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How to Become a Lash Tech: Here are 5 Fool-Proof Tips

Semi-permanent treatments for enhancing our appearance are becoming more popular over the years. That’s why a lot of people are gaining interest in learning how to become an eyebrow technician, an eyelash technician, and even an esthetician. Having essential skills and knowledge about these beauty trends can be advantageous, especially if you’re planning to establish a career in the beauty industry.

Lash artistry is one of the most in-demand services among beauty enthusiasts. It’s all thanks to its ability to enhance your natural features and add glamour to your eyes. Making your eyes look bigger, brighter, and more awake can completely change the look of your face.

If you’re planning to become an eyelash technician but don’t know where to start, we’ve got good news for you! In this article, we’re giving you five fool-proof tips on how to become a certified lash technician. So read on to find out how to turn your creative hobby into a successful profession.

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The Good-To-Knows of How to Become a Lash Tech

The process of becoming an eyelash technician can be quite confusing, especially for absolute beginners. You may get stuck in a pile of questions about licensing, credentials, and experience requirements. So we're giving you some good-to-knows to help you avoid surprises along the way, making the process as smooth as possible!

Check Your Local Government’s Licensing Requirements

Lash artistry requires handling different chemical products that can potentially harm or damage the eyes or skin if used incorrectly. Thus, you need to determine your country or area’s laws and regulations regarding this. That way, you’ll know everything you need to accomplish before becoming a certified lash technician.

It would be very frustrating to find out that your local government requires you to have a different license after putting a lot of effort into getting your current one. So determining your local government’s licensing requirements is a crucial, time-saving step.

Take an Accredited Lash Technician Course

It’s highly recommended to get a lash tech certification to prove your credibility to perform different eyelash procedures. That’s because taking an accredited lash technician course equips you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to accommodate your future clients’ varying treatment needs.

It’s crucial to know all the dos and don’ts about being an eyelash technician since you’ll be working on a highly sensitive area around the eyes and handling different chemicals. By having proper training and hands-on coaching on how to become a lash technician, you can ensure your clients’ safety and deliver flawless results.

Pass a Licensing Exam

Requirements for a lash tech license vary from location to location. Nonetheless, you must usually pass written and practical licensing exams after completing all the training requirements. After that, you can apply for a lash tech license and receive it at a specified date. However, you must take note that the application may require a fee.

Get Adequate Hands-On Experience

Once you receive your lash tech license, getting enough hands-on experience to improve your skills and build your portfolio is important. Getting good practice helps you polish your techniques and finish the procedures faster. You can even start building your portfolio along the way so that your future clients will have an idea of your output.

Map Out Your Career Goals

When you’re finally ready for the next step in your lash tech journey, you can start planning your career goals. What do you aspire to do with your talent as a lash artist? So many career opportunities are available for you to explore! You can start freelancing or applying to different beauty and wellness businesses to become a successful lash artist.

Another great option is expanding your skillset by taking other beauty courses. You can choose from an array of interesting programs, including eyebrow, makeup, hair, and nail artistry. After gaining more skills in different areas of expertise, you can open your own business and offer a wide range of services.

how to become a lash tech-2 – creating a safe environment for client during an eyelash treatment

What Can You Learn in a Lash Technician Course?

After pondering all the steps you need to take to become a professional lash technician, you must be curious about the things you can learn in an eyelash technician course. Here’s an idea of what you can expect to learn from the course.

Lash and Eye Anatomy

You will learn about the basic structure of the eyes and eyelashes in the lash technician course. These introductory topics will serve as the foundation of everything else you will learn afterward.

With this knowledge, you will be able to determine where to apply materials and substances properly, depending on treatment needs. You will also be able to handle your clients’ eyes and lashes properly.

Eye Shape and Lash Style Compatibility

An eyelash technician’s job is to find the best way to enhance their client’s appearance through lash artistry. This means that when you become a lash technician, you should know various techniques in accentuating different areas of your client’s eyes. 

So the course will teach you all the eye shapes and the different ways you can highlight their best features. It will also familiarize you with the different eyelash styles, including the eyelash materials, lash fans, lengths, volumes, and curl types.

Eyelash Treatment Processes

It’s important to know all the steps to an eyelash application process and other treatments to ensure flawless results. This includes eyelash cleansing, preparation, mapping, application, and styling. Knowing all the necessary steps helps you avoid any issues during the treatment processes and deliver what your client requests.

Lash Tech Tools and Supplies

Another thing you must learn during an eyelash technician course is the different tools and supplies used in different eyelash treatments. You will also be taught how to use them properly and how to choose the best kinds for each of them. This includes eyelash extensions, lash glue, removers, pre-treatment primers, cleansers, and lash applicators.

Eyelash Aftercare Treatment

Knowing the right lash aftercare treatments is crucial to preserving the flawless condition of the lash procedure and lengthening its effects. You must know all the dos and don’ts of aftercare treatment so that you can handle your clients accordingly and give them tips on how to take care of their eyelashes properly after each procedure.

Health and Sanitation Guidelines

Creating a clean, safe environment for your clients is a crucial factor in being an eyelash technician. Aside from maintaining a clean environment, you should also know how to sterilize each lash tech tool and store them properly to ensure they’re safe to use. That way, you and your clients won’t encounter any health and sanitation issues during the session.

Ready to Start Your Lash Tech Journey?

Being a certified lash tech is more than just about applying for eyelash extensions. It’s also about boosting your clients’ confidence by making them look and feel better. It also opens a lot of career opportunities where you can grow and discover more things.

If you’re planning to become a professional eyelash technician and would like to have extensive knowledge about the process, you can get in touch with Beauty Boss Academy. Our team of eyelash experts will help you with everything you need. So what are you waiting for? Your fabulous lash tech journey awaits!

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