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Post-Lash Application Treat: Client Giveaway Ideas From a Lash Extension Class Online

There's no doubt that lash technicians like you put in a lot of hard work to provide your clients with beautiful, long-lasting lashes. On the other hand, your clients invest time and money to achieve the eye shape and appearance they dream of. But what can you do to show your appreciation and say thank you after a lash application? A little token can mean a lot; of course, you want to make sure your clients leave the lash room with lovely lashes and beautiful smiles. 

After getting a classic lash extension or a volume lash extension, it's always nice to give your clients a small gift of appreciation. Here are some fun giveaway ideas and treat presentation tips to show your clients how much you appreciate them! 

Client Giveaway Ideas

The best online eyelash extension course will teach you the details about client care and how it should happen even before they step in your lash bar, as you do your service, and even after that. Your quality service will impress them, but the sweet gesture of giving them giveaways post-procedure will touch their hearts and make their experience with you memorable. So here are some tokens of appreciation that you can give. 

Lash extension aftercare freebies

Make sure that your clients’ lashes stay gorgeous after they leave your lash bar not only by giving them general aftercare reminders but also by providing them with lash aftercare product samples—for free! Some of the basic needs you can give them are the following:

  • Cleansing wand
  • Water-based makeup remover
  • Lash shampoo
  • Soft fiber face towels
  • Sponges

You can give the same products you sell in your lash bar as both a freebie and a marketing tool. Hit two birds in one stone with products that serve as a treat for your client, and at the same time, a free trial for the lash care products you sell. And if they like it, they’ll buy more once they run out!

Wellness giveaways

You can also give freebies that aren’t directly related to lashes but can help your clients relax when they are stressed. Many products and items can be given as thank-you tokens to promote physical and mental wellness, like the following:

  • Vegan soap
  • Scented candles
  • Essential oils 
  • Indoor plants
  • Superfoods and drinks
  • Inspiring hanging banners
  • Sleep masks and sleep sets

Aside from having elegant lashes and looking good on the outside, inspire your clients to take care of their inner wellness through your giveaways. Every time they light up a scented candle, have a relaxing bath, or sip on a healthy drink, they’ll remember the token is from you. 

Makeup and beauty tools

There is one makeup you should inform your customers not to use after their lash extension service—mascara! Face steam, sauna, and oil are also big no-nos for their lashes. But they don’t have to do away with makeup entirely! Here are some beauty items they can use, and you can offer as giveaways, too:

  • Eye shadow makeup set
  • Makeup organizer
  • Organic pieces of makeup
  • Compact mirror
  • Hair wrap or headband
  • Makeup brush set

Having lash extensions is an easy way to look more glamorous, but your clients can surely nail any look when matched with chic makeup! With that, makeup sets and tools can encourage them to do their makeup right. 

Personalized items

Make your giveaways personal not only by adding the names of your customers to your gifts but by matching what you give to the client’s interests. Here are some ideas:

  • Mugs: Have you discovered that your client is a coffee lover? Why not give them a mug they can surely utilize!
  • Shirts: Anybody can wear a shirt as it is comfortable. Print some lashes as a design and give them to your client as a giveaway.
  • Purse and organizers: Help your customers keep their belongings like phones, cards, and keys in one place through a personalized purse or organizers.

When your clients use these items—and bonus points if they love them!—they become instant ads, especially when you add your branding to the design. 

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Tips to Presenting Your Offers the Enticing Way

Treat your lash service giveaways like how you treat holiday gifts for your family and friends, and you’ll realize that they are also meant to be given with some theatrics. The presentation need not be too grand, but make it special. So how do you do it? You do not need eyelash classes for this. You can try some of these simple ways. 

  • Excite potential clients on social media: Even before your clients visit your lash bar, let them know that there is a surprise waiting for them by the end of the service. It is a great marketing plan that will entice more customers. 
  • Wrapping is everything: You can also stir excitement and joy by how you wrap the giveaways. Minimalistic brown boxes with ribbons are a trend these days. They are a great way to store your wellness treats. 
  • A sweet message to touch the heart: Add a sweet personalized message with your treats. They can be a message of gratitude or motivational quotes that will surely touch your customers’ hearts. 
  • Customizing the treat: Knowing your client’s name is a simple yet effective way of building rapport and making them feel important. You can show this importance by using their name in the letters or personalizing the treats. 
  • Giving it personally: Of course, hand these finely wrapped giveaways to your clients yourself for the personal touch. It is a great way to wrap up your service and remind them to come back for a follow-up session. 

Beyond Giveaways: Beauty Boss Academy’s Lash Extension Class Online

There are many ways to offer a freebie to clients after they’ve just had their lash extensions done. You may want to give them something to help them take care of their lashes post-service or some treats for their physical and mental wellness. Some other creative options include giving away eyelash extension-safe makeup, such as lipstick, eyebrow pencils, or personalized items like phone cases with the company or lashes logo on them. Remember to present them with a lot of thought no matter what type of giveaway you decide upon.

If you are wondering how to get eyelash extension certification online, you can learn more here at Beauty Boss Academy! You will learn more about client care before, during, and after the service and growing your client base. We offer Classic Course for beginners and Complimentary Lash Classes online for continuing education and certification. If you are interested in learning more and honing your skills, feel free to contact us here! We’d love to explain our offers to you!

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