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5 Lash Problems Your Clients Will Experience: Learn the Solutions From Lash Tech Classes Online

Spotting lash problems is an essential skill for lash technicians. By knowing what to look out for, you can help your clients avoid common issues and ensure they get the most out of your lash service. In this blog post, we'll look at five of the most common lash problems and provide solutions from lash tech experts. 

Knowing what to do when problems arise will make you a reliable lash technician. You can establish your expertise and apply what you learned from your lash training. So, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, be sure to read on for some valuable advice! 

Problem #1: Dirty Lashes

One of the most common challenges you’ll face as a lash technician is dirty lashes. There is a reason behind your clients not cleaning their lashes. It is their belief in the myth that regular cleaning can ruin their lash extensions’ quality. It may also be because they don't have time for it, as lash cleaning takes some time because of the delicate cleaning and drying. In addition, it takes effort to use specific lash cleaning products too!


The best way to ensure that your clients do not come to you with dirty lashes is to give an easy-to-follow aftercare education session. Include these dos so that they can clean their lash extensions properly:

  • Cleaning lashes daily
  • Using lash cleansers and lash wands
  • Drying lashes using a microfiber towel
  • Drying lashes using cool air
  • Not using any products containing oil on the lashes

You can also provide them with lash wands and cleansers for their convenience. Highlight the importance of cleaning their lashes and making it a habit to avoid any post-service infections.

Problem #2: Damaged natural lashes

During the pre-lash extension service assessment, you’ll discover your client’s damaged natural eyelashes. It will be the basis of your lash style recommendation when you do. On the other hand, picking at lash extensions can cause it too. Some clients do not wait for their lash extensions to fall off naturally and just pick them right off, resulting in damaged natural lashes. When the natural lashes are damaged, attaching lash extensions becomes more difficult. 


You cannot perform a lash extension service successfully if there are no healthy lashes you can attach the extensions on. When you see during the pre-lash extension application assessment that your client's lashes are damaged, the best solution is the application of lash serums. Make sure to inform your clients that the extension lashes will fall out as the natural lashes grow, so there is no need to pick or remove them. 

Problem #3: Lashes stuck together

Adhesive choice and proper application are the root causes for the lashes to be stuck together. When you pick the adhesives that are not fit for the lash room humidity, the drying time may be longer, causing the lashes to stick together when you attach a couple of them at a time. 

The lashes are so close to each other that when you apply too much adhesive, one lash extension’s undried adhesives touch another as they stick together. You’ll learn more techniques in eyelash extension classes.


Have a variety of adhesive types in your stockroom, so when the humidity changes, you can use the appropriate adhesive too. With that, keep a hygrometer handy. You can also invest in room temperature stabilizers to ensure your adhesives will dry according to schedule. You can also apply lash extensions in even distances first. This will allow drying time before attaching new lash extensions closer to those you already applied on. 

how to become a certified eyelash tech

Problem #4: Irritated eyes

Eye irritation may already be present even before the lash extensions service. Some of the most common ones you’ll come across are the following conditions;

  • Blepharitis
  • Eyelash lice
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Seasonal allergic conjunctivitis
  • Stye 

On the other hand, eye irritations can also appear during and after the lash extension service—these are likely due to the client's allergies to some of the ingredients or skin sensitivity. The red flags include eye redness, swelling, or itchiness. 


Check for eye infection during the lash assessment stage, and refer your client to a doctor if there is any. You cannot perform a lash extension service with the condition as it may worsen. 

On the other hand, to ensure that any allergies will not happen during or after the lash service, thoroughly ask your client if they have any allergies to the products and chemicals you will use. In that way, you can switch to hypoallergenic ones. 

Problem #5: Lash extensions falling out

Adhesives used in attaching eyelash extensions to the natural lashes are strong enough to hold them until they naturally fall off in four to five weeks because of lash growth. However, if the adhesives are exposed to oil, heat, and humidity that is too high, it can cause the faster falling out of the lashes before its time. You can be exposed to these situations when you go to a steam day spa, wear oil-based mascara, or bask under the sun. 


Make sure to include in the aftercare session with your client the activities they should avoid. Here are some of them:

  • Using oil-based mascara and eye make-up
  • Using a lash shampoo with oil content
  • Indulging in a sauna
  • Facial steam
  • Putting essential oils on the lashes
  • Rubbing the eyes
  • Using an eye mask that adds pressure to the lashes
  • Pulling the lash extensions out

Be specific and clear to ensure your clients will not miss out on details. 

Lash Tech Classes Online With Beauty Boss Academy

In this blog post, we’ve highlighted the five biggest lash problems your clients will experience and given you solutions to each one. We want you to be successful in helping your customers maintain healthy lashes so that they can enjoy their lashes better and for longer. 

These five problems and solutions are just some of what you will encounter, and it is always best to come prepared. What other way to prepare than through eyelash extension classes! At Beauty Boss Academy, we offer the Classic Course, Complimentary Course, and Volume Course that cater to lash technicians with different skill levels. If you are interested in getting your skills honed, or have these questions in mind: How to become a certified eyelash tech? and How long does it take to be a certified lash tech?, feel free to contact us! We’d love to discuss the details with you and prepare you on how to become an eyelash technician!

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