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Green Flags During Lash Extensions Training: Subtle Signs That You’re Growing Without Realizing It

The training process is one that never really ends. There are many techniques to learn and products to master, like precision, skill, and a steady hand. But unfortunately, it’s also easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day details of your work, clients, products, applications, fill-ins, and more. Not to mention, it can be quite tough on your self-esteem when you're just starting out.

Every little imperfection is magnified tenfold when working with such tiny lash hairs. But as your eagerness pushes you to create progress in the making, there are bound to be some subtle changes growing inside of you during your training journey. These are other than the information you’re learning.

So, if you’re looking for some guidance, keep an eye out for some signs during lash extension training that indicate you’re on the right track and growing as a professional lash artist. With time and experience, you'll undoubtedly become one of the best in the lashing business.

11 Signs That You’re Embracing Changes in the Beauty Business

Many people might think that becoming a lash artist is all about technique and practical skills. While it's important to master the lash application process, there's a lot more to it than just that. As you go through lash extension training, you'll notice positive changes in yourself, both professionally and personally. 

Here are eleven signs that you're heading in the right direction:

  • You're becoming more patient: Lashing requires a great deal of patience, both when working with clients and when perfecting your technique. If you find that you're starting to feel more patient overall, even in terms of minor details, it's likely a sign that you're adapting well to the demands of the lash industry.
  • You're becoming more detail-oriented: As a lash stylist, you often pay close attention to detail when you need to create a lash set that looks natural and perfect. You are also beginning to learn how to identify even the smallest imperfections and particular elements to create a perfect set of lash extensions.
  • You're becoming more confident: When you first started lashing, you were probably constantly questioning whether or not you were doing it right. Now, you've become more confident in your technique and know the lash application process like the back of your hand. This confidence will be evident to your clients, who will be impressed by your newfound expertise.
  • You've learned to listen more carefully: As you grow in your career, you don’t realize that day by day, you can easily pick up on subtle cues from your clients. You can understand what they’re saying and what they’re not saying. Moreover, you can observe your client’s body language and note any little details from them.
  • You're expanding your creativity: Exploring the world of eyelash extension training also allows you to experiment with different lash styles and techniques. Thus, you can create new and innovative lash looks with greater ease. This change is because you've developed a better understanding of lash anatomy and the different lash applications that you can use to achieve desired results. 
  • You're expanding your comfort zone: Everything feels new and scary when you first start training. But as you become more confident in your skills, you'll find yourself wanting to experiment and try new techniques. This willingness to step outside your comfort zone can lead to personal and professional growth.
  • You're no longer afraid of making mistakes: This is a huge change as a lash stylist. In the past, you were constantly fearful of screwing up. That's why it’s difficult to make any progress. But you are now recognizing that mistakes are essential to the learning process. You'll also be better able to learn from your mistakes to avoid making them in the future.
  • You've developed a good rapport with your clients: This is evident when you can have conversations with your clients without feeling awkward or anxious. You know how to put them at ease and make them feel comfortable. Best of all, your clients are starting to refer their friends to you. This practice is always a good sign because they trust you and feel confident in your abilities. 
  • You're better at multitasking: Lash extension training requires concentration and precision, which means that you have to be able to focus on multiple things at once. As you become more proficient in this process, you may find that you can handle more than one task at a time with ease.
  • You're better at handling criticism: Lash artists are constantly bombarded with criticism, whether from clients or lash extension trainers. In the beginning, it can be difficult to take constructive criticism without feeling defensive. However, as you progress through lash extension training, you'll start to see the value in criticism and learn how to use it to improve your work.
  • You're starting to see the beauty in imperfections: Another beautiful sign that you can encounter is that you learn that it's important to see the beauty in all types of lashes, even those that are not "perfect." You realize that sometimes the most interesting lash lines are the ones with a few stray lashes. This perception only means that you embrace the flaws and individualities of each lash.

Create Your Own You with Beauty Boss Academy

It’s really fun to have a rewarding career in the lash industry that helps you grow in many different ways. It indicates that you’re improving and moving forward in many aspects of your life. And when it comes time for an upturn, enrolling in lash extensions training like Beauty Boss Academy is one of the best decisions you can make.

The online lash extension training from Beauty Boss Academy can help you take your lash game to the next level. Their comprehensive courses cover everything you need to know about lash extensions. In addition, Beauty Boss Academy offers one-on-one support with experienced lash artists so that you can get personalized feedback and advice.

Suppose you want to track the progress of your lash career constantly. In that case, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your lashing skills with various eyelash training programs, from classic refresher courses to volume courses. With lash extension training online from Beauty Boss Academy, you'll be able to take your lash artistry to new heights.

Keep Moving Forward and Be The Best Lash Technician You Can Be

beautician with her clients during lash extension training

All in all, growth is subtle in us. So, whatever small shift we have in our everyday lives, don’t forget to embrace the transformation. Changes in your abilities, changes in the way you think, and changes in the way you see the world around you—all of these changes are good, and they are necessary for your success as a lash technician.

We hope these signs will help you motivate yourself along the way. Remember that each person progresses differently, so don't get discouraged if you don't see all of these green flags in your work. Join us, and together, we can help you turn your growth into an opportunity. Be your own boss today here at Beauty Boss Academy!

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