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Lash Stylist Secret Files: Come Back Stronger Through Lash Extension Classes

Eyelash extensions are one of the most prominent beauty treatments nowadays. Many individuals enjoy this process since it may lengthen, thicken, and volumize a natural lash, making eyes appear more awake and rejuvenated. That is why the majority of women entrust their eyes to eyelash experts to make them as stunning as possible.

For this reason, a lash artist should be fully conscious when working with people's eyes. It shouldn't just be about enhancing one's beauty but also about the dangers of eyelash extensions. The last thing you want to do is add to a customer's suffering, especially if they've already had a horrible encounter.

If not handled seriously, this can cause a lot of pain and suffering for your clients and you as an expert lash technician. In some cases, it's long-term harm. So, it's time to learn the true benefits of balancing the urge to beautify customers' eyelashes while ensuring their safety.

Episode 01: The One Where a Client Gets Eye Infection

Sad to say, the aftermath of having eyelash injuries can severely impact the clients in many aspects, including their physical and emotional confidence. The following are common instances after visiting a beauty salon and applying for an eyelash extension.

Allergic Reactions

This occurs when eyelash specialists fail to protect the skin of clientele from the ingredients in lash lift adhesive. If not prevented early, swelling, redness, itching, inflammation, and tearing of the eye will occur. That's why patch tests are so critical before you start applying eyelashes to your customer. Some substances such as acetaldehyde, mercury, and sodium benzoate don't work on all skin types.

Glued Injury

Glued eyelids may appear to be a minor concern, but they can pose major issues for your clients. There have been situations where the client's eye develops a chemical burn, contact dermatitis, a severe reaction to cyanoacrylate glue, and thermal burn injury after 24 hours following eyelash extension application.

Long-term Eye Damage

This negligence may be a usual term for someone, but it can become a big deal if this happens to someone. For example, when eyelash extension liquid glue has an excess that may drop onto the eyeball, it can potentially cause damage to the eye. As a result, it may result in corneal abrasions or, worse, temporary blindness and decreased vision.

Traction Alopecia

Hair loss caused by traction alopecia, or continual pulling on the hair, is known as traction alopecia. This condition can be done intentionally, as with hairstyles that put tension on the hair follicles, or unintentionally, as with tight braids or weaves. This idea also applies to eyelash styling, where natural lashes are thin and tend to fall out after an eyelash extension treatment. 


A style is a circle-shaped infection of the eyelid caused by bacteria. It's usually caused by a staphylococcus aureus and appears as a red, swollen pimple on the eyelid. This injury can be very painful and even cause vision problems if not treated. Many people try to treat styes with over-the-counter medications, but prescription antibiotics are necessary in some cases.

Bacterial keratitis

Bacterial keratitis is a relatively rare but potentially serious infection that can affect the eyelashes. While it mostly occurs on contact lens wearers, this can also happen to your eyes when there's improper use of sterilized equipment and the application of lashes. 

Episode 02: The One Where Lash Stylists Need to Take Step

blue eye with a natural lash

The responsibility of eyelash artists can be pretty daunting. From dealing with clients who are never happy with their results to having to use harsh chemicals on the eyes, it's no wonder that many of them suffer from stress and anxiety even with experience. But, on the other hand, managing the frustration and keeping your lash career thriving is one of the biggest steps to bringing back the hope and motivation you once lost. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Admit your mistakes and evaluate what went wrong. In any profession, making mistakes is inevitable. But when those mistakes negatively impact clients, it's crucial to own up to them, learn from them, and do better next time.
  1. Before attaching eyelash extensions, skin observation is a high priority. Begin testing new products on a small skin area before applying them to the entire eyelids. Use hypoallergenic products since they're made to be less prone to trigger hypersensitivity. Also, avoid using any products that contain latex.
  1. Practice the art of removing eyelash extensions. Don't pull the whole piece extensions when removing them. Instead, remove them one by one, using fingertips or a pair of tweezers. If you tug on them or use too much force, you could damage the lashes.
  1. Whether a customer consents or not, try your best to persuade them that some goods have their own set of risks, which is why they should not be used for their eyes. Believe in your intuition, your test, and your observations.
  1. Consider lash extension classes to re-train yourself on the basic and advanced techniques. Training can also help you learn new techniques and push you to keep working in the exciting world of lash extensions. They also connect you with other artists who share your passion, which helps you stay motivated and inspired.

Final Episode: Reigniting the Fire with the Best Eyelash Extension Classes

fake eyelashes

Here at Beauty Boss Academy, we understand that the eyelash beautician's job is exciting and frustrating at the same time. So, if you feel like you’re losing your spark from burnout or a series of failed applications, you may need to take a refresher course.

Now is the time to rekindle your passion for your profession and propel your career forward. BBA comes in handy to provide lash extension courses that offer educational tips and tricks for passionate beauty lovers. These online lash extension classes will help you learn everything from the basics of lash styling to more advanced techniques. 

We offer training courses like classic, volume, starter kit, and complimentary courses that match your beauty level and expertise. Apart from that, these lash classes will give you the skills and confidence to start working with clients, improve past mistakes, and help them achieve their desired look. You'll also have the time to demonstrate on models with the help of our knowledgeable experts. 

Best of all, eyelash extension training will be inspiring to see what others are doing in their work and how they're pushing the envelope. Start your journey today by signing up for one of our upcoming courses. We're excited to support you in fulfilling your ambition of becoming a successful lash artist.

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