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Lash Tech Certification Class Learnings: 9 Ways to Get Client Feedback

If you're a lash technician, you know how important it is to get feedback from your clients. Not only does it help you improve your services, but it also lets you know what your clients are thinking and feeling. But getting meaningful and reliable ones can be demanding as you need to acquire a good amount of feedback to count them as the pulse of the majority. 

Great thing there are many ways to obtain client feedback, and here are nine you'll learn from lash tech classes. Client feedback will help you get the information you need from as many clients as possible to improve your services and enact changes for the better.

1. Customer Satisfaction Survey

One of the easiest ways to acquire feedback is through a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey, which comes in using stars to describe the customer’s satisfaction level. Your customer can rate their overall experience with one star being the lowest and five stars being the highest. Customers are also allowed to give short feedback aside from their ratings. 

You can either have a single question on how satisfied they are. You can also break the experience into lash bar ambiance, lash stylist professionalism and competence, and lash services price. You can get an overall score by getting the average of all the added scores. 

2. Survey Forms

A CSAT can give you a quick preview of your customers’ satisfaction level. But, if you need specific details, survey forms are excellent. You can add more questions and situations clients can rate and answer in survey forms. Make the survey as short but substantial as possible to ensure your customers will finish them. When surveys are long, there is an increased chance that clients will abandon them halfway through, and you won’t acquire the data you need. Use simple language, avoiding lash industry jargon; your clients will understand as many will accomplish these in their free time without your assistance. 

3. Focused Group Discussions

Another way to acquire feedback is through focused group discussions (FGDs). Although, you need to exert more effort and study the demographics of your respondents and come up with a rationale on why you’ve chosen them to be a part of the discussion. They are time-consuming too because you need to come together as a group to answer the questions you prepared. Nevertheless, the time and effort will be worth it. They provide a more in-depth explanation from respondents when you ask the right questions. You can acquire plenty of details you won’t get from a quantitative survey. 

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4. Detailed feedback through email

During the lash and health assessment stage, you get your client’s contact information. You can utilize this in reaching out to them after the service. Give them a heads up that you’ll be sending an email asking for their feedback after the volume lash, classic lash, or colored lash extension service. 

Make the message in the actual email personal using the client’s name and experience. Ask for feedback and give a tailor-fitted response after. If you receive a complaint, remain professional, and resolve it as soon as possible. Do not forget to thank clients who leave positive remarks. 

5. Feedback on social media

Your business information is most accessible on social media. It is a convenient way for clients to get to know you and your offers when searching for a lash extensions business. After the service, encourage them to post feedback on your social media page. 

Social media feedback is a double-edged sword, though unsatisfied customers can also use the medium to rant that stains your name instead of seeking a resolution. So, use it wisely by mediating with any customer comment or formalizing feedback acquisition in various social media sites. 

6. Freebies and feedback

Encourage your customers to leave a comment, feedback, and rating about their lash extensions service experience by offering something in return. For instance, you can give them a free raffle ticket to win a lash aftercare kit, makeup, or a wellness spa gift card. You need a little investment in these freebies, but they are worth it if you are serious about building your clientele. 

7. Website feedback widgets

Lash extension classes will teach you the essence of establishing a website for your business's online visibility. Increase website views and increase your clients’ awareness that you have resources online they can utilize. Allow them to access the feedback form through a widget on your website. Teach them how it’s done before they leave your lash bar after the service. You can also give them a walkthrough of your website to know where to go when they need to order lash care and lash aftercare products and where to book an appointment. The blog posts can serve as supplemental reading for proper lash care or the styles of lashes they can try next time. 

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8. Getting feedback from online orders

A lash certification training course will introduce another possibility to earn extra—selling lash care products. Since you have already introduced your online shop to your customers, expect to get orders from it aside from the physical orders in your lash bar. If you specifically want to get feedback about the quality of the products you sell, you can set up automatic replies to clients after the order is completed asking for their rating and feedback. You can also do the same for clients who have abandoned the cart. 

9. Utilizing feedback software

If you want a feedback system that can serve your business for a long time, you can invest in different feedback software. These tools can help you create surveys quickly because of the splurge of feedback and survey templates in their system. When you use them, any answers from clients are automatically stored in the system and transformed into data open for analysis. You can create valuable reports and get insights into how your clients feel about your services through the data. You can also have historical data for comparative analysis and see whether your client satisfaction increased through the months and years. 

Lash Tech Certification by Beauty Boss Academy

Thank you for reading! We hope that this blog post provides you with some insight on how to gather customer feedback. The Beauty Boss Academy’s Classic Course, Volume Course, and Complimentary Courses are great ways to learn more about the latest techniques and trends in the lash industry and various methods to provide superb client care. We would love to help you grow your clientele. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, need assistance with anything else, or would like to enroll in our classes!

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