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Got Incredible Content Ideas? 5 Lash Classes Tips on Making the Most of Social Media Posts To Boost Your Lash Career

Growing a lash career takes time. You have to start with small steps with lots of patience, but social media can make a fast and vast difference. Of course, we do not mean overnight success (it doesn't exist!). Instead, it's about finding an effective way to get a good spot in the modern-day market.

We all know how influential social media is, personally and professionally. Social platforms continue to grow, user accounts increase in a heartbeat, and people spend most of their time on them. Due to the growing social media traffic, businesses began to join the wagon to connect to a larger customer base. 

As a newbie lash artist, you might be planning to use this method, but have several questions in mind: How often should I post? What is the best method to promote my lash business on this platform? How can I ensure their effectiveness? This article will tackle using incredible social media ideas to get more clients. Then, should you decide to learn more, you can try out some of our lash classes!

So You Have Great Content Ideas. Now What?

When you think of social media marketing, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably creating content. And with good reason. If you want people to engage with your brand on social media, you need to produce great content that's worth their time.

But what do you do when you already have a wealth of amazing ideas for blog posts but don't know the right way to post them? Sometimes, even when the content is good, it won't work when not executed well. Therefore, you need social media marketing strategies to use your ideas effectively.

5 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Lash Business

Setting on a firm list of content ideas to promote your starting lash career is already a huge step. The next thing to do is think of how it will attract and persuade your clients. There are many lash technicians out there; what makes you different? Why should they come back to you for another service?

Our top five social media marketing strategies below can answer these questions. Check them out!


Before, hashtags only worked on Twitter, but now they're used on almost every platform. Facebook and Instagram, in particular, use hashtags as a search filter to gather more audience and connect like-minded people.

Hence, using them for your lash posts will help you reach closer to your target audience. Some examples of what we use are: #freelasheducation #onlinelashcourse #onlineclassiccourse #onlinelashcertification #onlinelashttraining #lasheducation and #eyelashextensiontraining.

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Quality and Consistency

Quality is better than quantity in the case of social media posts. It's not wrong to aim for more, but if you use content that isn't engaging or useful, people will get tired of it, see it as a form of spamming, and ignore your posts in the future.

Therefore, instead of posting dozens of times a day, try to do it just once a day and at least 2‒3 per week to make sure each post can be seen. The Stories section will be a good, attention-catching spot if you want to post more.

Flavourful Captions

As you might know, some people scroll through their social media feeds without giving the captions enough thought. This is why it's important to write interesting and catchy ones that will make them want to stop and read your post.

Some lash artists use humour in their posts, while others use motivational quotes or success stories. There's no fixed rule for captions; get creative, but also ensure that it still helps promote your business, whether subtle or straightforward. Can't think of a good IG caption? Here are some suggestions from our IG post:

• Introduce yourself and your business.

• Provide lash aftercare tips.

• Promote your current services, sales, and offers.

• Ask for client feedback.

• Feature your retail products.

Content Variety

People get bored quickly, and the same thing over and over again can make them easily lose interest in your lash business. So you need to have different types of content on your social media pages. Upload some lash-related videos, images, article links, quotes, behind-the-scenes footage, or memes.

But how about consistency? It won't affect consistency at all. As we mentioned, consistency is all about following a posting schedule and using the same branding design for your graphics. Using content variety is a different story. You need to keep the people piqued in what your posts have to say.

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Social Media Etiquette

The last (but not the least) tip on our eyelash classes 101 is social media etiquette. It can also help your lash career grow exponentially as social media posts represent and advocate your brand. So do yourself a favour and protect your career with courtesy and professionalism.

We outlined a few social media posting guidelines to help preserve your career and get more clients in the process, make them want to be a beautician or lash stylist, or work with you in the future.

  • Avoid excessive promotion. You did not get certified in lash extensions just to sell. You also want to sincerely connect and cater to your client's needs (e.g., informational queries) and maintain an online presence without overdoing them.
  • Avoid bad-mouthing your competition. Focus on growing your lash business without hurting others working as hard as you do. Bad mouthing them online will only give you a terrible reputation.
  • Say yes to honesty, no to deceit. Customers will appreciate a genuine and honest lash stylist that will assure them every dollar they spend for you is valuable.
  • Be mindful of your content. Understand boundaries, especially if you're posting to a global audience. People have different cultures and principles in life, and you have to respect that. Before posting something, make sure you don't touch on topics that can harm others.
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Before Worrying About Social Marketing, Make Stunning Lashes First With Beauty Boss Academy

The lash industry is booming. In just the last few years, lash artists have been showing up all over social media feeds, and it's easy to see why. Lash techs do wonders for your lashes! If you're considering becoming an eyelash extension specialist, don't miss out on these tips that will help promote your lash business.

But no social media marketing is effective without awesome lashing skills. So if you're going to start from scratch or feel like you need to hone your skills, you should enroll in eyelash extension classes first. We got your back with our online lash courses!

Starting from the basics? Try The Classic Course. Or do you need to freshen up on your current skills? Then, the Classic Refresher Course is perfect for you. Perhaps, you are seeking another lash technique for additional services. In that case, take The Volume Course for incredible volume lashing! In BBA, we cater to your lash passion, with or without experience.

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