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Lash Storage Tips from Eyelash Classes: How to Organize Every Piece and Set Your Mind at Ease

Do you organize your lash tools? 

Let's do a quick check at your station. Are they in the right places? Can you access them quickly when necessary? Do your clients praise you for your organized equipment? 

If you're struggling with these things, it's time to learn proper storage. Organizing your workspace might seem exhausting, but it does wonders for you as a lash technician. Well-organized lash storage gives you a nice and professional image, keeps you calm and collected, and prevents accidents from happening. 

Here, we will discuss the essentials of storing your lash tools properly. With these tips from our eyelash classes, you can organize every piece and set your mind at ease!

The Perks of Organizing Your Lash Equipment

As mentioned, consistently organizing your lash tools has many benefits. Here are a few more that will surely help you.

  • Organizing helps reduce stress and anxiety. Several studies link organization and cleanliness to various health benefits, particularly your mental health.
  • Organizing shows your professionalism in the workplace. Who would trust a lash artist that doesn't store their equipment properly? Mixed-up tools are not a good sight for your clients.
  • Organizing prevents accidents. For example, you have to get rid of disposable tools immediately after use. It can be dangerous to keep them and get them mixed up with other tools. You might accidentally use the same disposable item for multiple clients, causing them serious health problems.

A Quick Guide to Lash Equipment Storage

Your lash tools matter. Without them, you won’t accomplish any lash procedure. Thus, you shouldn't skip proper storage practices. 

However, if you're having trouble figuring this out, don't worry! We've outlined some helpful tips from our lash tech training classes.

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Types of Lash Equipment Storage

Each tool is different, and you shouldn't mix them up with one another. Otherwise, it can get messy, and you might even make a mistake while performing lash applications

So, where should you store your lash extension tools?

Here's a list of the types of containers and organizers you can use to store your lash tools.

  • Airtight containers for storing open adhesives in a humid environment
  • Ziplock bags for storing extra eye patches for future use
  • Lash trays for storing lash extensions
  • Acrylic storage boxes for storing and organizing different lash sizes and curls
  • Acrylic lash organizers for storing different lash accessories
  • Large shelves for storing larger products or tools such as solutions and shampoos
  • Lash carts for storing a wider range of lash tools, from lashes and tweezers to sanitation products
  • Tweezer holder for storing tweezers of different types and sizes
  • Cosmetic fridge (or any cool, dry place) for long-term storing of new, unopened adhesives

Tips for Proper Storage

Now that you know the types of eyelash equipment storage, it's time to learn how to do it properly! Here are some helpful tips for storing eyelashes and other lash tools.

  • Organize your lashes according to their length, size, thickness, type or curl. Otherwise, it's useless to put them on a lash tray.
  • Check your inventory now and then. Do this to ensure that you still have enough supplies and they're still okay to use.
  • Don't leave any disposable product in your arsenal. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for your clients (e.g., applying used eye pads on multiple clients might trigger some serious eye conditions). These disposable products include cotton swabs, spoolie brushes, cleansing wands, microtips, under-eye patches, paper tape and disposable cups.
  • When using a lash cart, put the most important tools at the top level for quick access. Less frequently used supplies should go on the lower shelves.
  • Avoid storing tools on boxes, shelves or containers too small for their size; it can cause equipment damage.

Learn More About Storage Essentials with Beauty Boss Academy! 

When done right, storing your lash tools can be therapeutic. Should you decide to learn more about lash extension and proper storage, Beauty Boss Academy is an excellent learning environment to start.

Is It Necessary to Attend Classes to Do Eyelash Extensions?

Today, various learning sources are easily accessible for lash enthusiasts. Some of them are even free, which makes you wonder: is eyelash extension training worth it? Our answer is yes: it is absolutely worth it!

Lash application isn't an easy skill to acquire on your own. It needs more careful training than you might think, and you will need the guidance of certified or licensed eyelash technicians.

Even if you have experience applying lash extensions, that does not mean you can just do it on someone else. First, you must get certified to serve clients, and it starts with completing your eyelash extension classes.

Where to get eyelash extension training? Luckily, you don't necessarily have to go out to find a beauty academy that teaches eyelash extension application. Now, you can enroll in many online courses and learn everything you need about lashing within the comforts of your home!

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Beauty Boss Academy’s Lash Courses

BBA offers some of the best eyelash courses. We have a lash course for every type of lash enthusiast out there: aspiring, beginner and advanced lash artists. 

Have a look at our three available courses for lash application!

  • The Classic Course is for those with little to zero experience in lashing.
  • The Classic Refresher Course is for those who already have lash application experience but want to freshen up their skills and improve.
  • The Volume Course is for those looking to expand their lash services or learn about a certain lash technique called volume lashes.

If any of our incredible lash courses pique your interest, join us today to start your journey to becoming an awesome lash stylist!

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