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I Think, Therefore I Write: 7 Wonderful Journaling Prompts to Make the Most Out of Your Lash Tech Classes

How do you encourage yourself when the journey gets tough? How do you keep believing in yourself? What are the daily little things that keep you going? Unfortunately, you don't hear these types of questions often because everyone seems too busy making money than investing in self-care.

That's understandable, knowing that life doesn't come easy. The bills are always there, and they don't seem to stop hogging your bank account. However, that's not a reason to skip self-care. In fact, it's those questions that will keep you strong in your life's journeys, no matter how tough they may get!

The eyelash industry is booming, and it's not hard to see why. From the rapid numbers of lash bars popping up all over the country to expanding brands, there are more opportunities than ever before for lash artists to learn about their craft. But with this growth comes the challenge of making a name for yourself.

It can be stressful, especially when there's strong competition on the way. Still, you dream big about becoming an eyelash technician, so you take the first step of the journey: to enroll in lash tech classes. We understand that the learning period might not always be easy for you, so here's a helpful self-care tip we want to discuss: journaling!

Journaling can help you stay on track and improve your self-care practices while making your way as a lash artist. In this article, we will go over some of the best prompts that have been helpful to both lash beginners and professionals!

Why Self-Care Matters in Your Lash Career

When starting out in any industry, it's important to remember self-care. This is especially true for lash artists, who often put their hands and eyes through a lot during training and work. Taking care of your clients and lash career starts with self-care.

You don't want to give a sloppy service, so you have to ensure you're in the best condition when you work. Have some adequate and peaceful me time. Pamper yourself and recharge to prepare for another day of hustle. A successful lash career lies in excellent work-life balance—do what makes you happy in healthy ways!

7 Journaling Prompts for Aspiring Lash Artists: Build the Beauty Boss Confidence You Need!

Self-care isn't just about taking a break from your work, although that's definitely an important part of it. It's also about cultivating mental strength, a positive and self-aware mindset that will help you push through, especially in difficult times. And what's the best way to develop positivity and confidence? Journaling!

Journaling is a self-reflective mind exercise, but most importantly, it's free! Let's go through seven prompts that will help empower you through your journey as an eyelash professional.

Prompt #1: What Empowers You?

What makes you feel confident? Remembering these things can help boost the courage and strength you need to power through the challenges of your lash journey. Recognize the areas where you can use your strongest points and have good control of them. While it's good when someone notices your strengths, it's also important that you know yourself well.

Prompt #2: What's the Best Thing That Has Happened to You Today?

No matter how tough the lash industry is, you have to remember that many things in your life are worth being happy about. If you're feeling down and overwhelmed with work, take some time for yourself and write out what makes you feel good today, even if it's nothing major.

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Prompt #3: What Are You Afraid Of?

It's important to be honest with yourself, even when writing in your journal. You shouldn't only feed your head with positivity. Some things can make you feel nervous or afraid, and they cause anxiety and stress and strongly affect how we think about ourselves. Write them out and gather the courage to face these fears head-on; don't let them affect your career.

Prompt #4: What's Your Definition of Success?

Your idea of success might differ from your peers or people in the same industry. That's absolutely fine and helps you stay on track, especially when things turn tricky. Remember, success is not just about making money or becoming popular—it's personal and can mean many things to different people. So don't be afraid to define your own!

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Prompt #5: What Are Some Current Goals You Want to Achieve?

As a lash artist, it's necessary to have clear goals on your plate. If you're used to setting professional goals, don't forget to aim for personal goals, too. Do you want to improve your self-confidence? Do you want to learn a new lash technique? Setting these goals will help balance your career and personal life. Think of the goals you want to accomplish this year!

Prompt #6: Who Are the People That Mean the Most to You?

The people in your life can be your biggest source of support. They make you laugh, give you much-needed comfort, or simply be there to listen when you need someone to lend an ear. Write down the people that mean the most to you—friends, family members, loved ones—and why they're important in your life.

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Prompt #7: What Do You Love About Your Dream Job?

This question might depend on the individual, but we think this is the number one question you should ask yourself! When the journey of being an eyelash artist gets tough, it's good to remind yourself why this profession appeals to you. Sometimes, we get so stressed or busy that we immediately forget what drove us in the first place. So write down what made you take a lash course and decide to continue this path.

Embark On a Fulfilling Lash Slash Self-Love Journey With Beauty Boss Academy's Eyelash Training Course

Sometimes, it's inevitable to get carried away with life's challenges. In the process, you might be unaware that you're neglecting yourself until everything takes a toll on your physical and mental health. We don't want that to happen, so we highly encourage you to include self-care duties in your priorities.

Self-care doesn't have to be expensive. You can start with something completely free and enjoyable, like journaling. Write and explore about yourself. If you're lost in what topics to write down, our list of prompts above can help you get the ball rolling! If you're ready to bring your lash passion on a professional level, BBA's lash courses can help you grow both as a lash professional and as an individual! 

What can a certified lash technician do? With a license, you can officially (and legally) start applying your lash skills and grow your career in the long run. Where to take lash tech classes? We offer online eyelash extension training programs such as The Classic Course, the Classic Refresher Lash Course, and the Volume Lash Course. Moreover, we offer a lash training kit that you can purchase to ensure hands-on experience in a remote setting. You are one course away from becoming the incredible lash artist you dream about!

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