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Inside Eyelash Technician Courses: Keeping You and Your Business Healthy

The beauty industry has been rapidly growing in recent years. The beauty industry is crowded and competitive, and you need to stand out to gain popularity and success. For your business to gain clients, it's not enough that you have the skills to keep them satisfied. You must be in your best health to consistently serve your loyal clients and give the best service compared to other lash artists. 

In this article, we’ll tackle the different common health concerns of lash stylists and how to overcome them. The first step to success is here! 

Common Health Problems of Professional Lash Technicians 

If you like pampering and glamming up yourself, maybe being a certified aesthetician can bring you success. Certified lash extension training is your first step to becoming an expert beautician. You'll pick up different styles and techniques, application processes, and how to prepare your work tools. Practicing on dummies is a piece of cake, but when you finally get to handle multiple clients a day, it takes a toll on your body. 

Here are some of the health concerns of lash stylists and practices to help you prevent them. 


As an eyelash technician, it's crucial for you to have clear vision. You'll be working with small and delicate objects around the sensitive eye area. If your vision is blurred, not only can't you apply the lashes properly, one wrong move can damage your clients’ eyes. 

Working with small objects for too long can strain your eyes. To prevent you from squinting too much, it is recommended that technicians use glasses with 1.5 to 3.5 magnification. Our natural vision can only see so much, and these loupes can help you see and work on the littlest details. Your workstation should also be well lit. A dim environment can damage your eyes, especially when working with things as small as lash extensions. 

Finally, it’s good to have regular check-ups with an eye doctor. Whether it’s eye drops or glasses, get whatever is necessary to care for your eyes. 

Keeping your hands steady 

An eyelash technician must have a firm grip, steady hands, and a light touch. But holding your tools for long periods and doing the same routine over and over again can cause muscle strain, stress, cramps and sometimes even pain. Studies have shown that holding tweezers for a long time and pinching them repeatedly causes carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Your clients fully understand that a lash session can last hours. Don't try to rush the process. It will only ruin the outcome, dissatisfy your client, and stress your hands. During a long lash session, give yourself a break. Stretch your fingers and shake your hands before continuing. It's also helpful to get a squeeze ball. When you're not working, it keeps your blood circulation excellent and keeps your hands warm, so you're always ready to work. 

Additionally, don’t overdo it. Take only the clients you can finish in an appropriate time. As a technician, your hands are your bread and butter. Take care of them, so you can continue to make other people feel beautiful. 

Back problems

A lash technician training course will teach you the proper posture while applying lashes, but once you're in the groove, you often can’t help but slouch and bend over your clients. Studies have proven that many cosmetologists complain of back and shoulder pain after putting on synthetic lashes after a long day. Your posture is the key factor. Finding a comfortable position for your body will help you get rid of your pains. 

It is important to note that you should not be bending over your clients. Positioning your client where you can look over them instead of looking down on them will prevent stressing your back. So, invest in a chair where you can configure the height to set it where you're most comfortable. Your equipment should be the one adjusting to your needs, not you. 

Air problems 

The air you breathe is also important for your overall health. Concerns about the air quality inside the lash studio are uncommon, but it's important that you're one step ahead of the situation. There are lash studios that also offer multiple services like make-up and hairstyling. The fumes that come from chemicals and hair particles can be allergens. They can trigger asthma and allergic rhinitis. 

To prevent allergic reactions, it is important to keep your workstations clean and sanitized. Deodorize your workstation so that strong toxic fumes dissipate and you don't inhale them all day long. It's also best that you install air filters and change them regularly with your air-conditioning to keep your station smelling fresh and clean. 

Mental health 

Eyelash technician training courses will teach you all the skills and techniques you need to be a certified lash technician. But to perform well, you must be 100% from your body to your mind. Having a clear head while working helps you do well. Your job can be demanding, and little things can tick you off when you don't have your emotions in check. When you are overwhelmed with your feelings, it can escalate to something nasty and will reflect on you and your business. 

Manage your emotions before reporting to work. Don't mix anger with your clients. Detach from reality for a short while and put off the load on your shoulders. You can go for a vacation or even stay at home, relax, and empty your mind. Then, once you feel light and refreshed, you can return to work and give the best service to your customers. 

When you can’t untangle the mess in your head, it is always best to talk to a professional. Go see a therapist or talk to a licensed psychologist to assess your situation. Some situations are best overcome with the help of others. 

lash technician applying false lashes

Final Thoughts 

Putting on synthetic lashes and glamming people up is not an easy feat. It requires patience and skill to pull off excellent results. As a technician, you should also know how to take care of yourself as much as you take care of other people. Taking care of your health will help you perform better to satisfy your clients. We hope this list of health concerns helps you become more aware of your needs. 

And if you've been in the business for a long time, new techniques and styles have emerged in recent years. You can visit Beauty Boss Academy and take a refresher on eyelash technician courses to update and improve your lash skills. Visit our website today, and be the best lash artist you can be.

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