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A Glimpse of the Eyelash Extension Course

If you dream to be a professional cosmetologist or a certified lash technician, you must develop your skills and knowledge about the beauty industry. Many people may not know that there is a lot of science involved in putting on makeup or applying for lash extensions. 

You can start your career in cosmetics by enrolling in classic lash training online. Do you think you know it all by watching all those Youtube videos? There is so much more to learn. If you are interested, we'd like to help you achieve your goal. Here's some of the basic knowledge a certified technician should know. 

What’s to Learn About Eyelash Extensions

Lash beautification is not merely putting on extensions. To be a professional, you should note that there are different kinds of extensions, curls, and even lengths. You should also be able to pick the correct extensions for your clients. There’s so much more a lash training online course can teach you. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into these topics to give you a head start on your career path in the beauty industry. 

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5 Questions You Must Ask Your Clients 

When you have a client that wants extensions you must always ask for their preferences. The five essential things you must ask are their preferred lash style, type, thickness, curl, and length.

Question #1: Style

There are several lash extension styles available, but the most common ones that clients ask for are the Doll Eye, Cat Eye, and Dramatic Look. 

The Doll eyelash style focuses the longer extensions on the middle of the eye to make it look bigger and rounder. The Cat Eye style elongates the eye by placing shorter extensions in the inner corner of the eye and gradually increasing the length until the end for a slimmer, almond-eye look. The Dramatic Look uses the same length of eyelash extensions around the eye so that the lashes will look obvious at first glance. 

Question #2: Type

There are three main kinds of extensions: the classic lash, the volume lash, and the hybrid lash. 

Classic lash extensions are applied on a 1:1 scale, meaning one artificial lash is added for every one natural lash you have. A standard classic extension usually uses 80 to 100 extensions per eye, with thicknesses between 0.10mm and 0.15mm per lash.

Volume extensions are on a one to many scale. It means that a bundle of artificial lashes are put together then added to one of your natural lashes for a voluminous effect. The bundled lashes have different thicknesses that are categorized as 2D, 3D, 5D, 7D and 10D. 

If you want your lashes to be dramatic and obvious then this is the best choice for lash extensions. 

The hybrid lash is the newest way to add extensions. It is a combination of the classic and the volume lash. Standard practices use 50-50 of both styles but if you want a thicker look you can go for a 70-30 application or customize it however you like. 

Hybrid lash extensions can be strategically placed on your lashes to make your eyes look wide and round or to be more elongated or almond-shaped; hybrid lashes also give off volume and length without looking extremely dense, like volume lashes.  

Question #3: Thickness

The thickness of the extensions will depend on the client's natural lashes. There is just so much weight your natural lashes can carry. Using extensions that are too thick can ruin your client’s natural eyelashes in the process. The standard width for an extension is 0.15 mm. However, if your clients want a natural look, the finest lashes are between 0.05 and 0.07 mm. 

Eyelash extension classes will teach you techniques for various applications. For example, you can incorporate two thickness to make a more glamorous volume look.

Question #4: Curl

A lash’s curl can give more effect to your extensions. The bigger the curl on your extensions, the more visible it is when people look at you from the front. Most people who get extensions commonly ask for a C-curl because it mimics the curve of a natural lash. Some other curls that can be applied are the J-, B-, D- and L-curl. 

You can learn these techniques in-depth and get to practice them hands-on when you enrol in an eyelash extension class. 

Question #5: Length

Your clients will most likely have a preferred extension length. But as a technician, you should be able to assess the proper length to give to them. Extensions are usually 20% longer than natural lashes. If your clients opt to go longer, make sure that their natural lashes can take the weight, or else you risk damaging their natural lashes.

The Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Extensions

Everyone likes to glam up once in a while. Here are some of the pros and cons you can discuss with your clients about lash extensions.

The Pros 

  • They will have long and beautiful lashes from the moment they wake up until they go to bed without all that time and effort putting on eye makeup. 
  • They can customize the look of their extensions. For example, they can go for a natural look or go all out with a volume lash. 
  • They are waterproof after the first few days of application. It is recommended not to get them wet in the first 48 hours to reinforce the adhesive’s strength. But after that, they can swim and shower with their extensions on. 
  • It is a pain-free (and even relaxing) process from start to finish, and it is safe for almost everybody. The lash extension process has been tested and is dermatologist approved. 

The Cons 

  • The glue can trigger allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin, causing swelling, redness, and irritation.
  • It can be quite costly. For a first-time application, a customer will approximately spend $100–$300. To maintain the extensions, they will have to get it done every two to four weeks, costing around $50–$100 per fill. It also requires committing some time because a session can last up to two hours. 
  • It can damage natural lashes. Some customers would like an all-out look, not knowing that natural lashes can only take so much. 
  • Cleaning your face can be tedious. For example, rubbing your eyes with extensions can damage them. So, you have to train yourself not to touch them all the time.
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Build Your Beauty Empire 

The cosmetic and eyelash business is growing rapidly. Take this opportunity to learn about eyelash extensions while classes are being offered at reasonable prices. Build your empire while pursuing your passion.

Don’t know where to start? Beauty Boss Academy is here to help you out. Our lash courses can give you the certification you need to practice extensions effectively and professionally. Get your certificate now, and start your journey towards success!

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