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Pre- and Post-Lash Extension Client Care: Tips You’ll Learn from Lash Technician Classes

Lash extensions are a popular beauty service, and part of the things you need as a lash technician is learning how to care for your clients pre- and post-service. 

Making your customers feel important and cared for sets your service apart from your competitors and makes you unforgettable. And when clients remember you, they will keep coming back. Before you know it, you’ve gained loyal clients. 

We’ve compiled pre- and post-service client care tips to help you make this dream a reality. 

Pre-Lash Extension Client Care

Caring for customers begins before they inquire about your service or visit your lash bar. Here are a few ways to create a customer-centred lash service. 

Connect on different platforms.

Having a presence on different online and offline platforms shows your intent to connect to as many potential customers as possible. Joining social media sites also makes it convenient for interested clients to connect with you. To begin, you can establish Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter accounts and launch your website too!

Respond to queries quickly.

Answer interested clients' queries as quickly as possible, whether on social media or in person. It is also important to address the exact concern of the client. As much as possible, avoid templates; personalize your replies to make your clients feel they are talking to you and not to robots. 

Schedule a pre-lash service assessment.

A pre-lash service assessment is the perfect opportunity to apply what you learned from your eyelash extensions training

When you get a lash service client, here are the steps you should do.

  • Show them a lash style brochure.
  • Suggest lash styles that fit your clients best.
  • Interview them about any existing medical condition or allergies.
  • Refer clients for a medical check-up when they have eye infections.
  • Let them sign a consent form for legal purposes.

Following these steps will show your expertise. As a result, your clients will feel that they are in good hands. 

Show a positive attitude and give complimentary snacks.

During the pre-lash service assessment, you can also include questions about your clients’ preferred snacks, music and scents. This way, you can provide them with personalized care during the actual service. Make sure to welcome them with smiles and warmth when they visit your lash bar for a great first impression.

Create an environment conducive to relaxation.

Your clients come to you for an awaited beauty treat and relaxation time, so satisfy them by having a tranquil lash bar. Begin by sanitizing the lash room and cleaning the sheets and blankets for the lash bed. Then, play zen music and fill the room with the scent of relaxing oils. 

Start on time.

When the most-awaited lash service day comes, show professionalism by being on time. Don’t make the client wait; keep your schedule organized. Remind your clients to book an appointment, but if there are walk-ins, make sure another lash artist is available to take care of them. 

Caring for Your Client After the Lash Extension

Make their good impression last by offering the same service quality post-extension. Here’s how. 

Prepare a mirror and an Instagram wall.

After the lash service, your client will be excited to see the final look. Make it convenient for them by providing a wide mirror. They’ll also want to share their new look with the world, so set up an Instagram wall for them, complete with proper lighting to get the perfect snapshot.

Encourage feedback.

Anticipate your clients’ feedback, and offer them different ways to share their comments about your lash extension service. Some choices you can give are the following:

  • Answering a printed feedback form 
  • Leaving a comment or rating on your social media account
  • Asking them verbally after the service

Receive comments—good or bad—with professionalism. 

Open a support community.

Not all lash extension services offer an after-service support group, so it would be a great idea to set up one if you want to stand out. The client will have the privilege to join the group when they get the service from you. You can also use the group to share beauty and wellness tips and keep your patrons updated about your business.

Stay connected.

Fulfilling the lash extension service does not end your relationship with your customer. In fact, you can turn them into loyal patrons by staying connected.  

Get their contact information to send them updates about your latest offers and discounts. You can also make a sweet gesture and send them personalized birthday and holiday greetings.

Offer lash care products.

Do you want to make it convenient for your client to get the aftercare products they need? Then consider selling them yourself. This way, you can give them products they can trust while earning extra cash from your sales. 

Give them lash aftercare reminders.

Having an aftercare briefing with your clients is a standard operating procedure. So take this time to remind them about the following:

  • Keep their lashes dry in the next four to six hours. 
  • Clean their lashes regularly. 
  • Keep away from chemicals and conditions that will ruin their lashes. 

You’ll get this information from a classic course for lash technicians

Lash Technician Classes by Beauty Boss Academy

Knowing how to take care of your clients before and after their eyelash extension appointment can make or break the experience. The tips we shared are some of the best practices that you should add to your pre-lash application client care routine, as well as post-service follow-up. 

Now that you know how to provide a high-quality pre- and post-lash extension service, it’s time to learn how to become a lash technician by signing up for our eyelash classes! Can you become a lash technician online? Definitely! And we at Beauty Boss Academy will help you. We will share all of the best practices in the industry, straight from the professionals! 

Feel free to contact us for more details. We’d love to talk to you!

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