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Top Off Your Look This Spring With Classic Eyelash Extensions

Ladies and gents are back outside to bask under the glorious, warm sun. Spring is as bright and fresh as it can be with flowy dresses and light-colour makeup in trend. However, masks are still encouraged indoors, so you’ll want to focus more on your beautiful eyes.

And we're not talking about overpowering eyeshadow makeup here. We're talking about your undefined eyelashes. Perfect lashes give off that brightened and awake look that you need for your spring trips and dates. This article will show you how classic eyelash extensions can make a difference to your face. 

What Are Classic Eyelash Extensions?

These are fibres that eyelash technicians glue to your natural lashes. Whether simple or dramatic, lash artists offer lash extensions for that full, lush lash effect. 

Some ladies aren't gifted with full, long natural lashes. Instead, their eyelashes may be sparse, with bald spots between each natural lash. Others have thin lashes that they have to put mascara on for some volume. Finally, a few have uneven lashes that make putting makeup on harder to do. 

Lash artists can offer you different curls, lengths, and event tints, so you can guarantee that your lashes will scream "fresh look" this spring.

What Makes Classic Eyelash Extensions Natural? 

Each fibre is glued to a natural lash to achieve a natural enhancement. This 1:1 ratio type of lashes is simple and natural-looking. Then, it evens out your fine and sparse lashes to open up your eyes. 

There are two common types: volume lash extensions for a fuller look and classic lashes for length. Yes, other eyelash extensions exist, such as hybrid lash extensions. But for Spring, we don't want mega volume lashes for a dramatic, red carpet look. Instead, we’re going classic—an everyday look for the warm seasons. 

Classic Lash Extensions Vs. Eyelash Lift 

Ladies might get confused with these two types of lash care services. Classic eyelash extensions involve putting artificial lashes. 

In contrast, a lash lift uses nontoxic chemicals specially formulated to curl your eyelashes. You can compare this lash service to a perm. Remember, lash lifts only curl, not add length or volume.  

In terms of longevity, classic lash extensions last up to 4 weeks, whereas lash lifts last six weeks, depending on your natural lashes. Plus, lash lifts have far less maintenance than lash extensions since it is basically just your natural lashes they’ll be working on. 

The disadvantage to doing a lash lift, however, is that lash techs can only work with what you already have. So, you might not get the full lashes you want if you have thin or sparse lashes. Always seek a consultation with your lash specialist to determine which service is best.

Classic Eyelash Extensions Materials

Lash extension application sounds easy enough, but there are still a lot of materials, styles, and thicknesses to choose from. 

There are two types of materials used for eyelash extensions – natural and artificial. Let’s break them down, shall we?

Natural lash extensions: 

  • Mink lashes: Lightweight and absolutely natural-looking, mink lashes are the perfect lash extensions for your spring makeup look. The downsides are that they're expensive and possibly unethical, depending on how the mink fibres are sourced.
  • Fox fur lashes: Your lashes can look fluffy and elegant thanks to those bushy tails of foxes. They're pricier than mink lashes, though. 
  • Sable lashes: These lashes are the lightest and the most costly among the classic lash extensions. Sable lashes appear to be more natural than mink lashes.

Artificial lash extensions: 

  • Faux mink lashes: These lashes are quite easy to apply to every client's eye shape and preference, making them the most popular. If you don't want to use mink's hair, this is a good alternative. 
  • Silk lashes: These lashes tend to be heavier on the eyes than mink lashes and not as feathery, but they still make for a great spring look. 

Classic Eyelash Extensions Length, Thickness, and Style

The right length is everything in applying classic lashes. But they can turn into volume lash extensions if they're too lush. 

A rule of thumb for classic lash extensions is that they shouldn't be longer than your natural lashes. In addition, lash technicians must spread the extensions evenly across your eye. 

For the inner corners of your eye, lash artists apply 5mm to 8mm length lashes. But they use 9mm to 12mm lashes more often. For ladies who want a natural yet glam look for the season, lash techs use 12mm to 14mm lashes. 

As for the thickness, classic eyelash extensions can go from 0.03 to 0.25mm, but lash experts say that 0.15mm makes for the best natural-looking lashes. 

Finally, the style of your classic lash extensions would greatly depend on the type of curl, shape, and lash technique your lash technician will do. 

It will usually take almost 2 hours for a lash artist to apply eyelash extensions, classic ones at that. But little preparation is needed, and after the session, you are ready to go out and show them off. 

Beautiful Pair of Lash Extensions

Classic natural eyelash extensions make your eyes look deeper, creating a wide-eyed look. Ladies and gents can go anywhere without makeup, and they will still look fresh and awake. 

You can go on these highly-suggested springtime events to flaunt your natural, wispy lashes perfect for the blooming season: 

  • Exploring and watching the cherry blossoms: From March to June, countries like Japan and Canada are painted in subtle hues of pink. It's a wonderful time to hang out with a special someone or even your best friends. 

You can wear a wool or cotton dress with a pair of nude mules. Then, put on peach makeup to bring more emphasis to your classic lash extensions. 

  • Shopping Stalls: Go out and flaunt your enhanced makeup look at shopping malls and spring bazaars, where you can get the latest trendy fashion items to go with your dazzling eyelash extension. 

You can dress down with some denim jeans and an oversized hoodie. Just a touch of blush-on and a pop of lush red for your lips, then you're good to go. No need to do your eyes! 

  • Tulip festivals: Another flower festivity to go to is the tulip festival in different countries like Amsterdam and Ottawa. Wear a ribbed top and a pair of flare pants. Then, top your lash extensions off with a natural makeup look. Your classic eyelash extensions will bring the whole look together. 
  • Trip to the Beach: Summer isn't the only time you can go to the beach. You can create that sultry look you've been dreaming of with your new lashes. Try sun-kissed blush makeup and a backless dress to complete your beach look. 

Nonetheless, every day is a perfect day for your classic lashes. So you can always feel confident with your natural, luscious lashes at home or outside. 

How Much Do You Have Lash Extensions? 

Classic eyelash extensions are priced depending on the material and, of course, the lash artist’s fee. Prices vary from $100-$300. Then, classic refills averaged from $50-$160. 

How Do You Maintain Your Lash Extensions? 

  • Naturally, you need to set another appointment for a lash refill after 3 or 4 weeks. 
  • You wash them gently with a lash cleanser or micellar water to clean them. Then, brush your lashes with a lash brush or a wide eyeshadow brush.
  • Avoid rubbing them, and try not to wet your lashes in the shower so that the glued lash will last. Lastly, don't sleep on your stomach so your sheets won't rub your lashes off. 

Your classic extensions are meant to look natural, but we sometimes want full-on volume lash extensions for those spring date nights. So can you apply mascara despite having lash extensions? Sure, you can; however, it can affect your glue lash. 

Pro tip:  Put on your mascara in the middle of your lashes rather than the base. Also, it helps to maintain your lash extensions if you avoid using oil-based or waterproof mascara. 

Do Classic Eyelash Extension Hurt? 

If you book a lash tech who can professionally and properly apply lashes, it won't hurt. 

How about your natural lashes? Will lash extensions ruin them? With proper application, it won't. As for lash care, we highly suggest giving proper care to your natural lashes by using the products recommended by your lash technician. Also, avoid tugging them. 

Enrol at Beauty Boss Classic Courses

Enrol at Beauty Boss Classic Courses 

You don't need volume lash extensions or multiple lashes to make heads turn. Instead, classic lash extensions are the key to completing your spring look. It's the simplest and beginner-friendly lash extension that fits every event and season. 

After learning about the classic lash extensions, perhaps, you want to learn how to achieve perfect lashes, and, at most, you might want to be a lash artist yourself. Luckily, Beauty Boss Academy has the full set of lash extensions courses just for you! 
From classic to volume courses, BBA has them all! Check them out today.

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