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Lash Technician Training Highlight: Using Facebook Groups to Grow Your Lash Clientele

Growing your clientele is one of the biggest challenges for lash technicians. It is especially tough for newbies, and even established businesses still struggle with it. Various factors such as time, trends, technology, or outdated marketing can cause hurdles. 

It can be very stressful because customers are the lifeline of a business. The good news is that the solutions are affordable and easy to start with. Today, many businesses enjoy the perks of social media marketing. One of the most prominent platforms in the beauty sector is Facebook Groups.

At first, it may only seem like your typical private group chat. However, Facebook Groups are more than that. In fact, it can be a powerful tool for lash technicians looking to grow their clientele. By creating a group for your lash clients, you can provide valuable content and lash training and even grow a community.

If you're sleeping on Facebook Groups, now's the time to wake up and use it. We'll walk you through the steps necessary to create a successful Facebook Group for your lash business in this quick lash technician training.

4 Reasons to Use Facebook Groups

Many platforms are available and equally promising. So why should you consider Facebook Groups after learning how to become a lash lift technician or eyelash extension technician? Below are some compelling reasons you shouldn't miss:

  • Facebook Groups promote natural growth. Unlike some platforms or Facebook features that focus on ads and direct promotion, Facebook Groups allow you to focus on healthier discussions. It's less pushy and intimidating, which might work better for most clients.
  • Facebook Groups are easy to establish and manage. You can set up a group in just a few minutes (and for free!). Various features and settings allow you to customize your group.
  • Facebook Groups provide valuable insights. If you think you could only get relevant data from paid platforms, Facebook Groups can provide you with free and easy access! You can view top content from your clients and get an idea of what they're struggling with. From there, you can start helping them through advice or services.
  • Facebook Groups treat everyone as part of a community. This is the most valuable lesson. It's not always about business; a one-way street where you only promote your services directly. It should also be a space for your clients to interact with each other, exchange insights, and have some fun!
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How to Use Facebook Groups to Build and Grow Your Lash Clientele

Are you ready to create your own lash Facebook group? Whether you're still learning how to become a certified eyelash tech or you're an experienced stylist looking for an effective and affordable marketing strategy, here are five ideas to help you leverage the perks of Facebook Groups.

Create A Private But Not Secret Group

The lash industry is becoming more and more competitive than ever. Thus, you need to set your lash business apart from the rest to attract clients. A great way to do this is by creating a private Facebook Group that only your clients can join. At the same time, the group remains visible to everyone on or off the platform.

Consequently, you can control membership permissions and filter out inappropriate users while still being searchable by the target audience. It also makes your lash services more exclusive and gives your clients a sense of belonging to the community you've created.

Set Clear and Precise Group Rules

Establishing rules is essential to help you avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts down the line and keep a safe and friendly lash community. Set specific goals and expectations on how members post and interact within the group. Facebook Groups allows you to establish up to ten rules.

Moreover, Facebook provides suggestions when you're unsure of what rules to include. Some examples are encouraging positive conversations, avoiding bullying and hate speech, outlawing spam and irrelevant links, and respecting privacy.

Post Consistent, Fun, and Relevant Content

Now that you've created a private and exclusive lash space for your clients, it's time to populate it with content! But not just any content—your posts should be relevant and fun at the same time. For starters, you can share lash tips, quick tutorials, Q&A, or content sharing threads.

Additionally, keep your posting schedule consistent. It is best to post content regularly or set a specific schedule, so clients have something to look forward to. For example, you can post lash-related Monday Motivations or Throwback Thursdays. Get creative to your heart's content!

Be a Good Listener

As the lash stylist and business owner, you must also take on the role of a good listener and create opportunities for your clients to engage or lead a conversation. Don't let it be a one-way communication. Otherwise, it's no longer considered a community.

It's necessary to monitor the group closely and address any concerns or issues your clients might have. At the same time, you can always choose to step back and allow your clients to lead the conversation in your stead.

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Optimize and Promote Your Group In and Out of Facebook

While a sense of community is the main purpose of your Facebook Group, don't forget to optimize it to get more traffic. You're still a business, after all. Thus, you need to learn to optimize your group content so that people can discover them within or outside of the platform.

Some optimization strategies include natural keyword insertion and using call-to-actions. You can also promote your group on other channels like websites and emails or participate actively in other relevant groups.

A Community-Driven Lash Career With Business Academy

If you're searching for new ways to grow your lash clientele, you may want to consider using Facebook Groups. This platform provides an opportunity to connect with clients and offer them relevant content through an organic and engaging system.

Beauty Boss Academy believes in the significance and power of community building for lash artists. With that in mind, we offer lash courses to help you become a certified lash artist and listen to what you have to say. 
For more information on how to become an eyelash technician or other lash-related topics, feel free to explore our other blogs. And when you're ready, join our Facebook community today to start your lash journey!

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