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It’s Lash O’Clock: Learn About Time Management Before Getting Your Lash Technician License

No matter how much you love your job, you don't have all the time in the world for it. But sometimes, it's the other way around. With many lash appointments, stock, and marketing tasks to manage, you feel as though you never had time for a much-needed break.

We hear you, lash enthusiasts. Doing what you love for a living is an excellent choice, but that doesn't mean it's all you have to do in a day or week. Instead, consider making time for self-care to get the rest and recharge you need. Think you don't have the time for it? You do, but you lack some good time management.

Before getting a lash technician license, it's best to learn about time management. After all, it is critical to your success as an eyelash extension specialist. This article will discuss five tips for managing your time wisely and reducing stress in your future lash career.

It's Lash O'Clock: 5 Tips to Manage Your Time and Keep a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Time management is key to a successful lash business. When you're booked solid with lash appointments, you must be able to work quickly and efficiently. This also means dividing time between work and off-work hours. It might seem impossible, but it's not!

If you're unsure, we can help you set your own lash o'clock and stick religiously to it. Below are five time management tips for lash technicians.

1) Set Healthy Boundaries

Do you feel like you should constantly be in touch with your phone in case of a client inquiry? Do you feel like responding to them right away? We understand your concern, but that is an unhealthy way to use your time. You must know when to stop working and focus on your personal affairs. 

Remember, you're not obligated to do lash work all the time. It is common for clients to send messages outside of your business hours, but it doesn't mean it's okay. In fact, nobody should expect you to answer a message in the middle of the night. If you want to set your mind at ease, you can set an auto-response feature during off-work hours to let your clients know your availability.

2) Set Up Automated Messaging and Processing Systems

Are you tired of typing the same data over and over again? Do you spend too much time marketing your business on social media? They could take up a lot of time saved for other business and personal affairs. In that case, consider investing in an automated system.

Whether it's automating payments, online bookings, or responding to clients during off-work hours, automate as much as you can. It will take a huge weight off your shoulders (and calendar) and give you enough time for other important appointments, on or off working hours.

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3) Outsource Other Jobs

As a self-employed lash business, you'll do most of the work, especially when you're just starting. That might be feasible for now, but the time will come when you will expand and need help. Consider outsourcing it if you don't have adequate time or skill set to do a certain job.

It could be anything from accounting duties to social media management. Naturally, you'll invest money to hire more people, but that will only benefit you in the long run. Otherwise, failing at one job after another will only hinder your success. But with outsourcing, you can focus on lash work better and keep other aspects of your business organized.

4) Organize and Plan Your Tasks in Advance

If you don't want to struggle with multiple tasks all at once, take some time to make a plan. This will help you stay on track and avoid screwing things up because you feel overwhelmed. Even if you're good at multitasking, organizing your tasks will only make your job easier.

Set your goals and create a to-do list per day or week and work towards them one at a time. In this way, your busy schedule will be more manageable, assure yourself that there's progress, and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. If something comes up (which is inevitable), don't stress! Instead, reschedule your task and move on.

5) Make Time for Learning

Lastly, time management isn't only about scheduling and managing your daily tasks. It's also about learning new lash techniques and ideas. This is the key ingredient of successful lash stylists! So regardless of your knowledge and experience, treat learning as a lifelong goal

If you don't have time during the day, choose an evening schedule or read industry blogs by searching "how to become an eyelash technician" or "new lash techniques." Still don't find it manageable? Don't worry. You can enroll in remote lash training like BBA's online lash courses to give you more control of your learning schedule.

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Wondering How to Get Your Lash Tech License? Kickstart Your Lash Journey With Beauty Boss Academy!

How can you keep a work and life balance as a lash stylist? When you're just starting a lash career, it's hard to ignore your client's messages, even when they're past your business hours. It's normal to feel that way, but it's an unhealthy and stressful routine. Therefore, time management is a must. 

You can set healthy boundaries, use automated systems, outsource jobs, organize your day-to-day tasks, and make time for continuous learning. Once you master these things and turn them into habits, you can secure your way to becoming a certified lash tech, no matter how long and hard it takes to succeed!
Wondering how to become a certified eyelash tech? Enroll in Beauty Boss Academy's eyelash extension courses to start your journey! We'll walk you through everything you need to know, from location-based license regulations to different lash extensions and advanced techniques. You can also read our other blogs and get to know more about the lash industry.

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