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Wrapped in a Stable Space: 5 Environmental Self-Care Tips From Eyelash Extension Classes

What does your lash workstation look like? Where do you usually go on your days off? These two questions might seem unrelated, but they are both factors of something important for your lash career: environmental self-care.

It's no surprise how the environment significantly influences our physical and mental health. We have an innate connection with nature. The greenery or a clean and organized indoor space can boost mood levels, improve focus, and promote positive reflection.

Meanwhile, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat greatly affect our bodies. The same goes for the lash industry; your work environment can impact your overall health. This is why it's important to set up or find the best environments to keep you thriving in your career.

Enrolling in eyelash extension classes is one great way to learn about environmental self-care. We'll share some tips as an introduction before choosing a lash course that suits you best.

5 Environmental Self-Care Tips for Lash Technicians

What do you think about when you see the word "self-care?" Most people would immediately think of physical or mental activities. They're not wrong, but there are actually more ways to do it, and environmental self-care is one! It means surrounding yourself with a healthy, pretty, and stable space.

It could mean anything from customizing and organizing your lash station to spending some time in the green outdoors! Here are five environmental self-care tips we recommend for aspiring lash technicians.

1) Organize Your Workspace

The first step to environmental lash self-care is creating a comfortable and practical space. If you're still in the process of setting up your lash station, ensure to design it in a way that promotes good posture and easy movement.

The area should also be decluttered and well-ventilated. This way, you can avoid unnecessary distractions and focus on providing the best lash service to your clients. In addition, you're doing a sweet favour to yourself by keeping things in place, saving you from extra hours of cleaning and more for resting.

2) Decorate Your Work Area

Now that you have a decluttered and functional space, it's time to add some fancy, professional decoration! This is an important part of environmental self-care because it has a big impact on your mood levels. Who doesn't feel pumped up to work in a lovely workspace?

Your lash station is a place for pampering. Therefore, it should be pleasant and relaxing. Choose lighting, colours, and other decorative materials that give off that kind of vibe. Still, don't sacrifice functionality by overdoing the design. Ensure that it will still allow you to see your work properly (especially the lighting system) to avoid making mistakes.

eyelash extension classes online - back view of a young woman decorating her space

3) Focus on Stability and Ergonomics

A stable and ergonomic lash station is necessary for every eyelash extension workstation. With a stable and sturdy lash workstation, you can move around freely and worry-free.

So when choosing a working environment for your lash services, inspect the type of flooring, furniture, room temperature, and equipment you'll be using. They should all be suitable for a lash environment and not increase the risk of accidents.

4) Spend Some Time Outdoors

We all love a little greenery in-between our busy work schedules! Getting out of your indoor lash workspace is also a form of environmental self-care. It's not only about the space you're in but also the air you breathe. Being outdoors takes away all the lash extension environment's stress (and chemicals) and provides some much-needed fresh air.

However, we understand if you don't always have the time for long beach walks or mountain hikes. In that case, you can step outside of your station for a few minutes during your break. You don't necessarily have to spend hours outside; a few minutes of fresh air can do wonders for your mind and body!

eyelash extension training classes - happy woman on a golden field with the sunset on the background

5) Long Live Lashes!

Finally, don't forget to include lashes on your self-care list. It doesn't directly relate to the environment, but you can always bring a portable kit. More than anything, lashes are the lash enthusiast's favourite form of self-care! Thus, you should always include them on your list.

Maybe you can do your lashes before attending a weekend party or spend a few hours continuing your eyelash extension classes online. There are many portable lash kits available, so you can bring them anytime, anywhere. 

Other Types of Self-Care: A Preview

We hope you learned a lot about environmental self-care from our five tips! Meanwhile, here's a preview of other forms of self-care in case you want to upgrade your self-care plans.

  • Physical Self-Care - involves regular exercise, yoga, healthy meals and diets, sufficient sleep, and lashes.
  • Emotional Self-Care - involves therapy, random acts of kindness, mindfulness, forgiveness, journaling all of these experiences, and lashes.
  • Social Self-Care - involves social media breaks, connecting with loved ones and fellow lash professionals, going on hangouts and dates, asking for help, and lashes.
  • Personal Self-Care - involves honing your creativity and authenticity, setting realistic goals, reading, and lashes.
  • Work Self-Care - involves taking breaks in-between appointments, cleaning your work area regularly, setting lash artist-client boundaries, forming healthy friendships, and lashes.

As you can see, we always included lashes on every form of self-care because why not? It's what you love doing the most, so it should definitely be on top of everything! 

Keep your mental and physical health consistently in check with these self-care variations. Remember, the key ingredient of a successful lash artist is a healthy work and life balance.

Enroll in a Beauty Boss Academy Course and Surround Yourself With Wonderful Things 

Your surroundings make or break you. If you want to achieve great things in your lash career, it's important to surround yourself with wonderful things. It's called environmental self-care, which ultimately keeps you and your clients safe and happy. 

Environmental self-care involves organizing and cleaning your work area, ensuring its stability, making time for outdoor trips, and keeping your lash passion thriving.

Wondering where you should begin? Consider enrolling in eyelash extension training classes to learn more about the different types of lash self-care. Beauty Boss Academy offers various courses to help lash professionals reach their highest potential.

  • We have The Classic Course for those with little to zero lash knowledge and experience.
  • We have The Classic Refresher Course for experienced lash techs who need to freshen up their lash skills.
  • We have The Volume Course for those who want to learn an advanced lash technique or are simply interested in full and fluffy volume lashes.

There's a course for everyone in our academy, from basic and advanced lash extension techniques to marketing strategies! All you have to do is bring your love for lashes here and let us take care of the rest. Join our lash community today!

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