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Lash Tech 101: Prepare Your Clients for Their Volume Lash Extension Sessions

One session lash extension can take up to two hours of your time or more, depending on what extension your clients want. Therefore, both sides of the party should be prepared for the undertaking so the process can run smoothly and effectively. 

In this blog post, we will revisit some of the essential client preparation procedures included in volume lash extension classes so that you can deliver excellent customer satisfaction to your loyal clients. 

Important Reminders for Clients Before a Lash Extension Session 

The majority of eyelash extensions are done via appointments, so you have plenty of time to remind your clients of the dos and don'ts before the day of their application. This process will help you do your job properly and smoothly, but it also makes your client feel comfortable during their session. 

Telling them what to do will give them a clear impression that, as a lash technician, you fully understand what you are doing. You'll learn about these at lash extension training programs, but we'll share with you some of the basic reminders all lash technicians should know. 

  • Remove all eye makeup beforehand. 

Always tell your clients that it's better to go to an appointment with a bare face. Mascara, eye shadow, and other eye makeup can affect how a technician works. Also, the oils and other ingredients in makeup products can affect the extensions, causing difficulty in sticking and staying in place. So always tell your clients to come with their natural eyelashes when coming for an appointment. 

  • Avoid taking caffeine and limit liquid intake. 

Drinking coffee can cause the eyelids to flutter more aggressively than usual, so advise your clients to hold off their caffeine before an appointment. Fluttering eyelids will make the application of extensions difficult. 

Additionally, your clients need to stay still while the process is going on. Going to the washroom from time to time can slow the application process and ruin the quality of extensions. It can be one of the reasons why extensions are applied unevenly.

Similarly, as the lash technician, you need to follow this too. You’ll need to have steady hands in order to perform the delicate procedure well. One wrong move could cause more damage than you’d think.

  • Take note of allergies. 

Some clients have allergies to certain substances. It is better to take note of their allergies before the start of each session, so you can choose the proper material to prevent flaring allergic reactions. To be extra safe, you could email them in advance to discuss the active allergens in your product. You can also have your clients sign a waiver during their consultation to ensure safety when in session. In case of emergency, the volume lash extensions course teaches us that it’s always handy to store anti-allergy medications with you. 

  • Avoid using their mobile phone.

Listening to music is not prohibited but answering text messages or scrolling through social media is something your clients should avoid while in session. In addition, your clients should have their eyes closed throughout the entire session so you can install the lashes properly.

  • Remove contact lenses. 

If your clients have contact lenses, advise them to bring their solutions to remove them before starting the session. Their contact lenses can make them feel uneasy during the lash extension and may even cause eye damage, so it is better to take them off or, if possible, not wear them at all during the day of the procedure. 

client and technician with a fake lash kit 

Client Preparation 101 

Now that you have the proper reminders for your customers, let's go to the essential preparations on your part as a certified lash artist. Here are some of the initial procedures you must follow for a successful volume eyelash extension. 

Cleansing the eye area 

Cleaning the eye area is the first step and an important part of client preparation. The eye area contains natural oils that can be adhesive to excess dirt. Wiping the eye area with a damp cloth can remove these excess substances for a more effective extension application. 

It is also important to check if your client has an old extension still in place. Taking out the former extension is part of the cleaning. Fake lashes can retain dirt, a breeding ground for bacteria that may cause an eye infection. Putting a new one on top of the old lashes can cause damage to your eye and natural lash. 

Eye patch application 

Using a premium eye patch will help you do your job efficiently and add comfort to your client's eye area during the long application process. The original purpose of the eye patch was to separate the lower lashes from the upper ones. This helps the technician avoid the eye's sensitive areas to prevent injuries. 

High-grade eye patches also absorb the lash glue to prevent it from contacting your customer’s eye. Some even have soothing gels, so your clients will feel fresh after long hours of application. 

Volume lash mapping 

When it comes to volume lashes, there are different styles available that a client can request during their volume lashing extension sessions. The best volume lash extension should come out evenly on both eyes. However, it takes a skilled lash artist to pull it off. That is why preparing your lash maps is important. 

Lash mapping helps you see the eye shape of your client that helps you decide the best style appropriate for their eyes. Applying these maps also helps the technician keep an asymmetrical look for the extension on both eyes. Additionally, it allows a technician to determine the correct position and length of extension needed for a perfect outcome. 

There's nothing worse than a poorly executed lash extension. So ensure you don't skip your mapping process for 100% customer satisfaction. 


After the grueling extension application, it is also a technician's duty to remind clients of the aftercare tips for the newly applied volume lashes. You don't want your hard work to get ruined after a day or two. So here are some of the basic aftercare tips you should be sharing with your clients so they can flaunt their lashes for longer periods. 

  • Don't shower for the next 24 hours for the adhesive to get a stronghold on the lash extensions. 
  • Avoid going into saunas, steamed showers, or applying heat directly to the lash extensions. This can weaken the glue or break the lash extension. 
  • Avoid rubbing eyes to prevent the extension from falling. Instead, when cleaning the face area, use a soft cloth over the eyes for gentle cleaning. 
  • Sleep on your back to avoid deforming the eyelash extensions. 
lash technician filling eyelash extension

Final Thoughts 

Being meticulous comes with being a lash stylist. If you are not careful enough, a small mistake can ruin the overall look of your customer. Therefore, it is important to know by heart and practices these preparation procedures if you want to succeed in the beauty industry. 

Different techniques, styles, and procedures develop continuously in the eyelash business. Therefore, you may want to refresh your memory and update your skills by taking a classic refresher lash extension training course.
At Beauty Boss Academy, we can help be the volume lash extension artist in town!

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