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Here’s How Certified Eyelash Technicians Continuously Grow Their Skills—Even When They’re Not Lashing

One of the most challenging times in your lash career is inactivity. Some days, you don't have many opportunities to take your lash skills into action. At times, it can be unexpected and inevitable. Hence, you might start worrying about putting your skills to a halt. However, things don't have to turn out that way!

Are you currently on a lash lockdown or simply inactive with lashing for a different reason? Don't worry. If you still have a passion for perfecting your skills as a certified eyelash technician and want to improve them continuously, this article is for you!

6 Ways to Keep Improving Your Lash Knowledge and Skills—Even When You're Not Lashing

Turn your idle time into a wonderful opportunity to improve and polish your eyelash application skills! Here are six tips for lash technicians to keep their lash techniques sharp.

#1: Learn for a Lifetime

An excellent way to keep your skills sharp is through continuous learning. You can do it in various ways, from reading articles like this, watching lash videos on YouTube or other social media platforms, or attending live training and seminars.

There are plenty of accessible educational tools and resources out there that will help you enhance your level of expertise. Remember, no matter the experience, there is still much room for learning. Acquire new techniques and polish what you can already do. Enrolling in a certified eyelash technician course can also be of great help!

#2: Acquire and Offer Additional Services

Another way to improve your lash skills is to learn new services and include them in your official offers. For example, you can enroll in a makeup application, lash lift, brow lamination, or volume lash training online to serve clients who want more than just lashes.

It will be a great way to earn more and expand your beauty career further. It's okay if you still want to prioritize lashes; these additional services don't have to be in a full application (unless you switch from lash technician into another beauty career).

#3: Track and Analyze Your Progress

Tracking and analyzing your progress is vital for your growth. This can be done by taking before-and-after photos or videos, recording the time it takes you to complete a full set of lashes, and tracking your client retention rate.

Another example is journaling every end of your lash session. It will help you see what techniques work best for you and what needs more improvement. A successful licensed eyelash technician is meticulously aware of these details and sees documenting as a source of motivation to become better day by day.

certified eyelash technician course - lash tech practicing extensions on a mannequin with mask

#4: Use Hands-On Lash Tools for Practice

When you're not lashing, use hands-on lash tools to help maintain your proficiency. Fortunately, there are lash tools made for practice. For example, you can experiment with techniques on a lash mannequin or keep an extra set of lash extensions that you can practice on.

This is a great way to keep your skills sharp and minimize making mistakes. Additionally, it makes you remember, again and again, the most important details of every lash procedure. 

#5: Enjoy the Downtime

Inactivity doesn't necessarily equate with a lack of productivity and value. If anything, you should see this period as a time for you to focus on self-care! We know that this job doesn't come easy, and despite the challenges, you still work so hard!

Take some time to rest and pamper yourself so you can get back to work in the best condition. When you take care of yourself, you also do the same for your career and clients. With the best mind and body condition, you can make the best lash service!

#6: Engage in Community Discussions

Last but not least, engage in community discussions with fellow lash professionals. You can start by joining lash-related Facebook groups or forums and exchanging tips, advice, and experiences with each other. If this inactivity gives you a hard time, somebody might be able to provide some useful advice.

By doing these, you can learn new things, stay up-to-date with the trends, and get some inspiration. It's also helpful when you're looking for critique partners, expanding your network, or just want to socialize with fellow lash artists. Most importantly, community engagement reminds you that you're never alone in this journey!

certified eyelash technician classes - eyelash extension tools

Beauty Boss Academy Believes You Can Still Be Productive While Inactive

As a lash technician, it's highly beneficial to aim for improvement continuously. And luckily, there are many easy ways for you to do that. For example, you can take classes at your local beauty school or online. You could also read books and blogs about lash care. Perhaps, you can get some ideas of what makes others successful through social engagement.

On top of all that, you shouldn't forget yourself in the process. Don't work yourself too hard by catching up with everything and ignoring when your mind and body get tired. Instead, learn the importance of rest and see it as an investment for a long-term, healthy career.

If you want to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to be the best eyelash technician, certified eyelash technician classes can give you everything we outlined above! BBA offers courses for beginners and experienced lash techs alike.

Our Lash Courses

The Classic Course is the perfect training course for those who want to learn from scratch. Meanwhile, we have the Refresher Course for those with lash experience who want to freshen up their learned techniques. 
Finally, our newest addition—the classic Volume Lash Training online—is perfect for those who seek service extensions, new lash techniques (volume lashes), and making more money. We cater to every lash enthusiast out there—we want to help you bring your lash passion to success!

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