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Mindfulness After the Eyelash Classes: Getting Past the Red Flags of Fatigue

Do you ever feel so tired that all you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep for a week? Fatigue is a real issue and one that can seriously impact your work performance, mood, and overall health. These situations are not something you want to suffer if you have set your goals after your eyelash certification classes

In this blog post, we'll discuss the signs of fatigue and ways to cope. We'll also provide helpful information on how to take care of yourself when you're feeling run down. So if you're looking for some tips on how to combat lash technician fatigue proactively, keep reading!

First off, there are different signs you are burnt out, and signs of fatigue can manifest in different ways. Observe the following red flags if you are experiencing them, and as soon as you do, it is best to step back from offering lash services and find ways to cope. More so, proactively work on your work habits to shy away from these red flags. 

Red Flag #1: A negative perspective

If you find yourself having more negative thoughts than good ones, it can signify exhaustion. For instance, before, a fully booked schedule looked like a great opportunity to earn, but now, you already feel tired just by the looks of it. The negative thoughts may also come out in your conversations with clients, which can give them a negative impression of you and affect the continued growth of your clientele. 

Aside from debilitating your performance, persistent negative thoughts can also affect your health, leading to more severe health issues like anxiety and depression

Ways to Cope: Practicing mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness is your ability to reflect on what you feel and lay them down to be processed. Doing these simple steps can improve your thoughts:

  1. Before beginning your work, be mindful of the thoughts running in your head.
  2. Squeeze in little pockets of meditation everyday during breaks.
  3. Instead of shoving negative thoughts away, face and process them in a constructive way.
  4. Train yourself to negate the dire thoughts with positive ones so that when you get back for another session of eyelash extension or lash lift service, your mind is in good shape.

The exhaustion clouds your mind, so take a break and spend it with mindfulness meditation.

Red Flag #2: Physical exhaustion

The feeling of exhaustion at work can be rooted in not having enough sleep at night. Your mind is bothered by a variety of thoughts that keep you awake. As a result, you feel tired when you come to work even if you haven’t started yet. 

If you are a freelance lash technician, this physical exhaustion can lead you to limit the lash services you can do in a day. As a result, you’ll have a lower income—another additional worry to think about. Meanwhile, if you work for a wellness company, your lack of energy and enthusiasm will surely be noticed by your boss and colleagues. 

Ways to Cope: Getting enough sleep, healthy diet, exercise

To ensure you’ll have the energy you need for a fully-loaded classic lash extension services day, get enough sleep every night. Here are some of the soothing things you can do to induce a sound sleep:

  • Dim or turn off the lights
  • Free your room from noise
  • Keep your room cool for comfort
  • Have soft and fresh pillows and sheets
  • Think of the great things you did for the day

At work, respect your lunch break and make sure to have healthy meals. Squeeze in some stretching you learned from your eyelash tech class to prevent back, shoulders, and arm pain.

eyelash tech class

Red Flag #3: Working for longer, unproductive hours

Your eyelash classes online have taught you that, on average, a lash extension service lasts for up to two hours, although it may take longer for complex lash styles, like a volume lash. This includes enough time for a lash bath, removal, lash application. However, if it takes you half a day to get your work done, this is a sign of unproductivity. On a good day, you can service 3 to 4 clients on a regular 8-hour shift; but now you’ve only taken on 1 to 2. With this productivity level, you lose income and your client’s trust. 

To compensate for the lost hours, some extend their work hours or work on their rest days, which will get them exhausted instead of productive. 

Ways to Cope: Time management and compliance to schedule

The best way to avoid time-related issues at work is to stick to the schedule and manage your time well. Lash services are usually set ahead of time and through appointments, so you’ll have visibility on your schedule. Stick to the time allotted per customer while maintaining quality work by increasing focus. Earn your clients’ trust by finishing on time and as promised. It is tempting to work without limits, especially for freelance lash technicians, but be strict about your rest time. Remember that you need to rest to be more productive.

Red Flag #4: Relationship conflicts

The result of work fatigue only gets worse. If you do not act on the red flags immediately to rest and refresh, even your relationships can be negatively affected. 

  • Family: You can take home the stress you feel at work and even vent to the people you are staying with. 
  • Colleagues: Your colleagues may find you sensitive and irritable, which can cause them to distance themselves from you, causing workplace tension. 
  • Clients: Building rapport with your clients, an essential part of customer service, will be affected when you are tired and stressed. 

Ways to Cope: Rest before your relationships get affected

The first thing you will break in relationship conflicts is trust, and as the cliche goes, “Trust is like glass. Once it is broken, it will never be the same again.” Hence, the best way to fight this effect of fatigue is to inhibit it from happening. 

When you feel exhausted, listen to your body and take a break. On a workday, go out of your lash bar to breathe in some fresh air or socialize with colleagues. On your rest days and vacations, savor the moment of relaxation or use the time to catch up with family and friends. 

Eyelash Classes by Beauty Boss Academy

The signs of fatigue are many and varied, but they have one thing in common—a negative impact on your work. To fight against the onset of fatigue, you need to do the following: 

  1. Be mindful of how you’re feeling.
  2. Take care of yourself physically with restful sleep and exercise.
  3. Maintain healthy relationships that can give you support when needed most.
  4. Use time management skills to stay productive and avoid long hours at work.

You’ll learn all these and more in a Classic Lash Training or Complimentary Lash Course here at Beauty Boss Academy. Aside from the lash extension services skills, we also want to equip you with knowledge on how to take care of your wellbeing. If you are interested in taking our classes, feel free to reach out. We are more than happy to discuss our offers with you!

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