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A Lash Technician’s Struggle: Dealing with Back Pain and Fatigue

Being a lash artist is physically demanding. Although you are working on the small details of the eye area, fatigue and muscle strain are inevitable at the end of the day. Taking care of yourself is essential to continue to serve your clients at your best, and when your body is tired, the outcome of eyelash extensions is compromised. 

In this article, we'll share some of the issues you'll face as a lash stylist and practices in dealing with your work fatigue. Let's go beyond the techniques and skills that the lash tech certification academy teaches. Take note of these practices, so you are always your best self. 

Dealing with back pain 

Back pain is the most common issue a lash technician will encounter. Lash stylists often bend over their clients for long hours to apply lash extensions. A bending position can strain your back, but you need it to do your job properly. Fortunately, there are practices to relieve your back pain and even prevent them. Here are some tips a lash tech should note. 

Invest in a high-quality lash studio bed 

You need a lash bed to place eyelash extensions for your clients effectively. It’s not enough that you have an excellent lash bed that caters to your client’s comfort; you also need to consider your own. How?

Premium quality beds have height adjustment features that can support your client and make them comfortable while allowing you to apply lashes in a comfortable position. You get to spend less time bending over, preventing the dreaded back pain. 

Gift yourself a back massager 

You might think that getting yourself a back massager is a luxury, but it's actually a necessity if you're a lash technician. A lash extension session can last about two to three hours, some even longer, depending on the lash styles your client prefers. Furthermore, lash artists service two or more people a day. That's almost six hours bending down, which will certainly take a toll on your back. 

After spending a long day of bending down, lying in a massage chair for half an hour can drastically improve your back pain. You don't need to get an expensive massage chair. There are affordable options that can yield the same results. Furthermore, there are massage chairs available in malls and public spaces. If you can't buy one, go to your local massage center at least twice a week to relieve your back pain. 

Include core workouts and stretchings in your daily routine 

The main reason for a lash technician’s back pain is muscle strain. You can prevent this by developing your muscle strength through a core workout. Commit time to a workout routine that strengthens your muscles to help you endure long working hours. It also helps you include some posture improvement routines in your workout. This routine will teach your body to position itself properly and avoid putting stress on your back. 

Furthermore, it’s also important to prepare your body minutes before an eyelash extension session. You'll be bending low for hours, so it's good to develop your stretching routine to warm up your muscles for a long work period. 

Get a chair with full back support 

Investing in everything ergonomic is a must for a lash studio because it’s a physically demanding job. If you think you're saving money on buying an ordinary stool, you’ll see that it will cost you more in the long run. The wrong chair is one of the reasons why lash technicians develop back pain, so invest in an ergonomic chair with full back support. 

Make it a habit to lean and stop for a few minutes to give your back a rest. This practice will help relieve back pain and prevent back conditions. 

Lash technician with client

Dealing with fatigue

Aside from back pain, fatigue is also a common problem among lash technicians. Focusing on the small details to achieve a perfect outcome can be physically draining. But you can easily beat that if you know the correct practices to follow. Here are some tips you can use to keep your performance. 

Make sure to get enough rest

An old saying goes, "you can't pour from an empty cup." This is true even for eyelash technicians. However, you can give your best to your clients when you are not at your 100 percent. Make sure that you are well rested before taking on a full day of work. In addition, hitting your sleep goal of 7 to 8 hours per night will help you focus for longer periods. 

Being well-rested also means not skipping your mealtime and keeping yourself hydrated all the time. Ensuring your excellent overall health means you can perform your job better, leading to customer satisfaction. 

Give your eyes a break 

Eye strain is another form of fatigue lash technicians encounter. Again, since you are working on small things like synthetic lashes, you'll be squinting a lot of the time. And if you're doing it for a long period, you can get headaches and blurry vision. Invest in magnifying lenses that will help you see clearer the small details of the eye area. 

Furthermore, take short breaks in between eyelash extension sessions. Closing your eyes for a little bit will reduce the stress it receives from a long, tedious session. Also, schedule an eye check-up at least twice a year to maintain your eye health. 

Use the proper equipment 

Using improper equipment leads to hand and wrist fatigue. Make sure to use tools that are easy to operate and not stiff. Pressing too hard or forcing your hand stresses, eventually leading to conditions if left untreated. As much as possible, choose comfortable equipment and don't force yourself to work through the pain. 

There are also hand stretches you practice pre-and post-session to maintain the health of your hands and wrist. Don't take your hands for granted. A shaky hand will make it difficult for you to service your clients properly. 

Reduce your workload 

Overworking yourself is the leading cause of fatigue. Working for longer periods will allow you to finish more things in little time, but it's not sustainable. You will eventually feel burned out after a while. Reducing your workload from time to time can be beneficial to deal with fatigue if you're taking three to four clients on a normal day. On some days, you can take one or two clients to help your body relax and regain its optimum performance.  


Lash technician applying under eye gel pad

Final Thoughts 

Being a lash stylist is no easy job. At some point in time, fatigue will run over you. But don't let stress and pressure stop you from doing what you do best. By following these simple practices and techniques, you'll be able to serve your clients better. We hope this article helps improve your overall health as a lash artist. And if you’re looking to improve your lashing skills, you can take complimentary lash extension certification from us! So visit us now and check out our classes. Our packages include continued business support and access to a community of lash artists to guide you as you navigate the trade.

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