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Lash Certification Marketing Highlight: 10 Instagram Captions to Capture Your Client’s Attention

"Hey there! Check out our new classic lash set!" can get old and plain real quick. Nowadays, you need lash captions that are relevant and creative enough to make people stop scrolling. This is a crucial element if you're a lash technician looking to market your lash career on Instagram.

Unfortunately, the best ideas aren't always easy to find. Sometimes, you may experience an inevitable case of writer's block. There are days when nothing comes to mind no matter how hard you try, and that's okay! No need to get stressed over it; we're here to help!

This blog post lists ten incredible captions to help promote your lash career. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced stylist with lash certification, these captions will help you reach a wider audience and grow your business. So keep scrolling and choose your favorite caption!

10 Go-to Instagram Captions to Cure Your Writer's Block and Market Your Lash Career With a Bang!

Are you looking to market your lash business on Instagram? If so, you're in luck! Instagram is an excellent platform to promote your lash expertise. It allows you to share gorgeous visual content and connect to a younger audience, especially Millennials and beauty enthusiasts.

But the visuals won't work on their own; you also need captions that capture the hearts and minds of your target audience. These will get them curious about your brand and eventually become clients. Here are ten captions from our lash extension classes if you need some ideas.

1) Business Introductions

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A business introduction is the perfect first caption if you're just launching your business on the platform. Make it short and sweet, but ensure to provide all the necessary information. If you need a specific guide, the contents of a business card will make a great example.

2) Lash Aftercare Tips

Engage in aftercare and avoid lash warfare!

As a certified lash technician, you know how significant aftercare is in making the most out of the client's investment in your service. Thus, use this platform to your advantage and post quick tips that will help keep your client's lashes looking fabulous in between appointments.

3) Latest Offers and Limited Sales

We're offering a discount for the early birds!

Who doesn't get excited over a hot deal or a new lash offer? Take advantage of the hype by posting your latest lash business offers or sales. It will help you attract new clients fast, especially deals with a time limit. Don't forget to include all essential details of the offer in the caption so that your clients can avail without breaking a sweat.

4) Asking for Feedback

We want to know what lash warriors think about our service.

With constructive client feedback, you can grow your lash business to new heights! To use it as a caption, post a photo of the subject you want to get feedback from (.e.g, a specific lash service) and write a question in your caption. Examples are "How was your experience with (name of service)?" or "What would you love to see more or less of from this lash service?". Make sure to reply properly to all of the comments!

lash extension classes - lash extension product mockups

5) Retail Product Feature

This product makes it into a lash boss kit!

The lash supplies you use in your appointments help you provide the best service. Thus, they deserve an IG spotlight so that many people can find out more about these incredible products. Promote them by writing a brief caption highlighting their purpose and top benefits. Adding before and after photos to show off their efficacy is another great option.

6) Direct Link Sharing

Want to know what it takes to be a lash boss? Click the link below for a quick call!

Let's be more straightforward this time. Your clients will start looking for booking, referrals, or inquiry links once they become interested in your brand. This is incredibly important because it's the official starting point for business, so don't miss it in your IG captions! Share a direct link along with a catchy caption and gorgeous visuals!

7) Lash Quotes

But first, lashes!

Put a casual and creative touch on your IG captions with lash quotes. You can be as witty or inspirational as possible, but remember to stay relevant. This will give your brand a voice that speaks to your target audience and help you find more of them faster than traditional methods. Wondering where you can get quotes? Look for them on Pinterest and other similar sites.

8) New Lash Services

New lashes for a new you!

A new lash service can be exciting. However, not everyone thinks that way. Some are accustomed to a specific lash style and might feel hesitant to try a new look. So try encouraging them with a catchy IG caption. Specify who will benefit from it and how exactly it will help achieve a remarkable transformation.

lash tech classes - young woman smiling while taking notes with a phone camera and laptop

9) Q&A Sessions

Got questions to ask? Let's talk lashes!

A Q&A session will surely get you clicks. It's the perfect time to show off your lash knowledge and get new clients interested in what you offer. You can give them a heads-up post or real-time notice of the session. Ensure to provide relevant and genuine answers to your clients' inquiries.

10) Client Spotlight

We love to hear feedback from our lash clients. Here's one that really tugs at our heartstrings!

Lastly, post a shout-out to clients who continue to support your business through heartwarming IG captions! This is to show your appreciation and gratitude. You can post before and after photos, a quick photo during the lash appointment, a testimonial, or an achievement. Most importantly, ask permission from your client before posting anything.

Lash Marketing With Some Spice Using Incredible Instagram Captions

Social media captions do more than just a description to fill a post. With relevant, timeless, and catchy marketing language, you can go a long way in the lash industry! Plus, Instagram is a popular platform for lash techs, so you're in for a treat if you can use it well.

Do any of our ten captions catch your interest? If so, we're sure your clients will love it, too! So start planning your social media posts now and try our recommended captions for a start. We hope it will help take your lash business to another level!

Meanwhile, you might want to know more about lash marketing strategies. In that case, try one of our eyelash extension classes for a comprehensive and wonderful learning journey! We offer various lash tech classes for every lash enthusiast out there.

  • The Classic Course is for beginners in the lash field.
  • Classic Refresher Course is for experienced lash artists looking to freshen up their lash skills and knowledge.
  • The Volume Course is for those specifically interested in volume lashes or looking for an extension to their lash services.

We look forward to your own set of go-to lash Instagram captions!

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