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Know and Pick the Best Lash Care Supplies Through an Eyelash Extension Training

If you're a lash artist, you know that proper lash care is essential in keeping your clients happy and maintaining the health of their natural lashes. The products you use for your clients’ lashes can define the success or failure of your work. With that, you need to stick to quality supplies only. When you attend eyelash extension training and certification, you’ll know these details, but we’ll give you a sneak peek in this article. Here are the different tools you need to perform a lash extensions service and give your clients’ lashes the care they deserve. 


There are two basic tweezers for eyelash extensions—isolation and application tweezers—but many other tweezers fall under the two categories. Certification classes for eyelash extensions will teach you what tweezers to use for different kinds of lash extensions. Check out this quick guide:

  • Classic eyelash extension: I, F, A, and X shape tweezers
  • Volume eyelash extension: S and L shape tweezers
  • Volume fan making: L shape tweezers
  • Isolation: I and S shape tweezers
  • Tape removal: Round shape tweezers

Make sure that you pick rust-resistant tweezers and ones you can grip comfortably. 

Bubble Bath Cleanser

Clean lashes are essential before the lash extension application, and for the rest of the days your client is wearing their new lashes. A reliable bubble bath cleanser ensures their lashes are clean of dirt and debris, while keeping their extensions fresh until they naturally fall off. For this to happen, pick a cleanser that’s paraben- and oil-free, and has essential ingredients promoting lash health and growth.


Cleaning your clients’ lashes with a primer is a must, especially for clients who have oily skin. The presence of oil in the lashes makes it harder for the lash extensions and adhesive to stick and dry quickly. This situation can cause the lashes to stick together or fall off faster than expected. The best primers contain astringent and polyethanol as they are reliable dirt and oil removers. 

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Lash Trays

In an eyelash extension certification class, you'll learn that there are different kinds of eyelash extensions, and they are differentiated according to the following curls:

  • J curl
  • B curl
  • D curl
  • U curl
  • L curl

Lash extension thickness ranges from from 0.03mm to 0.30mm, while lengths can be from 5mm to 18mm.

As a lash technician, you need to be prepared with different types of extensions, so no matter what lash style your client wants, you are prepared with the lash extensions they need. 

Practice Lashes

The only way to perfect the lash extension application is through continuous practice and doing your best in all the services you perform. It helps to have practice lashes to ensure you get enough isolation and application practice. Although real-life services teach better skills, it is better to face your clients prepared. Moreso, practice lashes are convenient as you can work on them at home. 


The best tapes are hypoallergenic and latex-free (both foam and paper) to ensure your clients’ skin will not be irritated, and removal will be smooth and pain-free. 3M foam tape is used to keep the lower lashes down for a clearer view of the upper lashes. Meanwhile, you can use paper tape to pull the eyelid up for clients whose eyelashes grow downward. 

Adhesives and Adhesive Stickers

The root cause of the common problem of lash extensions sticking to each other is wet adhesives. A lash artist who adds another set of lash extensions while the others are still wet can experience this problem. You can skip this problem by picking adhesives that contain cyanoacrylate to dry quickly. 

Remember to check the humidity of your lash room as it may affect the adhesive’s drying time. Adding the right amount of adhesives on an adhesive sticker is also a way to go. To ensure clients won’t experience irritation, you should also use hypoallergenic adhesives. 

eyelash extension training tools

Debonder and Remover

During your lash extension aftercare session with your clients, make sure to reiterate that they should not remove their lash extensions on their own. Removal is done with their eyes closed, and they will not be able to do it on their own properly. Also, let them know that you use specific lash debonders and removers that are safe for their eyes, skin, and lashes. Lash removal should always be done by a lash artist to avoid damage to the lashes and the eyes. 

Cleansing Wands

You can use different kinds of cleansing wands to wash and clean lashes. Use disposable wands for your lash bar so each client can have a new wand for cleaning before their lash application. Meanwhile, you can also recommend reusable wands to your clients for their daily lash cleaning. Make sure that the wands you use have soft bristles that will not ruin delicate lashes and extensions. 


While cleansing wands require soft bristles, the microtips should be tiny enough for you to apply debonders, removers, or primers without the chemicals sticking to eyelids or dripping into your clients’ eyes. Although the chemicals used for lash extension services are safe for the eyes, it is still safer to keep them away as much as possible.

Fan, Mirror, and Scissors

To complete the list of must-haves in your lash artist kit, make sure to have these simple yet essential tools—a fan, a mirror, and a pair of scissors. The fan will make sure the adhesive dries quickly. The mirror gives you a closer look at your clients’ lashes. Scissors will help you cut tape. A small, battery-powered fan works well. As for the mirror and scissors, make sure to pick rust-resistant ones.

Eyelash Extension Training By Beauty Boss Academy

This list of supplies is a great starting point when it comes time to purchase the best products for your lash studio. Aside from getting a complete toolset, it is also wise to invest in high-quality tools. High-quality tools keep your clients safe and help you achieve your desired output. Together with your skills and great customer service, you can expect the growth of your business. Get a complete starter kit with all these tools included, and sign-up for Beauty Boss Academy’s Classic Course, Complimentary Course, or Volume Course! With these classes, you’ll have the skills you need to successfully start your own lash extension business. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now—we’d love to be a part of your lashing journey!

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