly affect your posture, here are the ones you should engage into:

  • Ballet
  • Swimming
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Weight lifting
  • Horseback riding

These sports require good posture to perform well. Moreover, mainstream sports like tennis or badminton are great ways to stretch your muscles and bones. 

Using the Right Work Equipment

To achieve proper posture, you need the right work equipment. Your lash bar shouldn't only have a complete lash kit, it should also have technician seats that are ergonomically designed to support the spine's proper curve. The client beds should have just the right height to ensure that your hands and arms will be in a comfortable position when you start attaching lash extensions. You'll learn more details on this in your eye lash extension certification classes.

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Benefits Of Proper Posture

You can do the steps you need to take for a better posture in just a few seconds or a few times a week. The benefits you will reap in doing them are numerous. Lash extension classes online will show you more benefits of proper posture, but here are some.

Physical Benefits

Spine and muscles: Proper posture directly affects your spine's health, and when your spine is in proper alignment, you can walk, run, dance, and do different activities excellently. The muscles are also among the parts of the body positively affected by proper posture. Say goodbye to body pains and muscle aches because the pressure when sitting or standing is distributed in the correct areas. 

Nervous system: When you have the correct posture, you'll experience fewer headaches as the blood properly flows in your shoulders, nape, and head. 

Respiratory system: You can also breathe better, especially when you stretch your arms, since the lungs have more space to expand. 

Digestive system: When you do not slouch, your digestive system can function excellently. 

Mental And Emotional Benefits

Increased energy: When you stretch and exercise, a hormone called endorphins is released, giving you a positive mood. Your stress level will go down, your sleep will improve, and it will wipe away your worries and sadness. 

Confidence boost: The simple gestures of sitting up straight and standing proudly can add to your confidence. Proper posture makes you look taller, and your abdomen will also look firmer—-a natural feeling of physical wellness.

Professional Benefits

Better rapport-building with clients: It will be easier for you to give excellent classic lash experience if you have built rapport with your client. Your confident posture also helps create a positive first impression, which is crucial in trust-building. 

Clarity in mind when assessing clients: You'll learn about client assessment in a Classic Refresher online lash course. It is the stage when you'll check their medical history and if they are fit for the service. With a clear mind, you can perform the technical process right.

Quality lash extension service: You can avoid body aches, particularly in your shoulders, arms, and back when you maintain proper posture. With that, you can give your best and show your superb skill in your lash extension services. No matter how complicated the task at hand is, whether it's classic, volume, or hybrid lashes, you are ready for long hours of work.

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Beauty Boss Academy's Lash Extension Classes

The benefits of good posture go far beyond a physical aspect and can affect your lash career. It will also help you feel mentally and emotionally better about yourself. When you are well, you can serve your clients better and build a considerable line of lash extensions clientele quickly. Let us help you care for your posture and be a successful lash artist and technician through our online lash course at Beauty Boss Academy. It is just a part of the great things in store when you have your advanced or classic lash training with us. If you're interested, contact us now. We'd love to explain our offer to you!

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