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How Lash Tech Classes Can Help You Turn Hazards Into Awareness Points

It's nice picturing yourself doing flawless lash extensions until adhesive allergies, wrong tools, and difficult clients come to mind. These scenarios can be daunting for amateur lash artists, and we totally get it.

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of a booming lash career. However, with that comes huge responsibilities. As a lash tech, awareness of the hazards is crucial to prevent them at all costs. Otherwise, you can get in serious trouble, and your passion will turn into a nightmare.

So if you feel scared thinking you might harm your future lash clients, it's normal to feel this way. However, you can also overcome it. In fact, you can turn lash extension hazards into incredible awareness points! With enough practice, you'll be one step closer to becoming a well-rounded lash artist.

That being said, you can't accomplish everything on your own. First, you need to attend lash tech classes to learn how to perform safe and flawless lash extensions. Here's our guide to conquering common lash extension hazards and how to minimize the risks!

The Most Common Hazards of Eyelash Extension Treatments and Their Causes

Let's begin this lash lesson by understanding the common eyelash extension hazards. What are these dangers? What causes them, and how risky can they get? Consider this as an introduction before enrolling in one of those trusted lash tech certification classes you're eyeing.

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Allergic Reactions

Allergy is the number one lash extension hazard. Allergic reactions usually happen when lash clients have existing eye conditions or sensitivities to the chemicals or tools used in applying lash extensions (e.g., adhesives). Common symptoms may include redness, itching, swelling, and burning sensations.

Eye Infections

Another common lash extension hazard is an eye infection. It is typically caused by incorrect tool use or direct exposure to contaminated products. It may also occur when dust and dirt get into the eyes due to improper lash aftercare. When left untreated, these infections may lead to vision loss.

Natural Lash Damage

Natural lashes can complicate the process of eyelash extension treatments. For example, they'd stick together and pull each other as they grow out, which is why lash techs had to isolate them. When not done properly, they can cause discomfort, pain, follicle damage, and styes.

Incorrect Lash Aftercare

Lash aftercare is one of the most overlooked hazards of lash application. It's crucial to take good care of lash extensions because improper maintenance can add more problems (and expenses). Moreover, it puts all your lash investments to waste.

Aftercare is not easy for some because everything must be done carefully, especially during the first few days after the treatment (.e.g, how you sleep or shower).

How to Turn Lash Extension Hazards Into Awareness Points 

In every lash session, we face the risks of lash extensions. It might be impossible to prevent every possible hazard, but we can certainly turn them into awareness points to keep your clients safe. That is what our lash courses can do for you.

With proper practice and guidance, you can learn how to apply eyelash extensions safely and avoid harming your clients. Here's how to use hazards as pointers to review and make your clients feel confident in your skills!

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Prevention Over Troubleshooting

As a lash artist, you should prevent any complications or hazards before they happen. This way, you can avoid any mishaps and save your clients from the discomfort (and expense) of having to troubleshoot them. That said, you also have to be good at troubleshooting, just in case. 

Understanding Eye Conditions

There are various eye conditions that you need to be aware of to avoid harming your client's health further. Learning about the hazards as early as possible can help you become a reliable lash tech in the long run. 

Don't be afraid to educate your clients and suggest they seek medical help when they don't qualify for a lash treatment. It's not easy to say no to an eager client, but you must do so when necessary. 

Continuous Effort in Aftercare

You might think aftercare is solely the client's responsibility, but you're a significant part of it. The lash session might be done, but your job isn't over yet. You need to provide clients with the right aftercare products and maintenance instructions. This way, they can avoid any hazards and prolong the life of their lash investment.

Practice Makes Perfect Lashes

Lash extension is a skill that takes a lot of practice to master. The more you do lashes, the better you'll get at it, and the safer your clients will be. So don't feel discouraged when you don't nail it every time. 

With lash extension certification classes, you'll be able to understand lash extension safety and practice your techniques on a stone coaster or mannequin. Practice hard, and your clients will be in great hands!

Lash Learning on a Budget

Lash extensions can be expensive, and some enrollment courses are no exception. The initial investment might set you back a few hundred dollars. Add the cost of products, tools, and lash extension supplies, and you're looking at a big amount. For clients, lash treatments are continuous (e.g., refills), which can also be costly.

Just because lash extensions can be expensive doesn't mean your learning journey has to be. There's no need to spend a fortune on lash courses. In fact, you can find lash classes with free and affordable content and still receive quality education (hello, Beauty Boss Academy!).

If you're ready to take your first step to a rewarding lash journey, check out our courses below and enroll in one that fits you best!

  • The Classic Course is our lash extension certification course for beginners. Bring your lash passion and turn it into a continuously growing and fulfilling career!
  • The Classic Refresher Course is our lash training for experienced lash stylists. Learning doesn't stop no matter how much of an expert you already are. Refresh your skills here!
  • The Volume Course is our lash class for those seeking a new lash technique or extra service. Learn more about the science behind those fluffy and pretty volume lashes!

Make Perfect Lashes With Beauty Boss Academy

It's normal to hesitate about many things when you're just starting in the lash industry. Nobody wants to harm their clients, after all. However, you can always look at it positively. Sure, hazards can be daunting, but you can use them as early awareness points to kickstart your career with minimal issues.

One of the best things to learn in lash extension training is how to handle these hazards. These dangers exist, but you can avoid them with great caution and practice. Here at Beauty Boss Academy, we'll turn those fears into awareness! 

Do you have other tips on how to turn lash extension hazards into awareness points? Join our Facebook community today and share your insights!

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