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What a Lash Extension Course Can Teach You About Different Eye Conditions

You may think doing eyelashes is an easy job—just curling, adding some volume and sticking extensions. However, before you become a certified lash technician, you have to go through a classic lash extension course that tackles strategies on beautifying eyelashes and important knowledge about the eyes. 

The eyelash technician training program discusses a wide range of topics to help you be the best technician in the field. From work ethics, keeping the work station clean, technique, sanitizing of equipment, to eye anatomy and condition, you will learn each one of them and apply them in your practice. 

If you're thinking about being an eyelash artist, we can give you a head start. Here are some essential facts about different eye conditions that can help you build your career.

FAQs About Eye Conditions Before Getting A Session

The best online lash extension course will tell you that you cannot just put treatment on your client's lashes. You may encounter a customer with allergic or other eye conditions that need extra care and caution. We have compiled some of the common questions and answered them to help with your eyelash career. 

How do I treat eyelash adhesive allergies? 

Some of your customers may not even know they have allergic reactions to the glue for eyelash extensions. Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient of the adhesive that commonly causes the allergy. You can tell that your client is having an allergic reaction when you see the following symptoms: 

  • Watery eyes 
  • Runny nose 
  • Swelling and itchy eyes 
  • Headaches 

You don't have to panic in these situations because you can apply first aid to your clients. First, you have to immediately remove the glue and the extensions to avoid a further reaction. After that, you can wash it off and then apply a cold compress of swelling and a dab of anti-allergy gel for the irritation. Just a reminder: it's always best to consult with your doctor for severe symptoms. 

Is it possible to have eyelash lice?

Yes, it's possible! Even if there's little hair in your lashes, you can still contact lice there. However, it is a rare occurrence for these ticks to ruin the integrity of your lash extensions. If you notice some of these symptoms, it can be an indication of eyelash lice. 

  • Black and brown spots on the eye 
  • Unnatural thick feeling on the eyelash 
  • Eyelash that sticks together 
  • Redness 

Fortunately, you can easily fight these pests by applying petroleum jelly and shampooing your lashes. However, be sure to ask a doctor because some commercial shampoos can irritate your eye area. 

Any eyelash glue and adhesive ring recommendations?

Some tools can help you make the application of eyelash extensions faster, smoother, and safer. For example, adhesive rings. These are plastic rings with a small container for your glue. You can use this to control the glue you will be using. Additionally, this container helps you transfer the glue from your hand to your customer's eyes. 

If you encounter customers with sensitive eyes, there are several options of hypoallergenic adhesive on the market. Use these products so you can avoid a hassle in your future transactions. Here are some of the top brands of adhesive that are highly rated by technicians and customers. 

  • Duo Lash Adhesive 
  • Eylure Lash Glue 
  • Tarte Tarteist Pro Lash Adhesive 
  • Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive 
  • Ardell LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive 

Do I need a patch test for eyelash extension? 

Normally, you administer a skin patch test when potential allergens make contact with the skin. There are two ways you can administer a skin test before the lash sessions. One method is to apply the glue to the outer parts of the eyes and wait for 24 hours for a reaction. 

The second method is quicker and easier to manage. All you need is to put a drop of adhesive at the back of the ear and wait for the next 24 hours. If there is no reaction after the patch test, the skin is clear to go for the lash application sessions. 

What are the expectations after a lash extension session? 

After giving your clients a beautiful eyelash, it is important to remind them of the aftercare procedure so their extensions will last longer. Here are some of the important reminders you must know. 

  • Keep your lashes dry for at least hours for the adhesive to hold strongly. 
  • Do not apply oil-based products on your extensions because it will weaken the glue. 
  • Use a lash cleanser and be gentle. Don't put too much force on wiping your extensions, or it will fall off. 
  • Brushing your lashes once in a while will keep them in place and neat. 

Enroll in an online lash extension course to learn more about the aftercare tips on lash extensions. 

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Build Your Career Now! 

The classic eyelash technician training program is a long process, but getting that certification as a cosmetologist will be worth it. Build your beauty empire and have the potential to earn more. Check out the last extension course on Beauty Boss Academy and pave your road to success!

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