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Lash Technician Licensing Regulations–What Are the Perks of Having a License?

Beauty—eyelash services in particular—has become a multi-million dollar industry since the height of its trend. Many women want to feel beautiful and confident, and for some, there is absolute power in beauty. Who doesn't want to be pretty? Having voluminous and curled lashes is like a woman wearing her red stilettos—she becomes unstoppable and a force to reckon with.

That's why as a lash artist, there is no room for you to commit errors. To prove your competence and efficiency, a license or a certificate speaks volumes of affirmation on your behalf. This validation printed on a piece of paper or card can even upstage referrals and word-of-mouth promo.

If you want to become a successful lash artist, dive deeper into this article and find out the ultimate power of a license or certificate.

The Advantages of a Lash Technician License or Certificate

Do you need a license to be a lash technician? For you to practice the profession, you have to secure a license to prove your skill for the said service. You can enjoy so many perks for being a licensed lash artist. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Your clients are 100% sure that you are providing a high-quality service. Meeting a set of requirements, including a demonstration of competence set by a licensing body, is enough to assure your clients that they are in good hands.
  • Being awarded a license means that you're updated with the latest beauty techniques and trends. The Board of Cosmetology requires their professionals to complete regular hours of continuing education upon renewal.
  • Your license is your passport to many different opportunities. It can let you have a better chance of finding work because most businesses prefer a licensed professional.
  • With your professional license, you have the power to upsell yourself and charge more for what you offer. Most people know that they are paying for their peace of mind and great service by hiring a licensed lash artist.

Licensing Regulation in the US

If you are an aspiring lash artist in the United States, you need to know the requirements mandated by the state where you want to practice. Each state in America has its own lash technician licensing regulations.

Most of the 52 states and other jurisdictions require a cosmetologist or esthetician license that you can get from the Board of Cosmetology. To secure it, you have to pay the licensing fee and demonstrate lash service within a certain number of hours.

After complying with the Board of Cosmetology, you must submit the necessary state requirements for the eyelash extension profession. Then, you can visit the state's public website, where you will practice to get the list of requirements that you need to accomplish.

Lash extension application

Licensing Regulation in Canada

Do lash techs need a license in Canada? Currently, Canada doesn't have any lash technician licensing regulations. However, this may soon change as esthetician and cosmetology organizations are lobbying for the introduction of a national lash certification program.

Until such time that the licensing regulations are in place, it is important to remember that you should always abide by your provincial or territorial health and safety laws when providing any type of beauty service, including eyelash extensions.

As a professional lash artist, you must (1) know everything there is to know about eyelashes and (2) be responsible for updating your knowledge. To do this, you need to apply for continuing education programs like seminars and workshops. Continuing education ensures that you provide your clients with the best possible lash service.

Since Canada doesn't have a licensing body for lash artists, a certification coming from a beauty academy is enough to vouch for your competence. In addition, being a certified lash artist means you completed the required course about the lash application and acquired the skill to provide excellent lash service.

A certification is equally important as the lash technician license because:

  • Acquiring a certificate shows that you are competent in the service that you are providing. Beauty Boss Academy offers competitive lash courses to help you become an effective lash artist and even start your own business.
  • Securing a certification means you have met the requirements set by your beauty academy. Training sessions are divided into different sections and require concentration and effort to fulfill the course.
  • The certification also means you are up-to-date with the latest beauty trends. When you are in the lash business, you always need to learn new products and techniques to keep your edge against your competitors.
  • A certificate can land you better job offers and amazing business proposals that equate to a bigger paycheque.

What Makes a Good Beauty Academy or Online Lash Course?

When choosing continuing education on eyelash services, it is important to consider these factors:

  1. The curriculum. Ensure that the institution offers a comprehensive curriculum covering all the latest trends and techniques in eyelash extensions.
  2. The experience of the faculty. They should have a team of experienced and qualified educators who can share their expertise in lash extensions.
  3. The facilities. They must have ample training space and high-quality equipment to provide students with a realistic learning environment. Whether online or offline, the institution must be able to provide the necessary materials to educate their students and within reasonable cost or as a course inclusion.
  4. The support services. They should offer student support services like job placement, career counseling, and a community of professionals they can access for continued support.

By considering these factors, you’re one step closer to achieving your dream of becoming a successful lash artist.

Over to You

As a professional lash artist, the ultimate power lies in your hands--your license or certificate is an assurance of high-quality service that you are legally allowed to deliver. So if you want to become successful in this field, start looking at how you can get yourself licensed or certified as soon as possible.
Beauty Boss Academy has it all for you! Time to make your dreams come true and be your own boss in the beauty industry. The academy offers competitive lash courses such as The Classic, Volume, and Complimentary Courses that will take you closer to your lash technician license and building your own lash bar!

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