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8 Most Asked Questions About Lash Extension Styles, Applications and Aftercare

Many people are curious about trying eyelash extensions but are too scared due to unfamiliarity. Some first-time clients even dive right in with no idea about the different lash extension styles and aftercare processes. 

It can be confusing initially, but getting lash extensions can be a fun experience. In this article, we've compiled some of the questions frequently asked by first-timers to help you navigate the basics of eyelash extensions. Take note of them so that you can jump into this beauty trend without fear. 

Question #1: Are eyelash extensions painful? 

This question is probably the most frequently asked. Many people are scared to go to lash studios because they believe the application process is painful. In reality, though, you won't even feel any discomfort at all. And no, the procedure does not involve needles. Lash stylists only use tweezers to put individual lash extensions to your natural ones.

Question #2: Do lash extensions look obviously fake? 

Depending on your preference, your extensions can look natural or voluminous. If you want lash extensions you can wear to work or casual nights out, go for classic lash extension styles. The classic style is very similar to your natural lash. Even people looking closely at you won't know you are wearing lash extensions. 

However, if you opt for a volume lash look, the extensions will look obvious even from afar. But don't be discouraged from trying thick extensions. They look great for parties and other special occasions. 

Question #3: What are the different materials used for lash extensions? 

Lash extensions commonly use four materials. The first is mink fur. Mink lashes come from the animal mink and have different hues, from black to semi-brown. This lash material most closely resembles human hair and is commonly used to achieve a natural look. 

Another material is silk. Silk lashes are made from threads coming from silkworms. The material takes a long time to produce and is rare. That is why it is on the expensive side. You should also note this material is flowy and soft and does not hold onto the shape of the curl for long.

The next material is polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). This material is a fibre thermoplastic created through heating and moulding. PBT synthetic lashes are used to achieve a volume look, and they are heavier than other materials. 

The last material is acrylic, used to make what’s known as faux lashes. Depending on the type of hair it mimics, you can call it faux silk or faux mink lashes. Faux lashes are the cheapest option for synthetic lashes. That's why most lash studios use this material. Also, if you love animals, these cruelty-free lashes are perfect for you. 

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Question #4: What are the different eyelash extension styles

In lash training programs, you’ll learn three main lash extension styles. The first style is classic. These lashes are added in a one-to-one ratio, meaning there's one lash extension for every one of your natural lashes. These extensions don't add much volume but give your lashes a longer and sleeker look. 

The second style is the volume look, which can range from 2D to 7D. When you go for a volume higher than 4D, your eyelashes will look significantly thick and feel heavy. Certified lash artists use ready-made fans to apply volume lashes, and the process usually takes three to four hours. 

The last one is the hybrid look. This style is a combination of classic and volume lashes. If the classic lashes are too thin for you and the volume is too obvious, hybrid lashes give you the best of both worlds. They add volume to your lashes without looking unnatural. Hybrid lashes use both individual and ready-made fans to achieve your desired look. 

Question #5: How long will my lash extensions last?

It’s important to remember that lash extensions shed too. Sometimes they fall naturally or when you rub your eyes or clean your face. 

Every day, approximately two to four lashes fall. If you properly maintain your lash extensions, each application lasts up to six weeks. If you want them to last longer, we recommend getting refills every three to four weeks.

Question #6: Where can I get eyelash extensions?

You can get your extensions at any lash studio near you; just set an appointment with your lash stylist. A typical eyelash extension session lasts for about two hours, sometimes longer for complicated styles. 

It's important to prepare yourself for your session. You should commit time to the process because you can't hurry your lash stylist; otherwise, it will compromise the outcome. You should also get a skin patch test beforehand to avoid allergic reactions. Avoid drinking caffeine, too, to keep your eyes from shaking. 

Question #7: What are the basic aftercare procedures for newly applied lash extensions? 

If it's your first time getting lash extensions, avoid showering or any contact with water for the first 24 hours upon application. Doing this allows the adhesive to strengthen its hold. After that, your lash extensions are essentially waterproof. But to make them last, avoid taking hot showers; the steam affects the strength of the eyelash glue. 

Also, avoid rubbing your eyes often and gently wash your face to avoid ruining your extension. Stylists also recommend sleeping on your side or your back to keep your lash extensions from deforming. 

Question #8: How can I learn to be a lash artist?

If you are passionate about aesthetics and lash styling, becoming a lash technician may suit you. It's never too late to learn the different techniques and extension styles for eyelashes. 

At Beauty Boss Academy, we offer a lash technician certification course. Our program contains modules that teach you everything you need to know to be a competitive lash technician. 

Once you take the classes, you will have access to our lash experts. You will also get a lash styling kit to practice your skills. 

You can take the modules at your own pace, so there's no pressure to understand everything right away. Whether you are a fast learner or want to take your time mastering the techniques, you'll emerge as a certified lash technician by the end of the course, ready to start your career in the lashing industry.

What if you’ve been in the beauty industry for some time? Then brush up your skills with our complimentary lash technician certification course! This technique-based course will help you stay ahead of the current lashing trends and styles.

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Final Thoughts 

We hope we’ve answered some of the burning questions involving lash extension styles, applications and aftercare. If you’ve made up your mind, head to the nearest lash studio, and get the glow-up you deserve. 

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