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Make Your Face Glow With Plump Skin and Natural Lash Extensions

Many people start a beauty regimen to level up their look and make them feel good about themselves. It's not wrong to take care and spoil yourself once in a while. Get your hair done, have your nails polished, or get a lash extension session. Do anything that makes you feel pretty. 

In this article, we'll teach some helpful tips to keep your face glowing and ready to charm anyone on your way. Here are some of the best skin practices to get that glow in your face and highlight your natural lash extension look. 

5 Practices to Get That Healthy Skin Glow 

When it comes to extensions, the common request of clients is a natural eyelash look that they can wear every day without it being too obvious but can still elevate their entire appearance. Eyelashes are very light unless you rock a volume lash extension, which gives you a dramatic look everyone in the room can see. 

But you can charm everyone's attention when you give that healthy glow. So check out these practices for healthy skin to complete your overall look. 

Don’t underestimate the benefit of washing your face. 

Are you getting frustrated with your never-ending breakouts? It's probably because you're not washing your face enough. Many people follow a strict morning routine of cleansing the face and applying makeup. But many people ignore or forget to clean their faces and eyelids at night. The dirt, sebum, and bacteria accumulated in your face after a day's worth of makeup, lash adhesives, and sweat might be the reason you have coarse skin. 

Cleansing your skin is an essential step to achieving plump skin and avoiding skin and eye irritations, so make sure to do this gently but thoroughly. Cleanse even your eyelids, ears, and neck to get rid of all the gunk. Aside from your soaps and cleansers, a soft washcloth to wipe your face is a must-have to ensure your face is clean, plump, and radiant from within. 

Patch it, don’t pop it.

One of the greatest temptations is restraining yourself from popping your pimples. It may feel and look satisfying, but it's a big red flag when it comes to skincare. Popping your zits opens you to the risk of infections. When you pop a pimple open, it opens up your pores more, allowing dirt in and may accelerate your breakout. Furthermore, popping can cause facial scarring and develops big open, visible pores. 

When you have a breakout, it's best to leave them alone. Instead, wash your face with anti-acne cleansers and apply peeling solutions to accelerate the healing process. For people, who can't resist touching their face, it's best to apply individual patches on your breakout to protect them from accidental scratches. 

Allot time to de-stress and unwind.

No amount of the best natural individual lash extensions can lift your appearance if stress eats you from the inside. Stress makes your body feel its need to fight, causing it to release more hormones than normal, which eventually cause your breakouts. And it's not just your face; breakouts can also occur in your back and arms. 

So, it's important to have some low time and participate in activities to de-stress you, like jogging, running, cycling around the city or parks. Set up a pamper day at your local beauty bar, get a rejuvenating facial or eye treatment, maybe a mani-pedi. Taking time from your day for even 10 minutes will be beneficial, as will taking on new hobbies. For example, enrolling in yoga classes, learning how to surf, or getting cooking lessons. 

Woman doing her skin care routine

Cut down sugar and alcohol intake. 

Many studies have proven that people who take sugary food and drinks are more prone to acne breakouts. It's also the same for people with excessive consumption of alcohol. So if you're wondering why you're spending on expensive soaps and treatments and none of them are working, maybe you have to look back on what you eat. 

You don't have to cut all the sugar completely. However, taking them in moderation and not overindulging will benefit your skin. Furthermore, eating healthy is one of the key factors in having healthy glowing skin.

You don't have to cut all the sugar completely. However, taking them in moderation and not overindulging will benefit your skin. Furthermore, eating healthy is one of the key factors of having healthy glowing skin.

Protection and hydration. 

You've probably seen a lot of beauty bloggers putting endless amounts of serum and moisturizer on their faces. And when you try it on your own, you don't see any effect. It's important to know your skin type before trying on products for your face. Different ingredients yield different results, so it’s important to do a skin patch test first. This applies to all products, from seemingly gentle liquid foundations to products used in lash treatments. Many people are sensitive to certain formulations, so it might be best to stick with organic products. 

It's also important to note that you don't need a 10-step skincare routine to achieve that glowing skin you want. Instead, many skin experts remind you that layering your face with protection such as sunscreen and hydration serums is enough to achieve that healthy glow after cleansing. 

Take It Up a Notch and Become a Beauty Professional

Now that you're well aware of the practices for healthy glowing skin, you may want to expand your expertise to the next level. If you're passionate about cosmetics and eye makeup or want to be a certified eyelash technician, you can start your journey with us! At Beauty Boss Academy, we offer you eyelash extension certification online classes to train and develop your skills on lash extensions. 

What does your eyelash certification class offer? 

  • You can choose from two classes: the classic course and the volume course. You learn fundamental techniques from our classic course and level up your eyelash skills with the volume course. 
  • When you enroll for the classic course, you are entitled to unlimited support from certified lash instructors. You have the opportunity to talk to them and ask them questions to improve your skills further. 
  • We provide you with an eyelash starter kit that you will need to practice your hands-on skills. Our lash expert personally picked the tools in your kits. We're sure you'll enjoy using them too. You'll learn to apply for the best natural lash extensions in no time. 
  • We provide you with digital and printed modules, and you are entitled to download them freely. You can learn many things from preparation sanitation to different techniques. And what's best is you can learn it at your own pace, finish it in a month or a year. After the modules, you'll be a certified lash stylist. 

The beauty industry has been rapidly growing over recent years. As a result, more and more people are looking for services to cater to their beauty needs. Take this opportunity as the ticket to your success. And if you’re not new to all of this and want to revisit your skills, we offer free complimentary eyelash extension certification online. Check it out now! 

Woman with clear skin

Final Thoughts 

Getting natural lash extensions and touching up to improve your overall appearance is alright. But if you want to maintain it and feel better inside and out, taking care of yourself is important too! We hope these practices we shared with you help you take care of yourself more. 

And if you see yourself as an aspiring lash stylist, don't forget to take our classes now! At Beauty Boss, we help you help others achieve their most beautiful self. 

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