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Lash Knowledge: Lash Extension Classes Will Be Your Tool for Success

Potential clients have common misconceptions about eyelash extensions. One thing that comes to mind is the belief that eyelash extensions are all the same. Another is the idea that it's easy to learn and apply, leading them to do it themselves. So let's debunk these myths with several facts about eyelash extensions for the aspiring lash technician.

Natural lashes have growth phases.

Eyelashes look like they just grow up to a certain length once and stay on your eyelids for life. False. Those eyelid hairs are just like any other cells in our body—they get replaced. Hence, the lash growth cycle.

Knowing when your lashes shed and regrow is crucial for eyelash extensions. You'll have to adjust your lash extension application to the eyelashes' growth phase. Luckily, there are only three you'll need to keep in mind: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Read more about it here.

There are different kinds of lash curls.

No eyelashes grow the same. Each strand of lashes can have different curls and may vary per person. So far, there are nine different types of eyelash curls. You might've heard of some of them, such as the C curl, J curl, or the flat lash but understanding them is a huge advantage. It will give you the mastery of identifying the natural lash curl types and which type of lash extension curls you should apply.

Eyelash extensions are personalized.

Applying eyelash extensions is personal. That's because every person has a different eye shape. If our knowledge is only limited to one eyelash extension style, we can’t cater to all individuals wanting to improve their looks. It's time to review that. If we aspire to know more about lash extensions professionally, we have to think about extensions more as personalized services rather than a product we apply. So it's good to know more about different lash styles and what eye type it matches.

They vary in length.

Different eyelash curls are one thing, but eyelash extensions can also vary in length and thickness. We get it. At first, you'll think all eyelash extensions are made the same, at least in terms of length. But lash extensions have to vary in millimeters to have the desired "fan" effect, just like natural eyelashes. And knowing what length goes to what segment of a person's eyelid is a big part of lash artistry.

You can add more volume to an eyelash extension.

Its volume accentuates the beauty of eyelash extensions. But sometimes, the thickness and the length are not enough for a person's taste. That's where volume lash extensions come into play. By putting more eyelash extensions, you'll get the effect of a more substantial look. Think of it like a peacock having more vibrant feathers.

Crafting vibrance to a person's eyelids is another craft of its own. There are courses designed to tackle both theory and practice of volume lashing.

lash extension classes - A woman’s blue eyes with extensions on its eyelids

The Classic Course: Lash Extension Classes

Refuting eyelash myths is more than just knowing the facts. You have to understand the concepts behind them. Otherwise, it may be challenging to convince a client who holds an opinion strongly and gracefully.

The key is to become a certified lash professional. And taking up a comprehensive eyelash extension course will help achieve that. The Classic course from Beauty Boss Academy (BBA) will help you understand the following:

Eye Anatomy and Lash Cycle

You'll never look into another person's eyes the same way once you get an understanding of its parts. That's what The Classic course will teach you. You'll learn the different parts of the eyes and get familiarized enough to know the labels by heart.

Part of eye anatomy education is your introduction to different eye shapes. As with parts of the eyes, you'll have the skill to label what eye shape your potential client has. And knowing it will help you approach the lash extension application correctly.

Of course, part of the course is a more detailed discussion of the lash cycle. You'll have an expert teach you about the different lash growth phases with more depth.

Curl Theories

You'll understand the different types of lash curls available for you to use for application. All nine of them. And you'll gain a better understanding of how each lash curl type should be managed.

Having expertise in this aspect will help you add value to clients by recommending the best lash curl for them.

Lash Lengths

Different lash diameters each have a place and a purpose. The Classic course will teach you the various lash lengths and what length is good for classic lash sets. You'll also know what diameter you should use on the inner and outer eyelash corners.

Lash Styling

The Classic course will give you information on the four basic styles for lash extensions. Crafting a personalized lash style requires knowing what combinations of curls and lengths to use to achieve it. And you'll learn how to do just that. Plus, you'll also understand what style is best applied based on the client's facial features, eye shape, and even preference.

Lash Preparation

Safety and cleanliness are always part of any professional's practice. So you'll be taught about pre-application preparations. One of them is cleaning. You'll learn what products you must use for lash cleansing, as well as a step-by-step procedure on how to properly clean your eyelash extensions before application.

You'll also know what products to use and apply around your client's eyes to prepare them for lash extension applications. For example, what lash tape should you use around your client's eyes to keep the lower lashes from mingling with the upper lashes.

Handling Lash Adhesives

If there's one crucial ingredient to any lash extension application, it's the adhesive. This stuff is what keeps lashes firmly in place for weeks. That's why knowing how to handle them is crucial to your success as a lash technician. A single case of mishandling may cause injury or irritation, even lost business.

In The Classic course, you'll understand the active ingredients of an adhesive and learn the different types of adhesives available for you to use. The course will also educate you on the different curing times per type of adhesive so you can manage lash extension immediate removal. Lastly, you will be taught how to properly store lash adhesive for safety.

Comprehensive Lash Extension Application

The main entree of The Classic course is the actual lash extension application. This course segment will give you step-by-step instructions on applying for lash extensions. This is taught through high-quality professional video tutorials coupled with practical tips from an expert. By the end of the course, you'll know how to apply lash extension effectively, just like a pro.

Other eyelash extension classes you can take

If you have taken The Classic course before or any other classic lash extension courses, here are some options for you to resharpen the skill or add more to it. Check them out here.

The Refresher Course

BBA will give you a rundown on the Classic Course to bring you up to speed on the lash application best practices and techniques. A review of concepts such as lash priming, lash manipulation, lash curing, and removal techniques will be taught. And by the end of the course, you'll get a certificate. You can take The Classic Refresher Course whenever you want.

The Volume Course

This is an advanced course for lash extension professionals. If you have an understanding of the concepts laid out from The Classic Course and been practicing them, you're ready for the Volume course. It will teach you how to add more volume to eyelashes to make them more appealing.

The Volume course will include a brief review of the Classic course concepts. Afterward, it will get down to the meat of knowledge. You'll be taught how to prepare your client, new volume lash styles to do as well as the theory behind volume lashes. Lastly, you'll know how to make volume lash extension fans by the time you finish the course. You can check out The Volume Course for more information.

Lash Extension Classes Online Is Your Ticket to Success

Wooing the most reluctant clients all boils down to knowledge. If you can persuade them with facts and educate them about lash extensions, you'll have a better chance of closing the deal. As a bonus, the better you know about the ropes of your gig, the more confident you become. Charm, then, wraps the gift of excellent eyelash extension you give to your convinced clients.

For more knowledge on anything eyelash extensions, improving your skill, and running your own eyelash extension business, you can explore the BBA website. You'll find loads of information there that will help you become a better eyelash technician.

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