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How to Take Off Lash Extensions Without Damaging Your Real Lashes

If you're like most people, you love the look of false eyelashes but don't love the hassle of having to put them on and take them off every day. That's where lash extensions come in—they give you the look of false lashes without any of the hassles! However, if you're not careful, taking off lash extensions can damage your natural lashes.

Luckily, there are ways to take them off at home without damaging your lashes! This blog post will discuss how to remove lash extensions safely and effectively. We'll also cover some tips for keeping your lashes healthy and looking their best after you take off your extensions.

cotton pads, towel and an eyelash glue dissolver

4 Safe and Effective Ways You Can Do at Home for Removing Your Lash Extension 

Removing your fake lashes will require effort, but it doesn't need to be expensive. Likewise, you don't need to head to a salon and get them removed, though, of course, we highly suggest doing so if you’re worried about the health of your lashes. Today, we'll teach a few techniques on how to remove your false lashes with the things you can find at home. 

Take a shower 

An effective way to get eyelash glue off your lash extensions is to take a shower. The water can help deteriorate the adhesive used in your extensions. If you're planning to remove your fake eyelashes, you may want to stay in the shower a little longer until you feel that you can gently pull your lashes off. 

You can also do this by washing your face a few times. First, with water and mild soap, gently rub around the eye area until your synthetic lashes fall off. Next, rinse with water and run a soft cloth around your eyes to remove what is left of your extensions. 

Expose it to heat 

Some eyelash glue binds stronger than others, which a simple shower cannot remove. If you have access to a steam shower at home, this is how to take off lash extension glue effectively and simply. You can also use hair dryers to dissolve the glue on your lashes. Remember not to directly point the hairdryer to your face and set it to the lowest heat level so you won't get burned. 

Another alternative, if you don't have a steam shower at home, is to go to a sauna. A few minutes in a sauna room will not only open your pores but will surely help your lash extensions fall. 

Natural oils 

Look a little closer in your pantry, and you will find the right tools for your lash removal. Natural oils such as coconut oil or olive oil can be used to remove your lash extensions. Soak a cotton pad or a Q-tip and rub it back and forth into your eyes until your lashes begin to fall off. Do not directly pour the oil into your eyes because it may cause irritation and potential infections. 

If you don't have natural oils in your house, you can also use baby oil or mineral oil but be careful when using this because it has chemicals that can be harmful when in direct contact with your eyes. You can cover your eyes with a damp cloth or cotton pad so when the oil spills, it gets absorbed by the barrier and does not directly affect your eyes. 

Makeup removers 

If you have lash extensions, surely you know a thing or two about cosmetics, and you probably own makeup remover. Oil-based makeup remover is also effective in how to get lash extension glue off the hair follicles of your natural lash. First, soak two cotton pads and leave them over your eyes for a few minutes. After soaking, rub them in a circular motion to remove your eyelash extensions. Next, wipe a damp cloth over your eye area to remove the leftover lashes. 

If you find these home treatments a little slow, a professional lash glue dissolver can be bought online. These removers will have your lash extensions falling off in an instant, and cost around $20. If you're willing to spend and constantly have your eyelashes done, it's worth investing in a bottle.

woman brushing her eyelash

Effective Practices That Keeps Your Eyelashes Healthy

Putting on eyelash extensions can take its toll on your natural lashes, especially with volume and heavy extensions. But, in order for your synthetic lashes to last and look beautiful, your natural ones should also be in good shape. So, here are some things you can do to keep your natural lashes healthy and ready for a session of lash extensions. 

  • If you have a sensitive eye area, use makeup that is organic and non-toxic to protect your eyelashes. The strong chemicals found in cosmetic products are often the reason for thinning and falling lashes. 
  • Use an eyelash brush to neaten your eye area. If your eyelashes clump together, the natural oils from the eye can accumulate dirt and bacteria, which often leads to eyelash ticks and pink eye. Also, avoid using your hand when straightening your lashes because you can accidentally pull them, and your hands also contain oils and dirt. 
  • Use a committed moisturizer or eyelash serum to maintain the health of your lashes. This serum keeps your lashes healthy and also promotes longer and stronger eyelashes. If you have long lashes, it's easier for your lash technician to apply the synthetic lashes, and stronger lashes can hold thicker false lashes so you can have a bolder and more dramatic extension. 
  • Give your eyelashes a break. It is unhealthy to have eyelash extensions all year long. Instead, give your natural lashes time to recuperate and heal. Then, let them grow for quite some time before you apply another set of extensions. 
  • Like the other parts of our body, our eyelashes also need nourishment. It is helpful to keep a healthy diet and drink plenty of water so our natural lashes can grow strong and healthy. Drinking biotin and collagen are also effective ways to grow long and thick lashes. 
  • Always clean your eye area. Makeup buildup can be harmful to your lashes. If you can't do your nightly routine off religiously removing your makeup, at least wash your face with warm water to eliminate the bacteria that can cause infections in your eyes and lashes. 


Properly removing your lashes is just as important as preparing them for applications. Lash extensions will work best if you keep your eyelashes healthy. We hope these simple home treatments can help answer your queries on how to take off lash extensions properly. For other eye care tips and lash extension inspiration, you can visit our articles at Beauty Boss Academy.

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