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The Importance of Keeping Your Lash Extension Kit Clean and Organized for Maximum Protection

While you may be set to go when you wake up and get back to work at the salon, are you sure your lash kit is as ready as you?

To improve general lash health and keep your daily routine work efficient, it's essential to take the time to clean your eyelash extensions and tools properly. Remember that contamination in the lash kit is one of the most common causes of eye irritation.

While others may assume that eyelash extension kit maintenance is time-consuming, this is far from the case! Before going through cleaning your lash extension kit, get to know more about an eyelash extension kit.

Peeking Inside a Lash Kit

What is the best eyelash extension kit? The best kit contains the essential tools for a successful lash extension procedure. If you enroll in one of Beauty Boss Academy's lash courses, you may also receive the following:

  • Lash Trays

The essential supply—lashes! Ideally, you'll take numerous trays of lashes in a variety of lengths. In this case, diameter variation isn't as important since you'll want to concentrate on making sure your clients' lashes are the right lengths for their natural lash health.

  • Adhesive and Paper Tape

We want our lashes to last, so lash adhesive is essential. Ensure that the eyelash extension kit you buy does include an adhesive appropriate for your skill level. A slow-drying one is best for beginners, while the quick-dries are for the experienced.

  • Tapes & Eyelash Pads

First and foremost, safety must be prioritized! Lashing requires eye pads and tape, so incorporate them into the kit. Eye pads shield sensitive skin around a client's eyes. The eye tape keeps the bottom lashes in place so they don't become glued to the lash line you're going to extend. 

  • Primers

Lid preparation is usually done with a primer right after cleansing. However, you must also know when not to use a primer—this is usually for when your client has dry or sensitive skin. Don’t forget to do a skin test first before doing the procedure.

  • Wands

Of course, a lash kit wouldn’t be complete without mascara and cleansing wands. Whenever it comes to ensuring that your lashes are in good condition, wands are your best friend. The correct method to double-check your work is to quickly brush through the lashes to see if they're even and if there are any shortfalls. 

Some brushes that should be present inside a lash extension kit
  • Tweezers 

Every lash artist employs a unique set of tweezers for various tasks. As your skills improve, you'll try various tweezer types to see which one best suits your lashing style. Finally, you'll have a preference that may differ from what your kit includes. 

  • Eyelash Extensions

Taking clients right away is probably not the best idea as you will still make errors. This is perfectly normal, but don't make any mistakes at the expense of someone else's eyes! A good kit would include some practice strip lashes to practice your first several sets on. 

  • Debonder and Remover

Learning how to remove lash extensions is indeed a critical component of your lash learning. When it's time for a fresh start, use a lash-removing solution, and make sure it contains gentle components that encourage healthy natural lashes. An efficient lash extension remover will dissolve the adhesive bonds, allowing the lashes to glide off smoothly.

Beauty Boss Academy has one of the best lash extension kits and a great curriculum for you to get started. 

The Importance of Keeping Your Lash Extension Kit Clean

If such an issue is overlooked, tools in your lash kit such as tweezers, lash brushes, lash wands, and your hands might spread eye infections among your lash clients.

To avoid such a fiasco, it is imperative that you keep your lash kit clean, sterilized, and organized. Failure to do so may result in negative consequences for your clients, such as eye infections and permanent lash loss that can become client loss. This can ultimately lead to irreparable damage for both the client and yourself as the lash bar owner.

Decontamination in the workplace is governed by distinct local legislation. Therefore, it is your best advantage to learn and apply the rules and regulations of your local health department.

A basic necessity as a lash bar owner or lash technician is to note the distinctions between cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, sterilizing, as well as the right way of organizing.

Cleaning Your Lash Extension Kit Properly

A healthy and germ-free lash kit can be accomplished in four ways:

  1. Cleaning. Warm water and soap help a lot when you clean. With them, you can remove surface particles effectively.
  2. Sanitizing. Use alcohol-based solutions to destroy or reduce microorganisms, especially the tools you’ve used directly to the clients, such as tweezers.
  3. Disinfecting. You can reduce bacteria to a safe level by using products containing germicides. Ascertain that all tools are completely submerged for a certain period.
  4. Sterilizing. Using high heat to kill bacteria is referred to as sterilization. Allow your equipment to soak in boiling water for 20 minutes before carefully removing them with pinchers and allowing them to dry naturally before storing them in an organizer. When it comes to killing all living creatures on hard surfaces, this procedure is the most successful.

Keep in mind that finding the right storage or organizer for your tools is also essential as it can help you and your materials avoid exposure to dirt. You can incorporate your own lash extension aftercare kit ideas that will suit your needs and personality.

More essential that should be present inside a lash extension kit

Storing Your Lash Extensions Tools

Taking care of your eyelash extension supplies and equipment is an essential part of your practice. After all, when these are stored and properly treated, they retain their quality, which means they can produce a better service.

The majority of lash extensions have special holders, and it's important to keep them in their holders unless you are prepared to use them. It guarantees that they remain dry and contaminant-free until they are used. To ensure a stable validity of the eyelash extensions inside the plastic holder, remove the required extensions from the holder one at a time with tweezers. Place them on your tray after, then discard unused extensions for sterility in your clinic.

When you use good sanitary and storage methods with your eyelash extension supplies and equipment, you guarantee the quality of the service. It also helps the client feel more comfortable seeing your workplace and tool kit neat, orderly, and clean. Sustaining the quality of service and keeping the client satisfied ensures a thriving business.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your lash extension kit clean and organized is key to maintaining a healthy lash studio. Ensure you disinfect all of your tools after each use and keep everything neatly stored in a designated space. It will help ensure that you provide the best possible service to your clients while protecting your health and safety.
Beauty Boss Academy offers a classic lash lift course online that you might want to try. Navigate through our website and learn more about our different course plans!

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