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How To Get Your Beauty Business Started After Getting A Lash Certification Online: A Guide

Remember when a beauty and wellness business was once just your dream? But after equipping yourself with the lash extension services knowledge through a lash tech certification online, you are now ready to take a leap. Aside from the skills in lash artistry, you were also able to acquire knowledge of business management. Heads-up if you haven't attended a training yet. It is one of the modules you'll learn in online lash certification training. 

To help you further, here is a refresher about starting a lash services business and all the preparations you need to do.

Lash Certification Online: Business Tips To Remember

Once you get certified, some of the ventures you will follow are offering freelance lash services or building your own business. Lash training schools know this very well, so they have included topics on business management. 

  • Get to know your customers.

Check out the population in the area you are planning to put up your beauty and wellness business in, and get to know what type of neighbourhood you have. This way, you can enact targeted and efficient face-to-face marketing tactics. Also, determine the kind of audience you want to target online for your social media marketing campaigns. 

Some of the demographics you need to check are the following:

  • Age
  • Gender 
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Wealth
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Purchase intent

Once you get all these details, you can plan more effectively on your content, so they bring lasting appeal and high conversion rates.

  • Check your competitors.

Keep an eye on your competitors, too. Some of the areas you should check are the lash services they offer and the price. The marketing technique they have to acquire and retain customers should also be your business. Knowing all these details will allow you to formulate your own techniques to ensure that among all customer choices, you will win customers' trust.

To compete for an audience online through website visits and social media impressions, you need to optimize all your posts so that they can appear to your target audience. Acquiring views in this area dramatically affects actual conversion rates and lash bar visits. 

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses.

Do not sugarcoat your fears with excitement and a positive outlook towards your business—you need to be realistic. Know your strengths and weaknesses. For instance, being a rookie business owner is your weakness, but having complete lash training and certification is a strength. Your determination to make your dream of owning a lash services business is also a strength. 

Still, you'll be faced with many challenges that you haven't experienced before—a possible source of weakness. Having a 360-degree view of your capabilities will allow you to proactively work on the areas you need help on. 

  • Track your money.

Your business's success lies in how you will manage your money, so start your accounting as early as possible. If you can hire a bookkeeper or an accountant to track all your business income and expenses, do so. This practice will help you check whether your business is profitable. It will serve as your guide on all business decisions like expansion, hiring new employees, or optimizing business operations processes. 

As you enjoy doing what you love as a lash artist, do not forget the technical side of your business. It will ensure your business thrives and make more people's eyelashes fabulous. 

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A List Of Must-Haves To Begin

As a first timer in the business, it's time to talk about your actual business place. You must have searched for design inspirations a long time ago, and this is the time to bring them to life. To assist you, here are some of the other lash bar must-haves. 

  • A Space for Your Business

Picking the place for your business should be strategic and located where your target population is. Ensure that the space is wide enough to cater to a reception area and a room where you'll perform lash extension or coloring services. 

The place should always be tidy and clean, as learned from your lash technician training. Always disinfect the bed and pillow and give fresh headbands and blankets to customers each time. Sterilizing tweezers and scissors every after client service is also a must, together with throwing all disposable products accordingly. 

  • Lash Services Complete Kit

If the lash lift course online has already provided you with a complete lash kit, you are good to go. You only need to think about replenishing your supplies. As a refresher, here are the essential tools to have:

  • Isolation and application tweezers
  • Different types of lashes
  • Bubble bath cleanser
  • Primer
  • Lash trays
  • Different kinds of adhesives
  • Paper tape and adhesive stickers
  • Debonder and remover
  • Mascara and cleansing wands
  • Fan, mirror, and scissors

Have enough supply in case customers flock to your business. As a specific instruction for adhesives, you need to have different kinds of regular and hypoallergenic ones, so you'll have something to use for different types of clients.

  • Lash Bed and Lash Pillow

It takes two to four hours to finish a lash extension service, so it's important that you and your customer be in a comfortable position. Get a bed or a reclining chair so you can easily see the client's face and lashes. Of course, do not forget a lash pillow that has a contour for your client's neck. If you are picking the regular one, make sure that it is soft enough for your customer's comfort. Moreover, remember to always keep the bed and pillow clean. 

  • Lighting Source

Lash isolation and application are no joke as they need patience and an eye for details. A single mistake can get your lashes all stuck together, especially with a strong adhesive. Keep this problem from happening through reliable lighting. 

If you want a dimmable fluorescent light source, adjustable, and has a durable tripod, pick a ring light. The secret to avoiding shadows is having a 90-degree angle. GLAMCOR is another light source you can have which has a LED light, 5 stage touch dimming, more flexible arms than a ring light, and has a robust and adjustable tripod. 

  • Overall Establishment Feels

Fulfill the aim of your clients to come out of your beauty and wellness establishment relaxed and rejuvenated. Satisfy the senses with dimmed lighting and the scent of essential oils. Let the zen music take all their worries from the outside world and feel the moment. Throughout the time they are in your establishment, they'll feel pampered. 

When you do your best to serve your customers, they will surely come back for another service. Also, ask them to leave a rating and feedback for your establishment, and referrals will also come naturally. 

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Beauty Boss Academy's Lash Certification Online

With the encouragement of the people who believe in you and your confidence as a skilled lash artist, you now have your own business. To build trust with customers and arm yourself with the proper knowledge, enrol in a lash extension online certification. Post the certificate in your reception area to assure customers that you are an accredited lash technician. Here at Beauty Boss Academy, we offer Classic Lash Lift Course and Complementary Courses to equip you with the proper knowledge about lash extensions, customer care, and business management. Contact us now; we'd be delighted to discuss the details with you. Know that we are one with you in making your lash business succeed!

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